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Stuart Oppenheimer
Deer Park, IL
* Having been a financial broker for many years made me realize that there was no magical way to achieve market beating returns without a plan. Many of my clients tried many different methods over the years to try to receive superior returns. It always seemed they worked for a short while but usually ended up less than satisfying. I also spent countless hours each week researching different publications and many different brokerage firms analysis. While my work uncovered many good stock picks. It always seemed to be hit or miss over the long run. About 5 years ago one of my clients asked me to look at Gorilla Trades and give him my opinion. It seemed he had found an excellent method that appeared to work for him. After following the daily newsletter for about six months, I became convinced that here was a simple system that would work for both the novice and sophisticated investor looking for good stock market advice and meaning full returns. Now after subscribing to Gorilla Trades for quite a while, in my opinion this is the plan most investors should use to achieve excellent returns. This system follows a risk adjusted way to help most investors achieve good returns while limiting those big losers that can blow up their portfolio. Lots of people in the investment business think their investment method is the best. But I have to be honest for most investors Gorilla Trades is high on the list for providing an easy method that really works. They do all the hard work for you…. all you have to do is spend 15 to 20 minutes a night to read the daily letter and then monitor your portfolio as they make changes. What could be easier…. trouble is a lot of my clients can do it without me now…….
Walter Nichols
Jasper, AL
* It is a pleasure to share my mistakes with your subscribers as well as my successes. As a longtime subscriber I have been along for a very informative ride. The setbacks of the 2007-2008 years when I was only a casual follower cost me a significant portion of my portfolio. Fortunately I had enough capital and sense to learn from these mistakes and began following GT closely. The net results have been extremely worthwhile both in following stock info as well as option suggestions. Since those dark days I have been able to not only recover my losses, but have been able to continue to grow my portfolio at a rate of over 18% a year. At 71 years old it is important to manage and invest intelligently. The GT info has allowed me to do this. For that we are thankful and very appreciative.
Drew Robinson
Denver, CO
* I had a small account with just about $700 in it. I had seen and heard of Gorilla Trades before but the subscription price was awfully daunting given the size of my account. Out of interest and curiosity I signed up for the free trial. Using some of the recommendations of the Gorilla, I took on three very profitable positions. After the trial period ended, I took the profits and purchased a full year subscription. Within a month, I have nearly doubled the size of my account as well as purchased a full year of Gorilla Trades. I’m so thankful I signed up for that free trial. Thanks.
Bill Nielsen
Noblesville, IN
* I heard about Gorilla Trades from a friend. I am too young to retire but am old enough to have been downsized and not been able to find a job due to being the old guy who is over qualified. Unemployment was the necessity of invention however. I turned to my IRA and began to invest in stocks. I was not very successful at first. I always seemed to be chasing the market and owning losers; that is until I tried Gorilla Trades! Gorilla Trades helped me begin to spot and pick stocks that would become winners. Finally I was making money! Now let me be clear, not every pick worked for me but 9 out of 10 have been winners for me. I still review all of the Gorilla picks and decide which one are right for me and when I want to get in, but my confidence level in the Gorilla is very high. Thank you Gorilla Trades for helping me provide for my family…without you I might still be chasing the market and selling losers for a loss. Sincerely….one happy Gorilla trader.
Mark Wright
Savannah, GA
* I like to trade options, There is so much information out there, and so many individuals and groups that try to put themselves between me and the money. (creating imaginary toll booths) I follow the Gorillas Option idea of the week. Once I have the data I make the final decision on the trade, and any additional strategies using the Gorillas parameters. I look forward to Monday evenings, I also eat more bananas.
Gerie Stanko
Minden, NV
* When I found the Gorilla, I was your basic “hope the market will go my way” trader. I took winners too soon, and waited for losers to turn-around – which they rarely did. Then things started to change. In summary, the best things I have learned from the Gorilla 1. When you hit the 1st target, sell some not all. 2. Try every recommendation, most will bear (bananas) fruit. 3. Take a loss if the Gorilla takes one. I usually combine my trading with Point and Figure charts and RSI numbers, but the best part of each trade is following the Gorilla – – Thanks for the years of Good Picks and Good Advice.
Joseph Rosso
Pleasant Valley, NY
* It’s simple. Quite simple. You read the gorilla everyday do what he says and recommends and VIOLA you make a lot of money. How simple is that and a lot of fun.
