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Gorilla Trades is the complete solution for today's modern investor, and has been a trusted resource for thousands of investors, stockbrokers and fund managers for over 20 years. Whether you're interested in learning how to trade stocks, just starting to build your portfolio, or you're an experienced investor looking for powerful stock picks; take your portfolio to new heights with Gorilla Trades!

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Gorilla Trades not only identifies the best stock picks with potentially explosive growth, but tells you exactly where to set stop loss levels and when to harvest profits. More importantly, Gorilla Trades' exclusive technology is able to identify the best stocks in any market environment. With Gorilla Trades you receive an unbiased, insider's edge on the stock market in simple terms that anyone can understand. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing you have one of the most trusted figured on Wall Street today; with over 30 years of industry experience.


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GorillaTrades has provided sound investment advice to thousands of investors just like YOU for over 20 years! With GorillaTrades you can:

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Who We Are

Gorilla Trades was founded in 1999 to allow individual investors to invest on a level playing field with professionals, without the research time.

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Gorilla Trades utilizes a proprietary technical screening software to identify the best stocks the market has to offer for our subscribers' portfolios.


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Take a look at an example of our stock trading system at work so you can make better trades and achieve better returns.

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Shay B.


“I have always understood the importance of investing, but between work, family and everything else on my plate, I just never had the time to research quality stock ideas on my own. There was one bad decision after another and I was getting tired of coming up short. Then a really great friend of mine told me about...


Drew R.

Denver, CO

“I had a small account with just about $700 in it. I had seen and heard of Gorilla Trades before but the subscription price was awfully daunting given the size of my account. Out of interest and curiosity I signed up for the free trial. Using some of the recommendations of the Gorilla, I took on three very...


Connie M.

Willis, VA

“I first became familiar with Gorilla Trades through an advertisement in Investors Business Daily back in 2002. There has just been one year since then that I didn’t subscribe to the gorilla and that was definitely a mistake on my part. I started my account in 2002 with $25000.00 of what...


John L.

Bethpage, NY

“I had a small IRA with $15,000 in cash. I thought I could make money trading because I thought I was smart. I received an email from an option trading service promising easy money trading options. The service wasn’t cheap and actually delivered 6-7 option trades each week. It was too many to keep track of and before I knew it, my IRA was reduced...


Michele R.

Reading, PA

“I absolutely love your service. I don’t know how you do it, but I am very, very happy that I found you, and I can’t thank you enough for helping me to realize my dream of achieving a supplemental income to my pension, which would not be enough for me to live on without the extra money I make by trading. I have tried many services...


Tom T.

Glen Ellyn, IL

“Most brokers are faking sincerity, faking expertise. Sharks looking for easy prey, tossing darts at a list of stocks. The Gorilla is the opposite. You inspire trust. I like that you’re on my team. You keep finding new ways to educate me in the best and safest ways of navigating the jungle. I wasn’t nearly as savvy an investor before I found you. I sleep better now.”


Joe D.

Ft. Myers, FL

“I have been doing the Gorilla for about three or more years. I have had up weeks and down weeks. I bought stocks when they triggered. I bought stocks when they confirmed .I made and lost money in both areas. I have not hit it big because I don’t have a large pile of money to invest...


Steven Z.

Boca Raton, FL

“GorillaTrades service is so valuable, that it helps me provide food and shelter for my family, and to me that is the most important thing in life.”


Mark Wright

Savannah, GA

“I like to trade options, There is so much information out there, and so many individuals and groups that try to put themselves between me and the money. (creating imaginary toll booths) I follow the Gorillas Option idea of the week. Once I have the data I make the final decision on the trade, and any additional strategies using the Gorillas parameters. I look forward to Monday evenings, I also eat more bananas.”


Joseph R.

Pleasant Valley, NY

“It’s simple. Quite simple. You read the gorilla everyday do what he says and recommends and VIOLA you make a lot of money. How simple is that and a lot of fun.”


Mike C.

“With thousands of stocks available through several exchanges, it is nearly impossible for an individual to monitor them all and still hold a regular job. The GorillaTrades system accomplishes this and allows anyone interested to make some outstanding gains with minimal time involved. With the GorillaTrades system, anyone who follows it has a realistic chance at a better life and a better retirement with financial security.”


Gerie S.

Minden, NV

“When I found the Gorilla, I was your basic ‘hope the market will go my way’ trader. I took winners too soon, and waited for losers to turn-around – which they rarely did. Then things started to change. In summary, the best things I have learned from the Gorilla 1. When you hit the 1st target, sell some not all...


Jon P.

“As a plastic surgeon I have very limited time for investment research. The Gorilla service has provided me with a methodical and precise approach to investing that I can implement and monitor in my spare time. I have benefited equally from the nightly market commentary and the multiple tutorials that have sharpened my investment skills and enhanced my understanding of the market. GorillaTrades, keep up the good work!”


David S.

Indiana, PA

“When I started investing and losing money, it didn’t take long to understand that what was required was full-time dedication, powerful analytical tools and techniques, an understanding of market dynamics, and the skills to apply them. I bring none of that to the table. The only way for the average person to obtain those essentials is to buy them. As opposed to other services I have tried, the Gorilla’s methodology...


Stuart O.

Deer Park, IL

“Having been a financial broker for many years made me realize that there was no magical way to achieve market beating returns without a plan. Many of my clients tried many different methods over the years to try to receive superior returns. It always seemed they worked for a short while but usually ended up less than satisfying. I also spent countless hours each week researching...


Walter N.

Jasper, AL

“It is a pleasure to share my mistakes with your subscribers as well as my successes. As a longtime subscriber I have been along for a very informative ride. The setbacks of the 2007-2008 years when I was only a casual follower cost me a significant portion of my portfolio. Fortunately I had enough capital and sense to learn from these mistakes and began following GT closely. The net results have been extremely worthwhile both in following stock info as well as option suggestions."


Bill N.

Noblesville, IN

“I heard about Gorilla Trades from a friend. I am too young to retire but am old enough to have been downsized and not been able to find a job due to being the old guy who is over qualified. Unemployment was the necessity of invention however. I turned to my IRA and began to invest in stocks. I was not very successful at first. I always seemed to be chasing the market and owning losers; that is until I tried Gorilla Trades! Gorilla Trades helped me begin to...


Steven V.

New York, NY

“Keeping Gains
As a stock investor for over 10 years, I subscriber to at least 7 or 8 newsletters. The problem with all of them is this: They tell you to sell a stock, after you have lost 30% or more of your principal. It’s a losing strategy. As a man in my 60’s; and rapidly approaching retirement. I needed a much better strategy. Now in my 3rd year with Gorilla Trades, I am generating a profit, and holding losses to a minimum...