Gorilla Trades’ visual overview of eligible stock picks

The menu of ideas is a convenient organization of the various stocks that could be considered at any time for purchase under the GorillaTrades system. The Menu of Ideas is located both in the Evening Gorilla Email and in the GorillaTrades.com subscribers site.
Each category of the Menu of Ideas (MOI) has its own benefits. Simply click each category head for a recap. With understanding, these various stocks can be tailored to the market environment, your personal trading style, or modified to fit the specific needs of your portfolio.

Note that daily updates to the Menu of Ideas (MOI) will be made in bold type – so if a stock was just listed in a new category, it will be added to the top of that category in bold. The following day, it will still remain in the list, but will no longer be bold.

In addition, you can simply click on any stock symbol to go to their individual stock page, where you’ll find their original recommended trading parameters, trading tips, and a company overview.

The categories are potential picks, recently triggered, recently confirmed, light volume pullbacks, and special situation picks.

GorillaShorts will be shown in orange type to differentiate them from GorillaPicks, but will otherwise be presented in the same way as GorillaPicks.

The first three categories concern the sensitive beginning stages of a GorillaPick. While New Potential GorillaPicks are usually presented on a daily basis, keep in mind that these stock picks aren’t fully recommended to all subscribers until they achieve two stages of validation – the trigger point and Confirmation Day.

menu of ideas for stock picks

Potential Picks

This category contains the GorillaPicks that have been issued within the past 5 sessions that have not yet triggered. A GorillaPick has five days in order to trigger or it is dropped according to the rules of the GorillaTrades System. This category in the Menu of Ideas is primarily used to keep a loose monitor on the GorillaPicks in their infancy stage. Some very aggressive subscribers, however, might immediately invest in a Potential GorillaPick to get a jump start should the stock go on to trigger and confirm.

Recently Triggered

Purchasing at the Trigger Point, as opposed to waiting for the Confirmation Day, allows for an earlier point of entry, and thus the potential for more profit. However, this also leaves you vulnerable to owning a GorillaPick that simply triggers and quickly retreats.

Recently Confirmed

Confirmation serves to fortify the desired direction of a GorillaPick. After a GorillaPick confirms, it is fully recommended for purchase. It should be noted that Confirmation Day is an event, not a price, so the specifics of where you enter the trade after Confirmation Day are at your own discretion. There’s no rule that you must purchase immediately after a Confirmation Day is declared. For this reason, Recently Confirmed stocks remain in this category for some time.

Light Volume Pullbacks (LVPB’s)

This category involves GorillaPicks that have already confirmed, but have recently experienced a small pullback on light volume. The Light Volume Pullback category identifies current GorillaPicks that are still technically strong, but have experienced a pullback on light volume, a typical sign that the pullback may not be of the severe variety. These points make suitable investment, or reinvestment points, for entry and possible continued growth.

Special Situation Picks (SSP’s)

While all of the previous categories deal with GorillaPicks and GorillaShorts, Special Situation Picks are meant as a bonus to the GorillaTrades System. Special Situations Picks tend to be very explosive, but often have high volatility due to their low market capitalization. These stocks always have a market cap. below $1 billion, as opposed to GorillaPicks, which always have a market cap above $1 billion. Accordingly, only more aggressive subscribers should consider these stocks for purchase. Unlike GorillaPicks, these stocks are meant to have longer-term holding periods (several months in most cases), and trading guidelines are not provided as they are with GorillaPicks.


GorillaPicklets were introduced at the urging of some subscribers, who requested potentially powerful stocks picks that trade under $5 per share and have a market cap below $1 billion. GorillaPicks meet all of the technical requirements of our flagship GorillaPicks, except for price. Due to their low share price, GorillaPicklets may be prone to even more potential volatility, as well as greater potential reward.