Joe D’Alessandro
Ft. Myers, FL
* I have been doing the Gorilla for about three or more years. I have had up weeks and down weeks. I bought stocks when they triggered. I bought stocks when they confirmed .I made and lost money in both areas. I have not hit it big because I don’t have a large pile of money to invest. My little pile of money is starting to grow. The reason it is growing is because I now follow all the suggested rule of the Gorilla. I only buy when a stock has confirmed, I enter a sell price and a stop loss and I follow those rules to the “T”. Guess what? My little pile of money is growing faster this year than it did last year and I hope in 6 months to be buying more shares than I currently can buy. Hopefully, that will make my pile grow even faster. When that happens I might just become a Gorilla and if that occurs, my next goal will be to become King Kong and then I will be on top of the mountain…..at which point in time the “tortoise” will become the “Hare”. (to be continued)
Steven Vainchel
New York, NY
* Keeping Gains As a stock investor for over 10 years, I subscriber to at least 7 or 8 newsletters. The problem with all of them is this: They tell you to sell a stock, after you have lost 30% or more of your principal. It’s a losing strategy. As a man in my 60’s; and rapildy approching retirement. I needed a much better strategy. Now in my 3rd year with Gorilla Trades, I am generating a profit, and holding losses to a minimum. In my view, the key to success with the Gorilla system, is raising the stop loss floor each week. No other stock letter ever suggested this method. Stock investing is fun again. No more 30% losses. Thanks for a great, well thought out service.
Michele Readinger
Reading, PA
A GorillaTrades subscriber for almost 5 years.
* I absolutely love your service. I don’t know how you do it, but I am very, very happy that I found you, and I can’t thank you enough for helping me to realize my dream of achieving a supplemental income to my pension, which would not be enough for me to live on without the extra money I make by trading. I have tried many services, but no one–absolutely no one–can match your record of winning trades. Now yours is the only service I use and trust, and will ever need. Thank you, thank you for your near-perfect, consistent service! Since I intend to use your service for the rest of my life, I have to admit I sometimes worry that you might decided to retire. I do hope you plan to put that day quite far off into the future. I remain one very satisfied customer.
John Lynam
Bethpage, NY
An elated GorillaTrades subscriber for more than 7 years.
* I had a small IRA with $15,000 in cash. I thought I could make money trading because I thought I was smart. I received an email from an option trading service promising easy money trading options. The service wasn’t cheap and actually delivered 6-7 option trades each week. It was too many to keep track of and before I knew it, my IRA was reduced to $2,000. I felt so foolish! I read about Gorilla Trades in IBD and decided to try it. GorillaTrades not only selected stocks that were expected to make fast upward moves, but it provided 1st and 2nd target levels for those stocks. Additionally, each week they usually provided an option strategy with a price objective for the stock, at which point to take your profit. These were short-term options, expiring no more than 2 months out. Over the 9 months I’ve been trading, my IRA has more than tripled to over $12,000. The profit on each trade has been about 50%, with the average holding period less than a month. So, when you annualize the percent gain, it’s a high 3-figure number. The average cost of the option premium for me was about $500 (the most I could lose on any one trade). I would recommend GorillaTrades, especially for IRA accounts, because there is no immediate tax liability, so your account can grow tax free until you withdraw money.
Jon Perlman M.D.
A GorillaTrades subscriber for over two years.
* As a plastic surgeon I have very limited time for investment research. The Gorilla service has provided me with a methodical and precise approach to investing that I can implement and monitor in my spare time. I have benefited equally from the nightly market commentary and the multiple tutorials that have sharpened my investment skills and enhanced my understanding of the market. GorillaTrades, keep up the good work!
Dr. Steven Zeitchick
Boca Raton, FL
A GorillaTrades subscriber for two and a half years.
* GorillaTrades service is so valuable, that it helps me provide food and shelter for my family, and to me that is the most important thing in life.
Tom Tremont
Glen Ellyn, IL
A GorillaTrades subscriber for over a year.
* Most brokers are faking sincerity, faking expertise. Sharks looking for easy prey, tossing darts at a list of stocks. The Gorilla is the opposite. You inspire trust. I like that you’re on my team. You keep finding new ways to educate me in the best and safest ways of navigating the jungle. I wasn’t nearly as savvy an investor before I found you. I sleep better now.
David Schimsky
Indiana, PA
A relatively new GorillaTrades subscriber.
* When I started investing and losing money, it didn’t take long to understand that what was required was full-time dedication, powerful analytical tools and techniques, an understanding of market dynamics, and the skills to apply them. I bring none of that to the table. The only way for the average person to obtain those essentials is to buy them. As opposed to other services I have tried, the Gorilla’s methodology provides all those prerequisites and his trading philosophy aligns with mine. Successful trades in either up or down markets, short and long term positions, and high risk/reward situations are all researched and provided. What I am sure of is [that] suggestions that are made by the Gorilla are made with a foundation of analysis and expertise far greater than anything I am able to do, and, far greater than any other service of its kind that I am aware of.
