It Ain’t Over Until It’s Over

Last week, we talked about MEME Stocks and how they’re changing Wall Street on a fundamental level.

This isn’t just MY assessment of what these stocks are doing…

There are plenty of people on Wall Street that agree with me in the fact that MEME stocks have changed everything.

All we knew – all the ideas we had behind why a stock reacts and how it reacts to certain situations – goes out the window…

But many people in the business just can’t grasp that.

They think that they can lean on the pillars of the past – things like fundamentals and analytics – and it will help them predict what stocks like GameStop (GME) will do.

They can’t…

And as we take a look at the “original” MEME stock – you’ll see exactly why people are going to have to change their strategies if they’re going to make money in 2021’s markets.

Buckle up…

Contrary to popular belief – even with GameStop’s success coming from artificial means…

It is still a stock – and it operates like every other stock that’s out there – but when it comes to the rallies this stock has seen…

It has absolutely NOTHING to do with fundamentals, analytics or first-quarter earnings reports.


Yet, there are still people out there – Wall Street gurus and analysts alike that are still trying to lean on silly things like fundamentals.

For example, a recent in article in Yahoo Finance said “GameStop shares fall as ‘investors are getting tired of waiting,’ analyst says.”

Tired of what exactly?

The fundamentals for this stock simply aren’t there!

What? Are they waiting for earnings to turn around?

Obviously not, because revenue actually jumped by 25% soaring all the way to $1.28 billion…

That was sure to overshoot their expectations.

Are they waiting for that next level business plan that there have been rumors about? What rumors? Well, there are rumors that the company itself is going to flush it’s upper management and change their model of brick and mortar stores – to becoming a much bigger online presence.

In fact, those rumors may not even be rumors anymore as the company just announced that two former Amazon executives would take over the company’s CEO and CFO roles.

So, if it’s not fundamentals or corporate leadership…

Then what is it EXACTLY are investors tired of waiting for?

Well, according to author of that Yahoo Finance article – investors are tired of waiting for GameStop’s “big plan” – the one where the newly elected chairman of the board, Ryan Cohen, and the two new ex-Amazon execs turn GameStop from a MEME to the next version of Amazon itself.

Here’s what he said in the article, “We don’t know where GameStop is headed, but it’s clear that they intend to remake themselves as an Amazon-lite. And Ryan Cohen promised investors a strategy back in mid-January. It’s been nearly five months, and we haven’t seen that yet. I think the pullback in the stock is investors are getting tired of waiting for him to tell us what the strategy is. I’m getting tired of waiting. And there’s no chance I’m taking my target up unless he shows me the path to massive profit growth. I just don’t see it.”

And this is EXACTLY what I’m talking about!

These people STILL expect GameStop to perform and act like any stock that has reversed its fortunes…

Think about it…

GameStop was on the verge of filing for Chapter 11 or WORSE no more than two years ago – so the fact that the company is showing ANY revenue growth – not to mention the massive 25% growth it has seen – would be impressive all by itself.

But that’s not good enough for GameStop’s retail investors or the analyst community?

What more could they want?

I’ll tell you what they want…

They want massive gains and they want them NOW.

Do you know what this tells me and should tell anybody that is paying attention to this trend in the markets?

That these people haven’t learned ANYTHING.

They forget that the markets are only guaranteed to do one thing and one thing only – and that’s change.

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Just know we’re here for you if you need us.

However, do yourself a favor and keep an open mind when it comes to the markets – things are changing – and if you don’t change with them..

You could find yourself on the outside looking in.

“Progress is impossible without change; and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.” – George Bernard Shaw