Current GorillaTrades Portfolio as of (8/21/19)

The GorillaTrades portfolio had a strong session today, as 51 of the 59 total current GorillaPicks finished higher! Of the GorillaPicks that fell, not one dropped by more than a fraction of 1%. On the other hand, Jacobs Engineering Group Inc. (JEC) led among the winners, gaining 2.9%. Thus, 43 of the 53 confirmed GorillaPicks in the GorillaTrades portfolio now hold unrealized gains, including 28 with double-digit gains. And this number is deceiving because 7 of the 10 confirmed GorillaPicks that are lower are down by just 1.7% or less. Ten different GorillaPicks hold 21%-28% unrealized gains each. Four more hold 30%-38% gains, while another four hold 40%-46% gains each! In addition, 35 of the GorillaPicks have achieved their first target!