Brandon Rinehart
Traverse City, MI
A GorillaTrades subscriber for almost 2 years.
* I have bought and sold mutual funds since about 1986 and have had decent returns and feel that I understand them pretty well. I never felt that I was knowledgeable or had the time to become knowledgeable enough to buy individual stocks. After studying William O’Neil’s book “The Successful Investor” and getting a handle on what to look for in a stock, I was left with an empty feeling trying to sift through all the stocks to find those few that had the “right credentials.” I find the GorillaTrades service so valuable because you have solved the trouble of finding those stocks. Because of GorillaTrades I feel equipped with the right stocks to choose from and have made my new adventure into stock trading profitable from the start.
Mike Cahall
Raleigh, NC
A GorillaTrades subscriber for almost a year.
* With thousands of stocks available through several exchanges, it is nearly impossible for an individual to monitor them all and still hold a regular job. The GorillaTrades system accomplishes this and allows anyone interested to make some outstanding gains with minimal time involved. With the GorillaTrades system, anyone who follows it has a realistic chance at a better life and a better retirement with financial security.
John A. Droste
Noblesville, IN
A GorillaTrades subscriber for over 9 years.
* The Confirmed Pick realized gains/losses (the good, bad, and ugly) resulted in a 52.36% profit for “Cash On The Table” last year. I will admit my returns from your system (I follow your rules!) was more like 47%. Part of the difference (53% to my 47%) is due to “Trigger Price verse Confirmed Entry Actual” (I buy only Confirmed GorillaPicks), and I tended to sell 100% of my position at 1st target. Thus, I failed to gain on 2nd target advances. I will soon be trading like a Gorilla, while overlooking the Gulf of Mexico (and the 16th green) from the North Shore CC in Corpus Christi, TX every winter from now on once my “don’t freeze my butt off” home is complete in June. And YES, a room or two was made possible in part to the “GorillaTrades System!
Gary Barrett
Cypress, TX
A GorillaTrades subscriber for almost 8 years.
* Besides supplying valuable trading ideas, the Gorilla is an educator as well and that is probably more valuable in the long run than the trading ideas. The repetitions of buying into strength rather than weakness, of always assigning an exit strategy to every trade, of balancing risk against potential returns; all these lessons that the Gorilla repeats almost nightly are yielding profits. The most valuable quotation the Gorilla has ever uttered is, “Learn to lose like a pro. Keep losses small. Winning will take care of itself.”
Eugene J. Dziekan
Boca Raton, FL
* In the beginning, I felt unsure of myself (I am 73 and have never bought or sold stocks). I was willing to sell out at the slightest downturn. After time, and your tremendous help, I feel that I have a fairly good grasp of how to continue to make winning trades. I am in positive territory and getting better every day, thanks to you. You can be sure that I am not alone in thanking you for doing such a great job. May you become wealthier than Midas (that is, if you aren’t already.) We need you! Please stick around for a long time.
Lawrence Silverberg
New York, NY
* Hi, just wanted to report back you that in the first 15 days that I have subscribed to GorillaTrades, I’ve made back my entire annual subscription fee trading call options based upon your stock selections…so far so good. In fact, I’m up 13.75% in realized gains and still have some unrealized gains as well. [Next letter] I last wrote you two weeks ago, now I’ve been a subscriber for one month. Using your confirmed stock picks I’ve now made over 25% realized profit and more unrealized. I buy high delta options, usually 1-2 strikes in the money and around 6 months to expiration. I buy when MACD, RSI and the 5,20 EMA all are bullish. I set a stop loss on a 15-20% drop in the option price for protection and take profit when the technicals turn bearish, or partial profit when the stock hits your first target. I also love to read the daily market commentary. Keep up the strong work!!
Dan Tubbs
Henderson, NV<
* Being from Vegas, I can truly say that, for me, the Gorilla service puts the “Viva” in “Viva Las Vegas”!
Benton Jones
Clearwater, FL
A GorillaTrades subscriber for over 4 years.
* I use Gorilla Trades because I have a lot of mouths to feed. You are the best. The best because you tell us “when to hold them and when to fold them. EXCELLENT SERVICE AND ANALYSIS. VERY HONEST…..
Marvin O. Errickson
San Diego, CA
A GorillaTrades subscriber for 5 years.
* The Gorilla Trades System is so valuable and significant to me because it is the only consistently profitable system that I know of that is easy to understand and to follow. The Gorilla has developed a system that consistently identifies stocks to trade that have a high probability of success. Perhaps one of the most significant features of the system is that it can be fully used from anywhere in the World where I have Internet access. This past year, I used it while in Switzerland, Egypt, Colorado, Canada, and here in California. I can successfully trade full time without being tied to a monitor all day long. The membership cost of the service is reasonably priced and is usually paid for by one or two trades. I confidently recommend the Gorilla Trades System to everyone. Thank you for your great service! God Bless America and our Service Men and Women!
