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Get the best stocks using GorillaPicks to help manage your stock portfolio

GorillaPicks Stock picking process – buying the best stocks at the best time.

Each night after the market closes, Gorilla Trades uses proprietary scanning software to screen over 6000 stocks to find the best stocks to present as GorillaPicks. Each stock pick is checked against the Gorilla’s market-tested technical formula for explosive growth. Out of the entire batch of 6000, only the 1 or 2 best stocks – and sometimes none, flawlessly pass and can be certified as GorillaPicks.

Technical analysis of stocks to buy

Gorilla Trades doesn’t merely identify these stocks picks for explosive growth. Each GorillaPick also includes specific trading guidelines, calibrated from their technical readout.
These include:

  • Stop Loss Level
  • Trigger Price
  • Confirmation Volume Level
  • 1st Target
  • Second Target
  • Risk Rating

Portfolio management has to be actively managed.

Gorilla Trades features regular updates

A great stock portfolio doesn’t manage itself, it has to be cultivated. Gorilla Trades helps optimize your stock portfolio with regular updates via the Gorilla Email. Stop levels are raised to lock in your gains, and 1st and 2nd targets may be raised when it looks like there’s continued growth ahead for the stock pick.

Stock market updates via the Evening Gorilla Email

The Gorilla Trades Evening Gorilla Email is your lifeline to Gorilla Trades. The Gorilla Email keeps tabs on the stock market – so you don’t have to! Here, you’ll find the updates to the stock portfolio, any new potential GorillaPicks for the next session, the Menu of Ideas, the Gorilla Commentary, and much more!

After several months of reading the Gorilla’s commentaries, I’ve determined that my market philosophy is paralleled to the Gorilla’s. I especially enjoy the commentary the Gorilla provides from the mouths of the traders on the floor of the NYSE. I was once a floor trader myself at the Pacific Exchange.
Steve K.
Montebello, CA

Gorilla Commentary

Many subscribers say that this synopsis of the day’s activities and market trends is worth the subscription price alone! In the opening section, the Gorilla reviews the day’s performance, then explains what the actual traders on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange are thinking. This gives subscribers an idea of the driving forces, comparable situations of the past, and any emerging trends taking place in the market. In closing, the Gorilla takes over, sharing his wisdom with Gorilla Trades subscribers. It may be a word of caution one day, or a word of encouragement the next, but the Gorilla always imparts his knowledge to let subscribers feel comfortable going into the next trading day.

I love your [Gorilla] commentary and laugh out loud reading it. I read and learn from you! Facts and refreshing. The charts don’t lie and neither does the Gorilla. Peace and a big thank you for teaching us all to be better investors, I am learning a lot from you!
-John Cochrane Hamden, CT

Analysis of the day’s action to help you manage your stock portfolio

The Gorilla Commentary is included with each Evening Gorilla Email, and has developed quite the following of its own. In fact, many Gorilla Trades subscribers have commented that this no-holds-barred analysis of the days action is their favorite aspect of Gorilla Trades!

I’ve found that by just following the Gorilla’s simple approach to investing has taught me the discipline and confidence needed to succeed in the stock market. The nightly emails on market trends are extraordinarily simple to understand and really put everything into perspective. Thanks Gorilla for making me a believer in stocks again.
-Jim Carrico Orlando, FL

Stock investing via Gorilla Trades “Menu of Stock Ideas”

Since all GorillaPicks have similar technical superiority, various stages have been identified that can make ideal investment points. The Menu of Stock Ideas gives a visual overview of the stock picks, as they develop through these stages, giving you a quick visual of the current investment opportunities.

Gorilla Trades Menu of Ideas

Gorilla Trades Subscriber Website

It’s all right here in the Subscriber’s only website! Gorilla Email archives, Excel files for the current portfolio, past trade results, educational resources, and much more. Get full access when you become a paid subscriber (or with your 30 Day Free Trial).

Stock research for current GorillaPicks at the Trading Post

This is the mecca for all your trading resources. Here you can research current GorillaPicks, view their charts, company profiles, trading tips, and more. Plus, want to run your own stats? Simply download the Excel files and research away!

I have just discovered what has been there all along on the Gorilla Trades website – that I can download the current portfolio each Friday evening to a Microsoft Office Excel spreadsheet and have more complete GorillaPicks information more easily available. We have not been taking full advantage of the GorillaPicks, with the confirmation data, the targets and stop suggestions… Thanks for providing this great information service to small investors.
Sterling S.
Carmel, IN

Stock market educational resources from the Safari Guide

Here you’ll find all of your educational resources for using the Gorilla Trades system. The Gorilla Trades System Tutorial is the best way to become comfortable with Gorilla Trades, and we’ve chosen to make it available to our guests as well.


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