It Ain’t Over Until It’s Over
I know, I’m terrible at them…
But sometimes they’re so good I can’t help myself, and really just don’t have the ability to fight the urge to use them.
However, while puns can be terrible – this one is GREAT – as it could lead to a profit opportunity unlike anything else on Wall Street.
In the wake of the recent mini gas crisis due to the Russian hack job on Capitol Pipeline’s computer systems – renewables are the issue de jour in almost every social circle…
And for good reason – with a fuel shortage of ANY length – people begin to wonder whether or not that move to an electric vehicle would be more prudent now than later.
But while that is understandable – before you run right out and buy a Tesla – realize that there are OTHER and maybe BETTER options just on the horizon…
And they’re options that could have Elon Musk shaking in his boots.
Now, renewables can be a “touchy” subject – as there seem to be TWO different camps when it comes to the future of energy.
It’s either “we need to be pushing for renewables NOW”, or…
“We need to wait until the technology dictates the move.”
Arguments can be made for either camp – but the truth is – renewables are the future, no matter which way you look at it, the question is not a matter of “if”…
But a matter of when.
That said, renewables are catching on, especially in the electric vehicle industry – pushed to prominence by the aforementioned Elon Musk and his wildly successful Tesla Inc. (TSLA)…
In fact, this company has been the darling of Wall Street for a little over a decade now – but it wasn’t till 2013 when things really started to take off for Musk and company.
Tesla is the undisputed leader when it comes to electric cars – and there really isn’t anybody even close…
With Tesla’s being at the front of the technological evolution and revolution – when it comes to automobiles.
However, Tesla’s time at the top may be limited, as there’s another technology out there that could make everything Tesla has done look like it came out of the 1950’s.
What do you know about hydrogen fuel cells?
If you’re anything like me, probably next to nothing, but these new engines could be the future of renewable energy vehicles – as they have most of the pros – and very few of the cons as Elon’s Tesla.
What’s different?
Well, the biggest drawbacks to Teslas are the fact that they have a pretty limited range (around 300 miles) and the HOURS these cars may take to charge back up…
It’s not the type of car you’re going to take on a cross country road trip with the family, you know what I mean?
But what if there was another renewable that functioned as cleanly as EV but you could fuel up whenever you needed to – just not with gas?
Sounds great right?
That’s where hydrogen fuel cells come in…
They work just like EV batteries, except instead of plugging them in and waiting around for hours, you can refuel them at the pump just like any old gas-driven vehicle – but instead of gas – you refill them with hydrogen.
And it’s not just EVs…
Every single piece of equipment, electronics or machinery that requires electricity or fuel – like lawn mowers, ATVs, and even chain saws – can all be made with hydrogen fuel cells.
Which is why Plug Power Inc. (PLUG) is one of the most PROMISING renewable energy stocks on the market today…
It is the Tesla of its market – and it has HALF the success that Tesla (and all signs point to the fact that it could be even MORE successful than TSLA) – then investors in PLUG could EASILY walk away with a hefty profit.
Because the company not only makes the hydrogen fuel cells and hydrogen fuel cell accessories…
It also provides parts and maintenance for fuel cell vehicles and sells service contracts for mobile and stationary fuel cell power plants – like a one stop shop for a clean, renewable energy!
Not only that – but Plug Power also generates, delivers and stores hydrogen fuel – so it gets to the center of the hydrogen fuel cell universe!
If that’s not enough to convince you, maybe the fact that it has some of the BIGGEST names on Wall Street as customers, with companies such as Boeing (BA), NASA, BMW, Home Depot (HD), Whole Foods, Amazon (AMZN), AT&T (T) and CSX (CSX).
If that’s still not enough, how about the fact that Plug Power saw revenue grow 85%, to $169 million in the first HALF of 2021?!
Does that do anything for you?
It does me! And it’s why I resorted to the pun of “PLUG in” – as you may want to grab some shares now before it’s too late!
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It’s that easy…
Or you can continue to do the heavy lifting for yourself – if so – we understand, just do yourself a favor and look at PLUG today.
You’ll be kicking yourself if you don’t! 

“Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.” – Steve Jobs