Steve Creech
Addison, IL
A GorillaTrades subscriber for 3 years.
* The Gorilla has not only developed a system that identifies stocks with a high probability of success, but he has made the system easy enough to understand and use that the average investor can use it with very little effort. The benefits of GorillaTrades membership easily outweigh the cost.
Tim Lelek
Colorado City, Texas
A GorillaTrades subscriber for more than 8 years.
* I have had much success with very little money, and GorillaTrades has allowed me to stay optimistic that someday I will get my nest egg back. I had money that I poured into the stock market pre year 2000 and I was making money without even trying. When March 2000 rolled around my life changed dramatically. I held on to dot.com stocks for way too long and when I finally got out of them I had lost a bundle. Since I have been with GorillaTrades I am learning as I go. Sometimes I make money and sell too fast and then watch a GorillaTrade continue to rise. That is my fault and hopefully I am learning to be a little smarter with my trading habits. I am a Christian and trust God for my well-being and use his book, the Bible, as my guidebook. Well, the GorillaTrades system is my financial bible. I trust the Gorilla and his views and I know that not every trade will come up a winner, but the safeguards suggested by the Gorilla will keep anyone from failing if they use the GorillaTrades system. With what little money I have I am making money using GorillaTrades and I stay confident that my money will continue to grow and allow me more success with this fantastic system. My best wishes to the Gorilla and if he ever wants to put his life story in print, I hope he would consider me and allow me to write the book for him.
Bill Kearney
Virginia Beach, VA
* I’m a new subscriber to GorillaTrades.com. Prior to subscribing, I did all my own research and selections, based on limited data at my disposal. After reading about GorillaTrades.com, doing the System Tutorial and a 30 Day Free Trial, I was pleasantly surprised. I use GorillaTrades.com as a GUIDE to my investing. Using volume as a base, coupled with the RTR (Return to Risk Ratio), and daily market analysis via the Gorilla’s Evening Email, I can spend minimal time researching and more time on the golf course. Let me give you an example: BMRN triggered/confirmed on the 6th of November. Using GorillaTrades.com as a guide, and doing some research on my own, I purchased the stock. 22days later I sold it above the 1st Target price and after commissions, pocketed 5.2%. I’ll take that kind of return all year long. Over the past 2 weeks, I’ve made 7 purchases, using GorillaTrades as a guide, set my stop limits as recommended, and my sell price above or below the recommended target and hit the links. I love it! This is what investing in retirement is all about. Happy Holidays! And stay safe, I need your guidance.
Jim Carrico
Orlando, FL
A GorillaTrades subscriber for 6 years.
* I became a full-time investor last year. I decided to give GorillaTrades a try and that would prove to be the smartest thing I ever did. My portfolio is up 10% in just 5 months. I’ve found that by just following the Gorilla’s simple approach to investing has taught me the discipline and confidence needed to succeed in the stock market. The Gorilla has a solid plan for making money. Thanks to the Gorilla, I am spending less time worrying about my investments and more time on the golf course. I plan to use the wealth-building experience the Gorilla offers to reach my goal of financial freedom. The nightly emails on market trends are extraordinary simple to understand and really put everything into perspective. Thank Gorilla for making me a believer in stocks again.
Bob Weber
* I am “literally astounded” by the Gorilla’s unprecedented accuracy in picking winning and rapidly appreciating stocks. GorillaTrades offers a unique, proven proprietary system of stock selection that is unmatched when it comes to picking winners. GorillaTrades offers a solid, complete investment methodology that specifically outlines the exact buy point for a stock – first and second targets, stop loss points to control risk, confirmation volume areas, and risk ratings. Nobody appreciates the Gorilla’s wisdom of being patient and keeping an eye on strategic price AND volume targets of a previous Gorilla pick over time than me. I take each and every Gorilla pick very seriously. Even when the Gorilla is not immediately right, some of their previous picks literally double or triple within 9-12 months.
Margy Hodgson
Orlando, FL
A GorillaTrades subscriber for 7 years.
* Once there was an attorney who dreamed of a different life… Wow, after eight months [of GorillaTrades], my returns have dramatically improved, and, thanks to GorillaTrades, I’ve had the confidence to quit my job [as an attorney] to attend to more pressing needs: my 7 year old son and husband who is battling cancer. The moral: If it sounds too good to be true, it is… unless it’s GorillaTrades!
Ansel G.
Rockport, TX
* Your daily commentary is superb, as you always seem to zero in on the big picture as to what is ‘driving the market.
Steve K.
