Current GorillaTrades Portfolio as of (12/6/13)

The GorillaTrades portfolio had its fifth straight positive session on Friday. Of the few GorillaPicks that fell, only four fell more than 1%, and just one (Herbalife-HLF, which dropped 4.7%) lost more than 2.5%. On the other hand, nine different GorillaPicks rose 2%-3%, and three more gained 3%-4%! Thus, 67 of the 69 confirmed GorillaPicks in the GorillaTrades portfolio continue to hold unrealized gains, including 55 with double-digit or triple-digit gains! Sixteen different GorillaPicks hold 20%-29% unrealized gains. Eleven more hold 30%-39% gains. Another eleven hold 40%-49% gains. Arch Capital (ACGL) and Ultimate Software (ULTI) hold 55% and 60% gains, respectively. Polaris (PII) holds a 78% gain. Three more GorillaPicks hold 83%-87% gains, Nu Skin Ent. (NUS) holds a 101% gain, while Actavis (ACT) leads the portfolio with a huge 128% gain! In addition, 58 of the GorillaPicks have achieved their first target.