From the Mind of the Gorilla

Let’s get to the nitty gritty…

The reason you’re even reading this email is you’re hoping to turn the information on the screen into cold hard cash – so it behooves you to understand which sector of the market has the potential for the biggest growth.

If you were to poll the average citizen as to which industry has the biggest chance to explode in 2016 – odds are they’ll give you one of two answers:

Emerging technology or pharmaceuticals.


What most people don’t realize is that there’s a market that is projected to outpace both tech and pharma by almost 100 to 1 – combined!

This industry is relatively new to Wall Street – and while many tend to keep it at an arms distance for now – those investors that are prepared to capitalize on this new industry stand to make A LOT.

What is this industry?

What could possibly beat current titans by an almost 100 to 1 margin? Well, I’ll tell you…

It’s legal marijuana.

Yes, marijuana stocks are expected to come into their own – and regardless of your personal feelings toward cannabis – it’s time you took a good hard look at the possibilities this market is offering…

Because regardless of whether you warm up to it or not, this growing, $3.3 Billion industry has been projected to soar to $35 Billion by 2020!

That’s a 1,000% plus growth rate!

I don’t think I need to tell you that a 1,000% growth rate is amazing…
However, what’s even MORE amazing is that once you couple that 1,000% with the fact that this growth is supposed to happen over the next 5 years makes legal marijuana one of the surest moves going forward.

Right now, there aren’t many legitimate marijuana stocks available, mostly due to the fact that it is still considered illegal on a Federal level. That said, many industry experts expect Marijuana to be legal on a Federal level within the next few years. Once this happens, you can expect the proverbial flood gates to be lifted!

What’s more, every sector of the of this booming industry has far exceeded expectations, and the industry as a whole appears to be setting up for major advances!

Whether you prefer a company in manufacturing, distribution or branding – odds are, once this new industry matures, you’ll be pulling in the profits regardless.

You may want to wait for that ONE company that can profit from each side of the business model…

Or you may want to go with three separate companies that focus on one sector of their industry.

Better news? As this burgeoning market continues to increase its sophistication and grow in size, more and more opportunities will present themselves!”

Over the coming year, we’ll be paying close attention to this blossoming industry – no pun intended – so if you want to stay ahead of the curve…

Let GorillaTrades help you avoid the pitfalls of this new, yet blossoming industry – our “safety first” investment system has the protocols in place to help our members profit – no matter the economic climate!

The Gorilla already has his eye out for any up & coming marijuana stocks that have the potential to become GorillaPicks. Once the Gorilla has identified a legitimate marijuana stock with the necessary upside potential, GorillaTrades subscribers will be the first to know!

However, even if you choose to go in alone – take our advice and start your research on the legal cannabis industry now! We feel it’s always best to keep your finger on the pulse…

It could mean the difference between walking away rich and just grabbing a few bucks!

“You must be in tune with the times and prepared to break with tradition.” James Agee