Montebello, CA
* After several months of reading the Gorilla’s commentaries, I’ve determined that my market philosophy is paralleled to the Gorilla’s. I especially enjoy the commentary the Gorilla provides from the mouths of the traders on the floor of the NYSE. I was once a floor money myself at the Pacific Exchange.
Jim P.
Delray Beach, FL
* Since you have come up with the confirmation days, my portfolio has done even better. What I usually do is to track the volume throughout the day and if it looks like the confirmation day will be reached I may make the purchase if it clears the pivot. Keep up the good work.
Austin, TX
* Dear Gorilla, “Thanks for your excellent commentaries. They really help keep me grounded in this crazy market.”
Joe G.
Willowick, OH
* I am a young chimp (i.e. new subscriber) in the jungle. I started as a trial subscriber in mid-July and joined on after my trial period ended. I am impressed with your radar. Thanks for the many good opportunities that you have presented to me. A banana daiquiri cheer to you!!
Dr. E. H. P.
Pacific, CA
* I never want to leave your protected and well-run jungle! You are a godsend in a fierce world. Keep your service coming. Thanks!
Chuck D.
Minnetonka, MN
* “Needless to say, I am very pleased with your service. The results with your service have been such an eye-opener that I am now researching the possibilities of actually making a living from the stock market.”
R. S. D.
Mableton, GA
* “Thank you for the clarification of’ ‘Confirmation Day’ it was very helpful. I have been using your system for about 4 or 5 months without the knowledge of ‘Confirmation Day’ and am very satisfied with the resulting trades this should make it even better. I have been touting your system to all my trading friends. Thank you again.”
Arthur Z.
Los Angeles, CA
* “Love your site, your picks, your humor, the whole enchilada.”
R. D. G.
Goleta, CA
* “Awesome, awesome Pick (SEPR)!!! Thanks for the Alert this morning. I paid for the year’s subscription with today’s trade!!! As a beginning investor who has just opened a margin account for the first time (gulp) in order to be able to sell short. Thank you for your service and thank you for such quick, concise responses to this tyro’s questions. It’s a great feeling to be swinging with the Gorilla…”
Hamden, CT
Goleta, CA
* It must be some kind of scanning software that you have developed to determine patterns! Remarkable! I am a relatively new member, went over charts on all of your past picks, current picks, and ratings, etc., like a hawk, to see if I could concur with your selection methods. Wow, you save me a lot of time and pick them better than I can on my own, long and shorts. ( I) also love the way you track things on the spreadsheets. People don’t realize how valuable this alone is. I just sign in, download the spreadsheet and review the charts. So much out there is a rip-off, you are sincere. I love your commentary and laugh out loud reading it, so true. I read and learn from you! Facts and refreshing. The charts don’t lie and neither does the Gorilla, if and when the market turns, you will tell us and so will the charts. Peace and a big thank you for teaching us all to be better investors, I am learning a lot from you!
S.J. Stomber
Arlington, VA
* GorillaTrades is a valuable service for it guides me through the unknown aspects of the market to make better purchases and educates me on what is transpiring. As a small investor with limited capital, it has only been through GorillaTrades that my capital has slowly grown allowing participation in additional gorilla opportunities. Guidance on the market is a god send!! For me, in stepping out into the confusion of the market, GorillaTrades has been a guardian angel leading the way and educating at the same time. Thank you.
Dr. Curt S.
Denver, CO
* I greatly enjoy your commentary. Over the years, I found yours to be the only advisory worth keeping!
Sterling S.
Carmel, IN
* Once again, innovative ideas combined with market forces and employed by an ethical entrepreneur, are offering a solution to what has been a long term problem. That problem was (and is) the overwhelming disparity of information available to the professional traders, especially hedge funds, compared to that available to small investors. We do not have the research time nor experience to enter the market safely without a service such as GorillaTrades. I have just discovered what has been there all along on the GorillaTrades website – that I can download the current portfolio each Friday evening to a Microsoft Office Excel spreadsheet and have more complete GorillaPicks information more easily available. We have not been taking full advantage of the GorillaPicks, with the confirmation data, the targets and stop suggestions. Now, I think, by having this spreadsheet and printing it each week, my wife and I will be communicating better about the trades to make. We will have more confidence in using your information. We expect that we will be able to improve our returns in a huge way. Thanks for providing this great information service to small investors. The GorillaTrades service will, over the long pull, make small investors better off financially, resulting in more money available for consumption by moderate-income people who have a high “marginal propensity to consume.” That, in turn, will increase aggregate demand, and that, will enhance our general economy, making all of us wealthier. Keep up the good work.
Gary S. F..
