While our secure subscriber’s site does a great job protecting your personal account information (not to mention the GorillaPicks), some Subscribers may need to make a couple of adjustments to their computers before they’ll be able to log in.

1) Make sure you have entered the proper Username and Password

These are both case sensitive. If you’d like a double check, go here to enter the email address you submitted with your account and your info will be sent to you.

2) Ensure that your internet browser is set to accept cookies

If your browser is not accepting cookies, you can’t login. [Instructions on enabling cookies]. Afterwards, restart your browser and try again.

3) Delete Cookies

Sometimes deleting your internet browser’s cookies helps. [Instructions on clearing cookies]. Afterwards, restart your browser and try again.

4) Strict Internet Security Software Settings:

If you are using Norton Internet Security Software, ZoneAlarm, BlackIce Defender, or corporate firewall software, these must be set to accept cookies. Also, ensure the software is configured to allow you to log into GorillaTrades.com. Please refer to the software’s help topics for configuration help.

5) Date & Time

Make sure that your computer’s time and date are set correctly, this can cause problems, especially if it is a day off.

6) Add our site to your Trusted Sites within your browser.

Internet Explorer instructions
Firefox instructions
Chrome Instructions
Safari instructions

7) More help required?

If you continue to have problems, please contact us with the following information:

a) The username and password you are trying to login with.
b) Your browser and operating system. [Click here to get your browser information]
c) Are cookies enabled in your browser? [php]
$kaker = explode(“;”, $_SERVER[‘HTTP_COOKIE’]);
foreach($kaker as $val){
$k=explode(“=”, $val);
$cookiename=trim($k[0]); $cookieval=$k[1];
if ($cookiename!=”” and $cookieval!=””) { $found=1; }
if ($found==1) { echo “[Your cookies are enabled.]”; }
else { echo “[Your cookies are NOT enabled.]”; }
d) Your IP is [[php] echo $_SERVER[REMOTE_ADDR]; [/php]]