Does GorillaTrades work?

We’ll be honest: You have every right to be skeptical of online stock advisors. If you’re not — well, to be even more honest, you should be.

The internet’s still an untamed universe. It’s always been difficult to tell legitimate information and businesses apart from hasty, get-rich-quick hustlers. And it’s not getting any easier. As long as there are hard-working individuals who are too eager to part with their money, there will be entities with shaky reputations ready to pounce on them.

This brings us to Gorilla Trades. We’re an online entity almost as old as the internet itself. We promote a proprietary stock recommendation method. While we’ve put a lot of information on this site that explains what we do and how we do it, you may — and should — ask us a very bottom-line question: “Does Gorilla Trades work?”

That’s an incredibly good question. Let’s answer it.

Does GorillaTrades work?

What is it exactly?

Gorilla Trades is a stock advisor service. If you’re reading this, which you obviously are, you’ve probably come across several sites that make stock recommendations. Many of our competitors are very good at what they do. Others, not so much. But what makes Gorilla Trades different?

Partly, it’s who we are. Our experience with the stock market extends to a time long before internet trading existed. Gorilla Trades’ founder devised his stock-picking formula back in the 1990s. When this formula resulted in profits of 22 times his original investment over 18 months, he used his methodology as the bedrock for Gorilla Trades.

We’ve been around since 1999. In terms of the internet, that’s an eternity. While longevity alone doesn’t speak to a company’s viability, hundreds of other online financial advisors have come and disappeared over the time Gorilla Trades has existed. At some point, survival isn’t just a matter of being lucky — it’s also a matter of being successful.

What makes it different?

Gorilla Trades picks stocks that we believe have enormous potential for sharp, substantial growth. The difference is in how we make those picks.

Every night, our proprietary scanning software searches through a mass of 6,000 securities, searching for stocks with great earning potential. When it finds likely candidates, this software subjects them to even more scrutiny. That’s when things really get interesting.

To be selected as a Gorilla Pick, a stock has to meet a list of 14 technical criteria — every single one, with no exceptions. Even with meeting all these exacting standards, you might think a handful of stocks might qualify.

In reality, no more than one or two stocks make the cut after they pass through our process. Sometimes no stocks do. That’s a level of exclusivity that most other stock advisors don’t apply to their recommendations.

What happens when a Gorilla Pick is made?

When a stock advisor names a hot pick, many of their clients head straight to their online brokerage and snap it up. With Gorilla Picks, you’re certainly free to do that. But most of our customers wait.

Every stock-trading professional will tell you that patience is a necessary trait to develop if you want to be successful. But a lot of them won’t tell you to hold off on getting a share once they’ve identified that stock.

After a Gorilla Pick has met each of our 14 parameters, we wait to publicize it until it reaches a certain stock price threshold. That’s what triggers it to evolve into a Gorilla Pick. Some customers buy it at that point, which is completely fair for our more aggressive-investing customers to do.

Our official advice, though, is to wait until the stock reaches its Confirmation Day. This happens when the stock reaches a certain trading volume, to such an extent that we feel comfortable going ahead with the purchase. Only then do we encourage our investors to make the acquisition.

The thinking behind Gorilla Trades’ Confirmation Day strategy is that it increases your stock’s likelihood of becoming profitable. Not every Gorilla Pick even gets a Confirmation Day. Those that do may not get one until a few months after it’s been picked.

Gorilla Picks that don’t get Confirmation Days, almost without fail, become losers. Once our picks reach the trading volume we’re looking for, those who have waited stand a much better chance of turning a profit from them — potentially, 10% to 15% more than if they had bought it immediately.

Your patience may be tested — but it will also be richly rewarded. That’s the stock market for you.

Does GorillaTrades work?

How do customers realize profits?

When we identify a Gorilla Pick, we assign it a few price targets. Each one corresponds to an executable action.

The first target — which we’ve helpfully coined “the first target” — is a price point at which we advise our customers to sell a portion of their stock. We advise selling somewhere between 50% and 75% of positions in the stock, depending on the market’s current health (50% for weak times, 75% for strong times, and various points in between). It takes a few weeks for a Gorilla Pick to reach its first target.

The second target generally doesn’t happen until a few months after the stock’s picked — if at all. That’s because Gorilla Trades increases the second target every week while the stock continues to gain in value. When a second target gets reached, it’s usually because the stock has jumped (“gapped”) over its target price.

Reaching the second target means that the Gorilla Pick has hit a profitable threshold and most likely will maintain a huge upside for the foreseeable future. That’s why second target hitters stay in the Gorilla Trades portfolio, even if some of our customers decide to sell at that point.

Finally, each Gorilla Pick has a stop-loss level. Online brokerages let users set stop-loss levels to minimize their loss of profits when a stock experiences a deep dip in value.

At Gorilla Trades, the stop-loss level plays a crucial role — in fact, it’s the single most important factor in our profit-making strategy. We raise the stop-loss level as we do our first and second targets. We analyze each of our picks to see if they’re at huge risk of depreciation or just undergoing a temporary correction.

What supporting tools do you use?

Gorilla Trades has a few adjacent stock analysis tools to track the growth and health of our portfolio, including:

  • Risk Ratings – Straightforward determinations of a Gorilla Pick’s volatility, from safe to high-risk
  • Light Volume Pullback – Identification of stocks that have met their first targets and are experiencing non-fatal, likely correctable declines in value
  • Return-to-Risk Ratio – An alert to indicate whether a Gorilla Pick is closer to its second target or its stop-loss level
  • The Banana Barometer – A comprehensive overview of current market conditions in the context of the Gorilla Trades portfolio

Your Gorilla Trades account contains additional tools and features to guide your stock-trading experience with us.

Does GorillaTrades work?

What results have you produced? 

Every Gorilla Trades customer has a different. But on average, our customers experience portfolio value gains of around 10% for each pick — sometimes as much as 15% to 40% — while keeping losses at 7% or lower.

The entire Gorilla Trades portfolio — the results of which we update every day — consistently show the overwhelming majority of our stock picks, making huge gains every session. That’s because our system concentrates on finding the fundamentals that make up potentially explosive stocks and timing our acquisitions for the points when they offer the greatest chance of profitability.

You don’t have to take our word for it, and in fact, you probably shouldn’t. Have a look at the testimonials of our current and long-time customers instead — their stories of success with Gorilla Trades are amazing.

Why does Gorilla Trades work?

Gorilla Trades is successful because we adhere to strict technical analysis. It’s comprised of methods and calculations that we’ve used and refined since the waning days of the 20th century. Our stock picks are based on real numbers, not hopeful hunches or emotions (the #1 killer of stock market success).

We believe stockholders need to know how the market works — but they shouldn’t have to keep a 24-hour eye on their investments to stay afloat. That’s what Gorilla Trades does for our customers. We relieve them from having to keep a watchful eye on every part of their portfolio or making guesswork about the likelihood of success. When it’s time to make a move, we let our customers know immediately.

Gorilla Trades has assessed every element of our stock-picking formula. We’ve designed it to help our clients take advantage of bull markets and stay safe in bear markets. We give you all the information you need to be a cognizant and intelligent stockholder — but we also make it easy to be profitable.

Does GorillaTrades work?

Put a Gorilla in charge of your portfolio

In short — yes, Gorilla Trades works. And we’re happy to bring you aboard. Find out how we can start working on your investments today.