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What is GorillaTrades?

Whether you’re an experienced investor or you’re just starting to build your portfolio, invest like a professional and take your portfolio to new heights with Gorilla Trades; the complete solution for today’s modern investor. Gorilla Trades not only identifies potentially explosive stocks, but tells you exactly where to set stop loss levels and when to harvest profits. You receive an unbiased, insider’s edge on the stock market in simple terms that anyone can understand.


In the 18 months prior to founding GorillaTrades, the Gorilla used this discovery to turn $250,000 into $5,500,000 – a fact verified by Investor’s Business Daily (IBD) newspaper. Now it’s your chance to see how easy (and profitable!) investing can be.


What is Gorilla Trades?

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Gorilla Trades has been a trusted resource for thousands of investors, stockbrokers and fund managers for over 15 years. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing you have one of the most trusted figures on Wall Street today, with over 30 years of industry experience, offering you unbiased and reliable service. Gorilla Trades’ exclusive technology identifies the most potentially powerful stocks in any market environment. Try it now for 30 days, without any further obligation!

Don't pay thousands of dollars!
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  • I like to trade options, There is so much information out there, and so many individuals and groups that try to put themselves between me and the money. (creating imaginary toll booths) I follow the Gorillas Option idea of the week. Once I have the data I make the final decision on the trade, and any additional strategies using the Gorillas parameters. I look forward to Monday evenings, I also eat more bananas.
    Mark Wright
  • I use Gorilla Trades because I have a lot of mouths to feed. You are the best. The best because you tell us "when to hold them and when to fold them. EXCELLENT SERVICE AND ANALYSIS. VERY HONEST.....
    Benton Jones
    Clearwater, FL
    A GorillaTrades subscriber for over 4 years.
  • The Gorilla Trades System is so valuable and significant to me because it is the only consistently profitable system that I know of that is easy to understand and to follow. The Gorilla has developed a system that consistently identifies stocks to trade that have a high probability of success. Perhaps one of the most significant features of the system is that it can be fully used from anywhere in the World where I have Internet access. This past year, I used it while in Switzerland, Egypt, Colorado, Canada, and here in California. I can successfully trade full time without being tied to a monitor all day long. The membership cost of the service is reasonably priced and is usually paid for by one or two trades. I confidently recommend the Gorilla Trades System to everyone. Thank you for your great service! God Bless America and our Service Men and Women!
    Marvin O. Errickson
    San Diego, CA
    A GorillaTrades subscriber for 5 years.
  • The Gorilla has not only developed a system that identifies stocks with a high probability of success, but he has made the system easy enough to understand and use that the average investor can use it with very little effort. The benefits of GorillaTrades membership easily outweigh the cost.
    Steve Creech
    Addison, IL
    A GorillaTrades subscriber for 3 years.
  • I have had much success with very little money, and GorillaTrades has allowed me to stay optimistic that someday I will get my nest egg back. I had money that I poured into the stock market pre year 2000 and I was making money without even trying. When March 2000 rolled around my life changed dramatically. I held on to stocks for way too long and when I finally got out of them I had lost a bundle. Since I have been with GorillaTrades I am learning as I go. Sometimes I make money and sell too fast and then watch a GorillaTrade continue to rise. That is my fault and hopefully I am learning to be a little smarter with my trading habits. I am a Christian and trust God for my well-being and use his book, the Bible, as my guidebook. Well, the GorillaTrades system is my financial bible. I trust the Gorilla and his views and I know that not every trade will come up a winner, but the safeguards suggested by the Gorilla will keep anyone from failing if they use the GorillaTrades system. With what little money I have I am making money using GorillaTrades and I stay confident that my money will continue to grow and allow me more success with this fantastic system. My best wishes to the Gorilla and if he ever wants to put his life story in print, I hope he would consider me and allow me to write the book for him.
    Tim Lelek
    Colorado City, Texas
    A GorillaTrades subscriber for more than 8 years.
  • I'm a new subscriber to Prior to subscribing, I did all my own research and selections, based on limited data at my disposal. After reading about, doing the System Tutorial and a 30 Day Free Trial, I was pleasantly surprised. I use as a GUIDE to my investing. Using volume as a base, coupled with the RTR (Return to Risk Ratio), and daily market analysis via the Gorilla's Evening Email, I can spend minimal time researching and more time on the golf course. Let me give you an example: BMRN triggered/confirmed on the 6th of November. Using as a guide, and doing some research on my own, I purchased the stock. 22days later I sold it above the 1st Target price and after commissions, pocketed 5.2%. I'll take that kind of return all year long. Over the past 2 weeks, I've made 7 purchases, using GorillaTrades as a guide, set my stop limits as recommended, and my sell price above or below the recommended target and hit the links. I love it! This is what investing in retirement is all about. Happy Holidays! And stay safe, I need your guidance.
    Bill Kearney
    Virginia Beach, VA
  • I became a full-time investor last year. I decided to give GorillaTrades a try and that would prove to be the smartest thing I ever did. My portfolio is up 10% in just 5 months. I've found that by just following the Gorilla's simple approach to investing has taught me the discipline and confidence needed to succeed in the stock market. The Gorilla has a solid plan for making money. Thanks to the Gorilla, I am spending less time worrying about my investments and more time on the golf course. I plan to use the wealth-building experience the Gorilla offers to reach my goal of financial freedom. The nightly emails on market trends are extraordinary simple to understand and really put everything into perspective. Thank Gorilla for making me a believer in stocks again.
    Jim Carrico
    Orlando, FL
    A GorillaTrades subscriber for 6 years
  • As a GorillaTrades subscriber since early 2000, I have seen up markets, and down markets, but have more than paid for my ANNUAL subscription every single MONTH! I find it amusing that my stockbroker now calls me daily, and treats me like a peer. I have learned so much from the Gorilla. Thank you for such a wonderful service!
    Bruce Liebowitz
    A GorillaTrades subscriber for 14 years!
  • I am “literally astounded” by the Gorilla’s unprecedented accuracy in picking winning and rapidly appreciating stocks. GorillaTrades offers a unique, proven proprietary system of stock selection that is unmatched when it comes to picking winners. GorillaTrades offers a solid, complete investment methodology that specifically outlines the exact buy point for a stock – first and second targets, stop loss points to control risk, confirmation volume areas, and risk ratings. Nobody appreciates the Gorilla’s wisdom of being patient and keeping an eye on strategic price AND volume targets of a previous Gorilla pick over time than me. I take each and every Gorilla pick very seriously. Even when the Gorilla is not immediately right, some of their previous picks literally double or triple within 9-12 months.
    Bob Weber
  • Once there was an attorney who dreamed of a different life... Wow, after eight months [of GorillaTrades], my returns have dramatically improved, and, thanks to GorillaTrades, I've had the confidence to quit my job [as an attorney] to attend to more pressing needs: my 7 year old son and husband who is battling cancer. The moral: If it sounds too good to be true, it is... unless it's GorillaTrades!
    Margy Hodgson
    A GorillaTrades subscriber for 7 years.