From the Mind of the Gorilla
They say if you want to be successful – find a successful person and try to imitate them.

Sounds simple enough – but I can tell you from experience – it’s nowhere near as easy as it sounds.

A better idea would be to study what makes a person successful – figure out their secret – and you’ll have everything you need to follow in their footsteps.

I believe I’ve locked onto one of the biggest secrets in investing – it’s not anything special and… and you may have even heard of it before.

I’m sure I don’t have to tell you how big of an icon Warren Buffett is in the world of investing – his resume and extended history of success speaks for him – but what you may not know is how faithfully Warren sticks to his contrarian beliefs.

Warren fully believes that to succeed you should go against the grain – it’s like he believes it’s safer to run into danger than away – and his track record proves this theory works more often than not.

If people are buying – he’s selling. People are selling – he’s buying…

But I’m not telling you anything you haven’t heard before… from me. I’ve often expounded upon the Oracle of Omaha’s merits – but there’s a reason he’s on my mind today…

Recently, word spread throughout the Street that Warren Buffett had not only taken a $10 billion stake in Apple during Q1, but he was also throwing his considerable investment weight behind a group that’s making a bid to grab Yahoo’s assets.

What makes this group so interesting is that Warren won’t be the only billionaire in the group, as Quicken Loans Chairman, Dan Gilbert (ironically, a childhood friend of the Gorilla’s) is also rumored to be throwing his hat into this collective ring.

You might be asking why two men of this economic stature would be willing to put their money into a company that some experts are saying is on it’s way out?

The answer is simple – he’s doing the opposite of the masses.

Right now, nobody seems to want to touch Yahoo with a ten-foot pole – that’s why it’s the perfect time for Warren to step in…

It’s his M.O.!

And I’m sure having somebody like Dan Gilbert ready to share the risk makes grabbing Yahoo a much easier decision than it normally would be…

But it all begins and ends with a contrarian attitude.

I know this because these are the same ideals upon which I built GorillaTrades – my risk-adverse system works it’s magic by finding the stocks that may not be getting the attention that others are – or are on the verge of something big!

My stock picks come in a timely manner and have the potential to make you solid returns.

I would love to have you join GorillaTrades – as I truly believe that I can help you make more money than you do investing on your own.

However, if you’d rather be that “lone wolf,” my advice would be to keep a keen eye on Warren Buffett and his dealings.

By taking a page out of his book – you too could find yourself perpetually in the black!

“To a contrarian like me, constant advice not to do something almost always starts me quickly down the risky, unpopular path.” – Michael Bloomberg