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Welcome to Gorilla Trades- The World’s #1 Stock Picking Service!

Gorilla Trades is the complete solution for today’s modern investor, and has been a trusted resource for thousands of investors, stockbrokers and fund managers for over 17 years. Whether you’re interested in learning how to trade stocks, just starting to build your portfolio, or you’re an experienced investor looking for powerful stock picks; take your portfolio to new heights with Gorilla Trades!

Gorilla Trades not only identifies the best stock picks with potentially explosive growth, but tells you exactly where to set stop loss levels and when to harvest profits. More importantly, Gorilla Trades’ exclusive technology is able to identify the best stocks in any market environment. With Gorilla Trades you receive an unbiased, insider’s edge on the stock market in simple terms that anyone can understand. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing you have one of the most trusted figures on Wall Street today, with over 30 years of industry experience, offering you an unbiased and reliable service.

Gorilla Trades has been known for providing its subscribers with the best stocks to buy for over 17 years! While that may be what we are known for, Gorilla Trades is much more than just the best stock picking service! Each Gorilla Trades subscription also includes:

  • Weekly Option Picks-These are meant for our more aggressive investors. The Gorilla recommends option trades that are included absolutely FREE in each Gorilla Trades subscription. Every week, the Gorilla provides the best option ideas based on projected potential return, with no margin requirement.
  • GorillaPicklets-A portfolio dedicated entirely to smaller cap stocks. Often, mutual funds, hedge funds, and other institutional investors are mandated not to buy stocks for less than $5 per share by their charter – yet some of the market’s best opportunities may often be in this more volatile price range. Using the Gorilla Trades stock screening data center, our proprietary software identifies the potential for explosive growth in these GorillaPicklets. As a GorillaPicklet begins to rise, it can not only benefit from its technical momentum our datacenter has identified, but it may gain even more buyers as the picks cross the $5 threshold that lets the big institutional buyers jump on board!
  • Midday & Evening Email Newsletters-These emails come straight from the Gorilla to keep you informed of every market move, every day and will prove to be the most important emails of your day. The Gorilla provides an in-depth analysis of the day’s stock market action, breaking it down into engaging concepts and examples to build a deep understanding of the market. Besides tracking the close of the Dow Jones, S&P 500 and NASDAQ, along with the indices’ volatility, which is essential, the Gorilla shares his wisdom with Gorilla Trades subscribers daily. It may be a word of caution one day, or a word of encouragement the next, but the Gorilla always imparts his knowledge to let subscribers feel comfortable going into the next trading day.

Learn more about why Gorilla Trades is considered the top stock-picking company in the world! Click here to Try Gorilla Trades now for 30 days, without any further obligation!