Gorilla Trades takes the guess work out of how and when to buy and sell stocks. Manage your stock portfolio according to risk, return potential, and market sector using our stock picking system.

Gorilla Trades is the market-tested online stock picking system that provides you with potentially explosive stock picks, company background research, and the specifics on how to trade them. Each trade is intended for short term investing, from a few weeks to a few months, and when stocks begin to move higher, the recommended trading guidelines are revised to help gain the most from their movement.

If Gorilla Trades sounds simple, that’s because it is! And this is just one of the reasons why Gorilla Trades has become one of the fastest growing, and most well-respected stock picking systems in the world!

Trade Stocks Like the Pros

Learning the characteristics of stock-setups that are prime for breaking out is one thing… actually finding them, time and time again, is the mark of a seasoned professional. Discover the efficiency of having the pros on your side! Gorilla Trades uses specialized technical stock scanning, and top analysts with years of market experience, to provide you with the stock picks they feel have the best potential. Maybe this is the reason why more and more of the professionals are turning to Gorilla Trades themselves.

The Risk-Controlled Approach to Trading

You’ll never be advised to place a single trade, without a specific stop-loss level in place. In fact, each Stop Level is calculated based upon a technical scan of the stock pick. The levels provide enough wiggle room for each stock’s natural fluctuation, while cutting off any disruptive movement. Make no mistake, Gorilla Trades isn’t about having winning trades every time. Gorilla Trades is about being optimally positioned in stock picks that appear to be on the edge of breaking out of their trading range, so that when they do, you’re already positioned to capitalize!

The Easiest Way To Learn How To Trade, Yet Fully Adaptable for the Professional Trader

The beauty of Gorilla Trades is that each stock pick has a magnificent technical pedigree – something that is valuable to all investors, regardless of experience. If you are new to managing your own portfolio, you’ll appreciate the fool-proof guidelines that come with each stock pick that tell you exactly where to place your stop loss level, when to buy, and targets at which to consider selling, along with regular updates to these guidelines along the way. Learning the Gorilla Trades system is a snap with the Multimedia Investing Tutorial.

The multiple tutorials have sharpened my investment skills and enhanced my understanding of the market. GorillaTrades, keep up the good work!
-Jon Perlman M.D.
Dr. From ABC’s Extreme Makeover

Plus, with GorillaTrades, you can rest assured that you never again have to worry about finding the right stocks to buy and doing your own tedious and time-consuming in-depth stock research and analysis. Gorilla Trades allows you to keep the fear and emotional attachment out of the stock investing equation, guiding you to make only the wisest investing decisions.

Just because the Gorilla Trades stock picking system makes stock investing simple doesn’t mean it should be disqualified by the pros. In fact, Gorilla Trades’ unique niche of providing stock picks of such a high technical pedigree is something the professional gravitates to. Let’s face it, brokers, fund managers, and other professionals are a quirky breed when left to their own investing strategies – which is why they love Gorilla Trades! Each Gorilla Trades stock pick is perfectly suitable – in fact, even recommended – to be adapted to individual trading styles. In fact, numerous traders have reported successful strategies of using GorillaPicks with options, or creating their own hybrid investing strategies. What are you going to do with all your free time when you no longer having to be bogged down in stock research to find the best investment ideas?

What It Takes to Pick the Best Stocks

The Gorilla Trades investing system is founded on over 25 years of investing experience, yet it’s still being continuously refined to take advantage of emerging stock market trends and the current market environment. After all, it’s not just about finding the right individual stocks, but also the right market sectors, and being in sync with the larger macro trends. Sure, there are people that are doing this on their own – and you wouldn’t believe how appreciative they are once they find Gorilla Trades! Let the pros help you make great decisions in the buying and selling of stocks – so you can have the time to do what you love.

I can successfully trade full time without being tied to a monitor all day long. The membership cost of the service is reasonably priced and is usually paid for by one or two trades. I confidently recommend the Gorilla Trades System to everyone. Thank you for your great service!
– Marvin O. Errickson San Diego, CA

Buying and Selling Stocks and Building your Portfolio

The Gorilla Trades strategy is centered around building a properly diversified stock portfolio. While each stock pick is selected for its own merits, its the performance, and stability, of the entire portfolio that is going to drive returns, year after year, in varying market conditions. Gorilla Trades takes this all-inclusive approach to investing, keeping subscribers properly educated on the current market conditions, and how the current climate could affect their portfolio management decisions along the way. This is the long-term approach that has been building the loyal Gorilla Trades community since 1999. With subscribers of all investing styles and levels of skill, from 55 different countries, Gorilla Trades is a community to grow with. Once you’ve taken the Multimedia Investing Tutorial, get started with Gorilla Trades by trying Gorilla Trades risk-free for 30 days.

It’s a gift, waking up every day knowing there is so much more to be learned. While other boomers are retiring, I have finally found what I want to do! The first thing I do in the morning is log onto the Gorilla…unless my husband has beaten me to it! Thank you for providing a map for the journey.
-Claire & Mike Schmidt Carmel, IN