From the Mind of the Gorilla


Stop whatever you’re doing… right now and check your portfolio!

If you’re holding any stocks… dump them! Get out NOW!! Unless you’re ready to take HUGE losses this year!


Now that we got that nonsense out of the way – let’s talk about what the recent market dips REALLY mean to smart investors.

While the rest of the investment world is running around like Chicken Little screaming about the falling sky – people like Warren Buffett and George Soros are salivating at the chance to grab GREAT companies at discount prices due to the massive sell-offs that occur in times like these.

Market dips are not disasters…

They’re opportunities.

You ask any one of the most successful traders you know when they’ve made the most money – and most of them will tell you it was from the stocks they bought on dips.

Because here’s a secret that not many people will tell you…

If a company is TRULY solid – meaning they have a solid business plan, solid revenues, valuable assets and can maintain a positive public image – there isn’t much that they can’t come back from.

Yes… even HUGE market dips like the ones we’ve seen recently.

If a solid stock experiences a price drop due to a poor market – you could bet dollars to donuts that anything lost will be made up and then some.

You don’t have to take my word for it either…

Take a look at the companies that made it through the Crash of 2008.

IBM, Yahoo, Apple and many more experienced the same price drop that the rest of the market did – but most of these companies made more money AFTER the crash than they did before it, as far as stock prices go.

I know what you’re thinking,

“But Gorilla, what do we do? We can’t just do NOTHING!”

You’re right…

But the first thing NOT to do is panic. If you wake up and see the bottom dropping out of the market. Don’t freak out. Don’t dump everything in your portfolio for two reasons…

1. If you haven’t sold before the open… it’s already too late.

2. If you’re buying solid companies – there’s NO reason to sell!

Surviving market dips is easy – simply hold steady at the dip and cash out on the bounce!

Easy peasy…

However, sometimes finding the best companies isn’t all that easy. Most investors simply go down the wrong road searching for the right companies.
How do you make sure you’re buying only solid stocks? Well, often it takes a trained eye to spot the gem in a pile of glass.

That’s where GorillaTrades comes in…

GorillaTrades is a risk-controlled, market tested, proprietary system that has proved to work in any market environment! GorillaTrades identifies the most promising stock opportunities by sifting through that pile of glass, so only the highest quality jewels remain.

I’d love to have you join the other subscribers, as they get the chance to profit with the Gorilla on a daily basis!

But even if you don’t – if there is one thing you take away from this article it’s this:

Don’t panic! Don’t follow the masses! It’s the savvy investor that survives, and more importantly, profits! Keep your head about you and you’ll do fine – regardless of the economic climate!

“It’s not so important who starts the game but who finishes it.” – John Wooden