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I was on a flight recently and experienced something I never have before…

During the obligatory niceties the flight attendant is required to make before take off, there was something different added to that day’s intercom monologue.

You see, after giving instructions as to where the exits are or how to put on an oxygen mask in the event that the cabin loses oxygen, Meredith mentioned something I wasn’t expecting…

“Use of electronics is permitted as long as they are in airplane mode – except for owners of the Galaxy Note 7 – you will not be permitted to use your device for the duration of the flight. The drink cart will come around when we reach our cruising altitude.”

This struck me as odd…

Sure, like the rest of the world I had heard about how the new Samsung phones, the Galaxy Note 7, were having issues where their batteries were melting down and causing the phone to explode – but I thought the few cases I read about were few and far between.

But being on an airplane, I thought, “Well, better safe than sorry…” and while I felt for those that had the phone – their boredom was worth my safety.

Fast forward 3 weeks later…

And Samsung is in a world of hurt. The meltdowns weren’t just “one offs” apparently they were becoming more and more common to the point that Samsung is asking Note 7 owners to power down their phone and get a full refund at their point of purchase.

The weird thing?

Samsung’s stock had been rising steadily since the August release date…

Which is surprising, seeing as you would think that selling an exploding phone would hurt your stock’s chances at profits.

Good for them and their shareholders, right?

Well, there’s another company that’s ALSO been cleaning up since the Note 7 release…

And that company is none other than Apple.

Apple has not only seen a steady uptick in share price – but in 5 days in early September (when word about the Note 7 started spreading) – Apple saw a $12 price spike – and has kept a steady line since then.

My theory is – Samsung is on the verge of a big fall.

There’s no way they can continue to raise their profits when their biggest release of the year is a total and absolute bust.

When this happens – I would expect to see a HUGE price increase for Apple. Not that these companies work inversely to each other – just the simple fact that Apple will at that moment, become the superior company in the public’s eye.

So I’m keeping a very close eye on Apple…

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However, we understand if GorillaTrades isn’t you cup of tea – but I hope that you enjoy our articles at the very least – and I urge you to keep an eye on APPL yourself…

It could be the smartest move you make all year!

“Fortune knocks but once, but misfortune has much more patience.”
– Laurence J. Peter