Beech Grove, IN
* “I wanted to share an observation with the GorillaTrades Staff. I have noticed that the GorillaPicks that have hit their 2nd target price and are sold will be mentioned in the paper. Basically, the GorillaTraders will have sold their position and the rest of the investing world is just learning about a profitable stock.” Go Gorilla.
Miami Beach, FL
* “Thank you for the outstanding service that you provide to the investing community. I’ve learned more about trading in the last 4 months with GorillaTrades than I have in the last decade on my own. Thanks to you I’m not only saving a bundle by canceling dozens of other magazines/newspapers, but I’ve recouped all of my losses from the previous 3 years! Furthermore, the fee I paid for a two year subscription I was able to recoup in just one trade!”
Brad S.
West Hartford, CT
* “(The subscription fee) is a small price to pay for your stock picking proclivities!”
Andrew Feinberg
* “From the list of closed transactions, it’s clear that most of his (the Gorilla’s) picks do go up….He (the Gorilla) may be into technical voodoo, but he focuses much of his buying on real companies with actual earnings, many of them listed on the New York Stock Exchange….Clearly this is no wild-eyed Nasdaq gunslinger searching for a busted Internet company that might rise 500% in the next day and a half.”
Carl Hutto
Weatherford, OK
* Making money, not salaried dollars, but those special green backs that you receive when you beat the Big Boys at their own game of trading stocks are extra special. Before I joined the Gorilla Family I was a lost trader trying to survive in a jungle with information from institutionalized brokerage houses and brokers. Then I joined the GorillaTrades family and now trade stocks with discipline and regulated confidence and those special dollars are coming back home.
Kenneth Johnston
Cypress, CA
* You make me feel like Tarzan!! I am no longer afraid of the Jungle. Your service removes all the emotion, and makes selling easy (for the first time for me anyways). Before it seems I would become “married” to a stock, and I would too often find myself in a “buy and pray” situation. But with your sell limit targets, (which I update RELIGIOUSLY), there is no more pain and emotion. It is so much easier for me to sell a stock at a loss, knowing that my loss is limited. Besides there is always another confirmed candidate, like a new swinging vine that I can grab a hold of and continue on my way swinging through the Jungle with the Gorilla as my spotter!!
Ailona Rozenkranz
Tampa, FL
* The GorillaTrades system is a survival kit; it is the difference between who get slaughter and who survives. It teaches you those rules: 1. Impulsiveness could lead to a slaughter. 2. Don’t hurry. Don’t chase-perceive, believe (in gorilla limits on that specific stock) and only then -act! 3. Get all the information. Ask questions. Do the research. It won’t cost you a dime, but it may save your life. Think, analyze. 4. Emotions could lead you to the slaughter. 5. When in doubt-bail out! (Exit strategy) 6. Count your blessings. 7. Be humble. Celebrate your success, but remember that it is fleeting. 8. Never give up. Success is just around the corner.
David Atkin
Coventry, RI
* I have been an investor for over 30 years. I bought my first stock with money from my paper route. Early on I had a broker put me into new issues. OUCH! GorillaTrades is a wonderful change. In contrast to that early misdirection, The Gorilla is like a top rated quarterback. Many times you focus on the short passes (8-10% gainers). The long balls (2nd targets) are as exciting as a TD bomb. Sometimes the play breaks down but you always get rid of the ball and never take a sack. Like a good quarterback, you communicate the plays to all. You give entry and exit points and assess the risks. Your volume levels are like a good offensive line which opens up the defense. Sometimes you also give an audible like when you adjust 2nd targets. As a quarterback, you keep everyone in the game with your nightly questions. A good quarterback is also a motivator. You keep our heads in the game with your upbeat e-mails. I’d pick you for my fantasy team but the profits are real!! Thanks!
George Nelson
Burbank, CA
* With your guidelines I have increased [my portfolio] by 50% the last two years. I have taken advantage of just about all your puppies with large paws. They never fail to pay for themselves within days if you invest an equal dollar amount in all five.
Kevin Combs
Sherwood, AR
* I’ve been in construction for over 25 years and I would like to tell the Gorilla thank you so much for giving me new hope on some new income. You have given me a renewed hope for my future. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart, and wish you all the blessings in the world. You have done a very good thing here.
John P. Divenuto
Vero Beach, FL
* Several years ago, just after my retirement at age 58, the market took the proverbial tech plunge. My money, as well as millions more with the so called big wall street firms, suffered significant losses. The advice I received from one of the largest firms was amateurish and I was naïve enough to listen and put my faith in their hands. The last two years utilizing the GorillaTrades System and IBD have been very profitable, and most importantly, I am in control making my own decisions based on solid information and guidance I receive from both of you. Your process is a blessing to the new investor, and equally impressive to a seasoned investor. Not only do you recommend stocks, but provide the entry points, the pit falls, the exit points, and the escape points (stops). I even have a stock broker with this major firm who is enthralled with your system who has, or will, be joining GorillaTrades. In fact, he told me I had a fantastic January, better than the portfolio he manages and the firm as a whole. I was up over 20% utilizing primarily the GorillaTrades System. Thank you for making me a more astute, profitable, and happy investor.
