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The Gorilla Trades portfolio is only available to current and trial subscribers to the Gorilla Trades service. If you would like to be able to view the portfolio now, click HERE to sign up for your no-obligation, 30-day FREE trial and you will immediately be able to view the current stock portfolio!

If you are a current paid subscriber, please click HERE.

If you’re alarmed at the size of the current GorillaTrades portfolio, have no worries! GorillaTrades presents a “Menu of Ideas” recommended to be tuned to your personal portfolio according to your personal trading style, timing, feel for the company, and other factors presented in the Evening Gorilla Email. For more info on this, and much more, check out the GorillaTrades System Tutorial.

As if Gorilla Trades’ current stock portfolio and trade results don’t speak for themselves, don’t forget about these other benefits Gorilla Trades offers:

  • A stable, reputable company that has been established in the business for many years

  • A proprietary system that consistently identifies EXPLOSIVE stocks

  • A system with complete investment guidance and updates

  • Decreases your research time

  • Complete company profiles with each stock pick, along with trading tips based off the stocks tendencies

  • Specific instructions on where to buy, set stops, targets, and even when to reinvest for future growth

  • Instructs you when to buy AND sell

  • Continuously monitors and adjusts stop loss levels to help subscribers avoid large losses, “lock in” profits, and harvest their gains

  • Market-tested, risk controlled system reduces the fear of investing

  • No hidden fees

  • Fully adaptable to many styles of investing

  • Teaches subscribers how to diversify and properly manage their portfolios

  • No day-trading or ticker watching is necessary

  • Educates its subscribers by teaching different “rules” of investing

  • Any losses are minimal (usually less than 7%)

  • Gains may be quite large (often 15%-40%+)

Try Gorilla Trades free for 30 days and get all of the benefits of being a subscriber, including the stock picks, the Evening Gorilla Email, and the Subscribers Only Website! Plus, if you’re not completely, 100% satisfied, you can cancel any time during your first 30 days – no questions asked – and you will never be charged a cent!

Sign up for you 30 Day Free Trial now on our secure online form. Or, just call 1-866-222-6639 to speak to one of the Gorilla’s representatives.

As always, Gorilla Trades protects your privacy and online security according to our strict privacy policy. Welcome to a whole new level of trading: powerful stock picks, simple execution. Don’t miss our on our current stock portfolio: Sign up now!

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