Like Shooting Fish In A Barrel

This old adage has been used on Wall Street for years…


Like shooting fish (or ducks) in a barrel” has been used to describe those things that are easy or “sure things” – which makes the fact that it’s become part of the Street’s jargon laughable.




Because there’s no such thing as a sure thing.


At least on Wall Street there’s not – but it’s become one of the most overused clichés in our industry.


You know what’s like shooting fish in a barrel?


Shooting fish in a barrel.


That’s about it.


There are some things that may seem easy – but there are a lot of things that go into that seemingly “easy” time that make it seem like so.


Timing, atmosphere, opportunity, luck – these are just some of the things that can take something that looks promising and turn it into something that looks like a “sure thing.”


Get a couple of these and you begin to look like the genius that cracked the Wall Street code – get a few of these in a row…


And they’ll look at you as the second coming of Warren Buffett.


I’ve had my fair share of these “barrel” moments…


I’ve been fortunate enough to have the opportunity to be a part of something when the timing and atmosphere were right and it allowed me to make a little profit.


And I’d be lying if I didn’t, at some point, say it was like shooting fish in a barrel.


But the truth is, while there are a lot of things that need to be right to make stock picking look easy – there are a lot of things you can do to push the odds in your favor…


And one of the most important things you can do is figure out which barrels to be looking in.


There are a LOT of industries that are represented in the markets, there are even some companies that cross over multiple industries…


But figuring out which one is going to be the most profitable is probably one of the most important things you can do as someone in my position.


I’ve found that working big and working down from there has paid the most dividends for my GorillaTrades subscribers.


In years past, manufacturing was the big dog…


Manufacturing is what built the United States into the world power it has become.


People tend to point fingers toward the politicians and the like for who shaped the U.S. – but the truth is – without people like Rockefeller, Carnegie, Flagler, Morgan and more, the United States of America would be a very different country than the one you know today.


Manufacturing brought us through about the late 1960’s, when things started to change…


The space race was on!


And with it came monumental advancements in science and technology that ushered in a new age to not only our country, but the whole world.


Technology has been one of the most lucrative industries of the past 50 years and it may be what drives our economy for the next 100 to come.


I’ve found so many winners in this sector – that it wouldn’t be crazy to change the name of GorillaTrades to GorillaTech or something along those lines – because tech stocks have made my subscibers a LOT of money over the years.


This is something I always keep in mind when I’m looking for my next GTpick…


If I start anywhere, it’s generally in technology.


I’ll work my way down from there, but it’s probably my go to industry if I’m looking to make money.


In fact, I’m looking at a few technology prospects for my next pick…


One of them is closer than the others and may end up hitting all of my GTmatrix’s technical requirements I need it to before the end of the week. If this happens, my subscribers will be getting an email that could be worth $$$.


And isn’t that why you’re here?


You like to make money, right? I know I do – and I’d love to help you make the kind of money my GorillaTrades system has proven to make time and time again.


I’m hoping you’ll consider coming on board before the next email goes out…


If not, I totally understand and wish you well with your trading endeavors.


But do yourself a favor…


When you pick your next stock, start with a grander view. Take a look at the industries that are hot – and see if you can’t find a winner somewhere within.


I bet you’ll be pleasantly surprised at what you find!


I have ways of making money that you know nothing of.” – John D. Rockefeller