Claire & Mike Schmidt
Carmel, IN
* My father had told me on his death bed that the accounts were entirely in bonds. The truth was they were entirely in loaded mutual funds, all owned by this bank and all doing badly. Adding up the fees, the bank was making more than I was! We went to court and the judge allowed us to move the trusts to a financial company whose symbol is bull. Oh, excuse me, A BULL. They proceeded to lose us another $250,000 and rack up the fees. During all these years, I was learning like a sponge…CNBC, every website I could find. I spent hours and hours a day researching stocks and the markets. At about that time… we found GorillaTrades too. Slowly, the panic I felt from my money being controlled and lost by strangers began to leave me. Our new advisor liked my stock picks, and we became more aggressive, but using stops and GorillaTrades trading education, safer at the same time. In the last 2 years, we have made back enough so that our monthly income is increased. We have been allowed to take several bonuses out of the trusts by our trustee. And as of right now, we are up 13% on one of the trusts and over 20% on the other. Like the Three Wise Men, I feel my gifts are three….financial security, the freedom, and confidence from being directly involved in managing my own money and life (with lots of help of course), and the gift of waking up every day knowing there is so much more to be learned. While other boomers are retiring, I have finally found what I want to do! The first thing I do in the morning is log onto the Gorilla…unless my husband has beaten me to it! Thank you for providing a map for the journey.
Shri Gharpure
Naperville, Il
* I often think of the System being similar to the crisp, Mission Descriptions given to the Air Force Pilots just before they are sent on a mission. Describe the importance of the target, give enough information to get there, HIT the target, and come back home safely. Thanks for the GREAT service!
Dave Palmer
Higganum, CT
* Last month I took you up on your trial offer. I ‘paper-traded’ your confirmed picks for a while and then, seeing positive results, made a couple trades. I must confess that I validated (for my peace of mind) your picks for their IBD numbers and how they were ranked in a couple of other well-known ranking services found on the Internet. To make a long story short, my trial is over today and I’m looking forward to a very rewarding year: the trades on your recommended stocks have already paid for my yearly subscription. I think I may reside in your jungle for a long time to come. And one last thing, a couple weeks ago a reader wrote in about buying on the first pullback after the confirmation. Had I chosen that tactic, my return of 43% (I trade options) in 3 weeks would have doubled. Thanks very much. I truly look forward to your emails every time I log on!
Martin B. Soloway
Orange, CT
* I am a very long time investor in the stock market, subscribing at various times to just about every publication, newspaper, and CD advisor that has been sold. I am a new subscriber to you and am impressed with your advice. It is delightful to be able to say I have made money in the few short weeks I have been a member by listening to you and I compare my experience with listening to Tchaikovsky’s 1812 overture. Your site is dynamic, inspiring, intelligent, noisy, rewarding; but beautiful to behold. Keep up the good work!!
Tom Wylie
Richmond, VA
* As a child my father tried to teach me about the psychology of the market. A favorite analogy of his compared the investment markets to an old fashioned airfield at night. The search light at the airfield rotated on a 360 degree axis. He compared that search light to the market’s momentary area of interest. And while the light briefly shone on that spot, all of the moths, like investors greedy for a sure thing would flock to the investment. Sadly, the light would move on and the value of the moths’ newly purchased investments would decline. The game then was to buy right before the light shone on those investment vehicles and sell to the moths. GorillaTrades stocks get you in as the light is starting to shine and out before it leaves. And if you have the patience to follow the Gorilla’s ideas, one finds that the light often returns to the same stocks when the moths have taken their losses and the shares are cheap as deepest shadow can make them.
Jim Murphy
* In any language MONEY is the name of the game, for accumulating CRITICAL MASS and in turn securing one’s future. In this light the GorillaTrades system provides constant stock selections that put me in mind of a grand finale of fireworks on the 4th of July. In other words, the Gorilla’s picks are poised for explosive growth. No, not all Gorilla picks turn out to be winners, but what system is 100% right, or can be right all the time? It is vital here to note that the Gorilla also provides a safety net system of avoiding and/or minimizing losses. And thus, we come to the essence of the GorillaTrades system — RISK CONTROL. Trading equities is a lot like walking a tightrope. But if one follows the well-designed RISK CONTROL program and habitually maintains the safety net for each position, one can control the risk, protect profits and minimize losses. Recently I was able to buy into IGT a few ticks above the Gorilla’s Trigger price and now loll in the lofty position of a 20% gain. With DHR I had already owned the stock for more than a year in the range of 57.00 and was thinking of taking profits at 65.00. But then the Gorilla installed a Trigger price of 65.85 with a first target of 70.00. The stock has recently gone as high as 74.50 and recently pulled back to the 72.00 area. I am glad I held on to reap the rewards of the Gorilla’s recommendation. In addition, I recently opened a position in BMRN just above the Trigger price. It has hit it’s first target within 30 days for an 8.5% gain.
