Photo Gallery

View our Gorilla Photo Gallery to see The Gorilla Trades gorilla himself walking the streets of New York City and visiting famous sites!

Gorilla Photo Gallery 1
The Gorilla makes friends with Wall Street’s Bull

Gorilla Trades in Tour line at NYSE
The Gorilla controls the tour line at the NYSE

Gorilla Trades takes tour of New York Stock Exchange
The Gorilla gets his ticket for the NYSE tour

Gorilla Trades Fans in New York
The Gorilla poses for pictures with some fans

Gorilla Trades Gorilla waving goodbye
The Gorilla waves goodbye to all the good folks at the NYSE

The Gorilla on the set of NBC's today show
The Gorilla on the set of NBC’s Today

Gorilla Trades with a Subscriber Gorilla Photo Gallery
The Gorilla hanging out with another successful stock pick subscriber.

Gorilla Photo Gallery 7
Fishing Trip not included with your subscription fee!

Gorilla Trades protege with photos
The protege soon catches on.

Maid uses Gorilla Trades
Maid collects a copy of the Gorilla’s evening email.

Maid buys a new car with Gorilla Trades earnings
And heads home to set up the next day’s investments.