About Gorilla Trades:

Q. What sets the Gorilla Trades service apart from other financial or stock picking services?

A. Gorilla Trades is a mechanical, risk-controlled system.  A specific exit strategy, which includes a stop loss level and upside performance targets, is given with every new GorillaPick.  Thus, there is no guesswork involved!  It is designed to make your investing decisions effortless.
Q. How long has GorillaTrades been in existence?

A.  Gorilla Trades was incorporated in 1999. The Gorilla spent twenty years developing the methodology used successfully today by GorillaTrades.  At the insistence of many of the monkeys who had witnessed the Gorilla’s success, he decided to make the service available on a subscription basis. Even the Gorilla was surprised at the response, and with absolutely no advertising during the first two years, GorillaTrades became one of the fastest growing and most well-respected subscription investment services in the world!
Q. How are you affiliated with IBD, Money, Smart Money, or Kiplinger?

A.  GorillaTrades is an advertising partner with each of these companies and is a totally independent entity.

A. No, there are NO hidden costs whatsoever. Here’s a look at what the 30 Day Free Trial has to offer.
Q. How many subscribers are there to the Gorilla Trades service?

A. Although this number is not made public, the Gorilla has subscribers representing every state and 55 different countries.