Aaron Solomon
Howard Beach, NY
* I have found the GorillaTrades system to be very effective. I have been using charts for years with some degree of success. The Gorilla System is, by far, the most effective and offers the user of this system a large degree of success. I have found that once a stock has triggered it rarely stops out. What I have done, is modify the system slightly. When the trigger is achieved, I purchase the stock. Upon confirmation, I sell Puts below the trigger price for additional revenue. Thus far I haven’t had any stock put to me and have enjoyed a good deal of success. I have only been using the Gorilla System for 6 weeks and look forward to much success in the coming months ahead.
Tom Oringderff
Norfolk, NE
* I had been trading for a couple of years prior to subscribing to GorillaTrades without a lot of success. But after using the GorillaTrades picks and trading tools for the past couple of years, my trading is now successful. It was like I was lost in the woods just wandering around. Then this Gorilla came along and gave me a compass. Now I can navigate the woods with certainty.
Paul B.
Doylestown, PA
* Thank you very, very, very much for your excellent trading recommendations. I’ve been using your service for about 7 months and am just amazed at the overall success rate (particularly the huge gain on ISRG yesterday)! My only regret is that I didn’t utilize it 10 years ago.
Wayne Dunlap
Philadelphia, PA
* The reason I find the GorillaTrades service so valuable is because it makes it very easy and time efficient by giving the buy price and volume confirmation. I can buy on the trigger price when the market is a raging bull and wait for price volume confirmation when the market is less certain. You provide a stop loss price in case the trade goes against you to limit your losses. You go further than most services in that you have a target sale price so that you are not left guessing when to sell. Finally, most of your picks are right on, resulting in nice percentage gains. I also like the spreadsheet you provide with the list of the current portfolio, which makes it easy to keep track of previous recommendations.
Mike Hartman
Santa Cruz, CA
* The daily lessons/guidance have been invaluable. The actual planning of entrance and exits while minimizing risk has settled me down into a very focused regimen of profit taking and loss cutting. All of the tools/concepts have been very sound as applied to various situations in a very dynamic market environment. I find myself looking forward to each days experience and lesson!
Phil Alexander
East Flat Rock, NC
* Your special situation pick of about a week ago, BTJ, has earned me a 17 percent return in this short time! I realize special situation picks are just that, and as such are more risky; however, with great risk comes great reward. Doing a little research on the stock helped me to decide that this was the time to buy. I bought on a slight downturn at $19.70, and it made good money the first day. Today (12-13-06), it closed out at $23.07! I’m starting to ponder an exit strategy, as it’s nearing its 52-week high. But it has been a real winner even if the Gorilla portfolio doesn’t continue to track it. Thought you’d like to know…and thanks again for the help in wading through thousands of stocks.
Marvin Errickson
San Diego, CA
* I have been trading since 1967… I find the GorillaTrades service so valuable because it is one of the few {maybe the only} consistently successful investing services that uses stops to protect from big losses with at least a three to one reward to risk ratio. I am able to use the new picks as a constant source of stocks that I know will have a large amount of money flowing into for two or three days, at least, providing a two or three day trade usually using high delta short term options. After the normal pullback from the initial buying or selling, I can then switch to longer-term options or the stock itself if it is low enough in price. This way, I can participate in many more picks than I could with the stock itself and with a larger position in each. The BIGGEST and BEST reason is that GorillaTrades allows me to trade full time without having to sit in front of a monitor all day long and still be very successful.
Mehul Desai
San Jose, CA
* You are the master of the technical winds and hence it seems like we are always sailing with the wind behind us. You are able to provide opportunity to invest in a bull or a bear market and that’s something!!! Clear targets for exit enable us to lock in profits and avoid big losses. That is the key to success.
Charles Beard
York, PA
* In the past 20 yrs. I have spent over $10,000 dollars subscribing to various services for guidance in investing in Stocks, Futures and Options. I was never able to earn back the price of the original subscription in any of the services. While paper trading during your 30 day free offer, I was able to show a nice profit. Your service, unlike the others I’ve tried, exhibit a profitable return for the cost incurred. I hope you will continue to serve your customers as you have in the past.
Testimonial claims have not been substantiated, past performance does not imply nor guarantee future success.