It Ain’t Over Until It’s Over



Let’s talk about something that seems to be an uncomfortable subject among many investors – but is steadily becoming one of the most promising markets to come around in decades…




Now, I understand we’ve talked about “pot stocks” before – however, we’ve only really touched on how big the profits could get from these stocks more than anything else – so I thought it was time to really explore one of the biggest potential revenue streams for this taboo herb.


Of course, when we think of marijuana – the classic “stoner” image of tie-dye shirts, Birkenstocks, and long hair may come to mind, but the truth is, the recreational aspects of the pot industry is just a drop in the bucket.


While there are OTHER applications for marijuana out there, there’s one, very bigger segment of the population that could be affected by the ascension of the marijuana industry…


And it’s going to make Big Pharma VERY unhappy.


One of the biggest health epidemics facing our world today comes from the world of addiction – and I’m not talking about the classic illicit drugs and alcohol variety – I’m talking the world of addiction that’s tied to the very legal world of pharmaceutical opiates.


The very real statistic is – prescription opiates are killing almost 200 Americans every day. That is a fact…


And unlike cocaine, heroin, amphetamines, and yes, marijuana – prescription pills that contain fentanyl and other synthetic opiates are not considered illegal.


They have the blessing of the FDA and DEA behind them – so it makes fighting the unlawful use of these medications a slippery slope…


But things are about to change.


With more and more states changing their laws and outlooks on marijuana – it’s giving doctors different options when it comes to pain management – and opening the door for marijuana and its cannabinoid derivatives to be used as new treatments going forward.


The good news is…


We already know that this is a viable solution – and Israel has shown us the way.


Marijuana has long been lauded as an alternative treatment for pain – however, its legal status has been the single biggest reason it hasn’t become more popular in the medical world.


However, it’s already on it’s way to gaining mainstream approval in Israel – which could bode very well for the American marijuana market going forward.


Perry Davidson is the founder and CEO of a new company that has developed what could be the world’s first marijuana inhaler that, get this…


Allows doctors to remotely control the dosage of marijuana.


Davidson got his start years ago, providing medicinal marijuana to many people trying to manage their pain – either from debilitating injuries, cancer or other ailments.


The biggest difference he saw was the fact that these patients didn’t get addicted to marijuana like they do to opioid pain killers.


This is a game changer.


And Davidson is smart…


He’s had his eyes set on America for long time, and with President Trump’s administration calling the opioid epidemic a “public emergency” – now might be the time.


Even more, Davidson isn’t the only Israeli entrepreneur with the same goal of overtaking the American market.


In addition to Davidson’s Syqe, Israel is home to firms like vapour capture brand CannRX, genomics platform Steep Hill, and MedAware, software aiming to reduce incorrect and over-prescription of opioids.


And if they have their way – marijuana could take a HUGE bite out of the prescription drug market.


How do you think Big Pharma will respond? Will they try to fight marijuana tooth and nail to keep their profits?


Or… will they get on this train now and start working with this technology as soon as possible?


Only time will tell…


One thing’s for certain – that if marijuana keeps going in the direction it seems to be headed – those that get in now could be setting themselves up for huge profits in the future.


Will we see any of these up-and-comers make their way into the GorillaTrades portfolio? Possibly…


The GorillaTrades trading matrix really only cares about data – and that being the case – it may not be long till we start recommending some of these companies to you in our emails.


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However, I totally understand if you want to do your own research – sometimes people just like to make their own way.


However, if you’re tired of doing all the work – we’ll be here!


Until then…


Keep your eyes on the prize.


New products, new markets, new investors, and new ways of doing things are the lifeblood of growth. And while each innovation carries potential risk, businesses that don’t innovate will eventually diminish.” – Adena Friedman