From the Mind of the Gorilla

Are we on the cusp of a quantum leap forward in technology?

If the past is any sort of indicator for the future – we may soon experience an era of innovation that could make the second half of the 20th Century look like the Stone Age.

For prepared investors – that means we could be on the edge of a NEW age of prosperity – turning the stock market into a veritable cash register for those who know how to push the right buttons.

And we know this could happen – we just need to look back about 50 years to see the pattern.

On July 20th, 1969 – America won one of the most important competitions the world has ever known when the U.S. beat the USSR in putting a man on the moon…

Unleashing the greatest surge in technological advancement our society has ever seen. It’s the one event that almost single handedly shaped the rest of the millennium.

The innovations that happened because of the space race are almost too numerous to list – but to name a few:

Solar cells, enriched baby food, water purification, freeze drying, scratch resistant lenses and aircraft anti-icing systems – not to mention the computer software and hardware that was created from scratch!

It’s safe to say that if it weren’t for the NEED for innovation to actually put a man on the moon – we wouldn’t have HALF of the technology we use on a daily basis.

So you may be wondering what has prompted me to believe that this next technological revolution is on the horizon…

Well… if you’ve paid any attention to the headlines lately you’re likely to have read about the Elon Musk owned company, SpaceX.

If you’ve delved deeper into any of those articles – you would have read how the company has just had an incredible success with launching and then landing their Falcon 9 rocket onto a barge in the middle of the Atlantic.

An impressive feat for sure…

But SpaceX has credible competition in Blue Origin, the aerospace company owned by Amazon founder, Jeff Bezos.

Blue Origin has ALSO launched a rocket into space and successfully landed it – doing so BEFORE SpaceX. To say Elon Musk was a little annoyed would be an understatement.

Now, comparing the two rockets – is like comparing apples to oranges – as one is meant to shuttle people, the other is meant to carry unmanned payloads – but that doesn’t mean these two companies aren’t keenly aware of what the other is doing.

In fact, it has the makings of the NEXT space race!

Our hope is that they keep innovating…

If they do – you can bet that a new generation of technological advancements will soon follow. And for investors – this race could create a new generation of Millionaires and Billionaires!

Here at GorillaTrades – we’ll keep our eye out for any of the companies involved that could have investors profiting both now and in the future!

You can be sure our members will be kept up to date on any new developments – so if you’d like to stay abreast of any breaking news – please consider joining GorillaTrades!

Either way, if you take anything away from this article – it should be the fact that we could soon watch the birth of a new technological age! Be prepared to profit!

“When Kennedy said, ‘Let’s go to the moon,’ we didn’t yet have a vehicle that wouldn’t kill you on launch. He said we’ll land a man on the moon in eight years and bring him back. That was an audacious goal to put forth in front of the American people.” – Neil deGrasse Tyson