It Ain’t Over Until It’s Over


Lately, it seems like we can’t turn on the TV or the computer without seeing a headline involving our president.


Immediately, whenever I check the news, I see his name and the first thought that comes to mind is, “Well, what has The Donald done now?


Over the past few months, it’s been mostly about his plans to impose tariffs and how the impending trade war it could potentially trigger is going to destroy our economy.


Well, if that’s the case, it looks like somebody forgot to inform stock buyers…


Because if the numbers are accurate, either nobody told them, or they simply don’t care!


Which begs the question: Are we headed towards an impending doom or are we about to hit a time of prosperity unlike any we’ve ever seen before?


Well, you’ll be surprised at what Wall Street economists really think.


Now, its no surprise that the President has taken a step away from the former administration’s globalist agenda…


His “Make America Great Again” slogan showed that he was putting our nation first – the rest of the world could go kick rocks.


Is that politically correct? No… it’s not.


Is it an enlightened way of thinking? Not particularly… no.


But the fact of the matter is – we’re in the business of making money.


So, taking our emotions and code of ethics out of the equation – is a trade war with the rest of the world a good thing or a bad thing for the U.S. economy?


Well, I guess that depends on whom you ask…

And when you ask them.


What does that mean? Well, for the short term, at least throughout the rest of the year – Trump’s Trade War doesn’t look like it’ll have much of an effect on either the global or domestic economy.


In fact, many of the economists on Wall Street have barely adjusted their global growth forecasts for 2018…




Simple, they don’t believe that there will be much, if any, blowback that causes the current economic growth to slow down.

Take one of the more widely discussed items up on the chopping block – steel.


If you were to poll the American steel worker about Trump’s steel tariffs, they would likely tout his accomplishments like he’s the second coming of JFK or Ronnie Reagan…


But slapping a 25% tax on steel is pretty stiff. That being said, even taking that into consideration – consumer prices are set to rise by over 3 basis points!


That’s big.


However, like I said, it depends on WHEN you ask them – because while they don’t seem to be too worried now, the one thing most economists ARE worried about is this: if this is just the beginning – this lack of trade and exchanging of money will begin to add up.


If Trump does what he says he’s going to do – we’ll be looking at tariffs on $475 billion worth of goods.


$475 billion may not seem like a lot in today’s numbers – but it would definitely have an effect on the economy at a cost of about 15% in core inflation.


While that’s not a huge number – it definitely isn’t good and could have a butterfly effect on our roaring economy.


Could it bring it to a standstill? Nobody knows yet – but the prospect of it is terrifying CEOs all over the market.


It’s times like these that I’m glad that I developed the GorillaTrades system…


Trade war? No trade war? It doesn’t make a difference.


All the GorillaTrades trading system cares about is data. That’s it. Not about geopolitical moves – it comes down to numbers. Plain and simple.


It’s why we’ve been able to help our subscribers make money no matter what is going on in the markets – domestic or global.


However, don’t take that as us not caring about where America, and the world, are headed – we care…


We’d just rather not speculate about the future and concentrate on the here and now.


It’s worked out well for us and those who’ve gotten the chance to profit from our recommendations – so we know we’ve got something good going.


I’d love to show you how it works – which is why I urge you to consider becoming a subscriber soon. By getting in now, you could be among the first to receive our next big pick – and you can see for yourself just how GorillaTradescan help you make money.


But if you don’t – no worries – we’re just glad you like hearing what we have to say.


Hopefully, this put your mind at ease a little and you can relax for the second half of the year…


We should be just fine.


Avoiding danger is no safer in the long run than outright exposure. The fearful are caught as often as the bold.” – Helen Keller