From the Mind of the Gorilla

Did you look outside today?!

Did you notice anything weird?!

Did anything hit you on the head when you stepped outside to grab your paper?

No? Consider yourself lucky then, because if you logged onto any of the financial news sites recently – you noticed that apparently the proverbial sky is falling on Wall Street!


Because it’s being whispered, loudly I might add, the US Federal Reserve plans to raise rates – as soon as later today!

Wall Street is in an uproar!

The Dow took a hit…

The S&P took a hit…

The NASDAQ took a hit…

And yet, we’re all still standing.

Everybody’s worried about the money that’s going to be lost – they’re thinking short term – which is the wrong way to think.

Us contrarians? We don’t see this as a death knell…

We see it as more of a call to the dinner table! We know that there are going to be all kinds of moneymaking opportunities for those that know where to look.

Everybody’s wondering where to stash their money while we can’t wait grab all the profits that are about to be on the table of one certain sector…


For one thing, when the rates rise – banks start to become profitable, as they can begin charging more for loans…

Another reason?

When rates rise, people start socking money away in savings accounts and CDs – so the banks become FLUSH with enough cash to choke a donkey.

I’ve already started looking into the banking industry – and I have to tell you – there are a LOT of prospects out there for you and I to make money on.

I am not sure which I would recommend to my GorillaTrades subscribers just yet – but as soon as I settle on one or two – I’ll be sure to send it out to my subscribers as soon as possible.

If you want to be there to grab a share of those potential profits – I’d love to have you join us! We’d be more than happy to have you on board with us.

Either way…

The take away from this is the fact that there’s no need to panic.

Rates have risen and dropped since the institution of the Fed – we will continue to survive…

But only a few of us will continue to profit!

Going against the grain is the only way to ensure you don’t fall victim to the mainstream mentality.

If it’s good enough for Warren Buffett…

It’s good enough for us!

In general, I’m not much into etiquette and am a rule-breaker and rebel by nature.” – Chip Conley