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Which Stocks Are Ripe To Buy Now?

There are going to be plenty of new actionable investment ideas presented throughout your subscription. In fact, new GorillaPicks are introduced most nights in the evening newsletter. However, for one reason or another, there may not be a new GorillaPick introduced every single evening. Although it does not happen all that often, it could be due to poor overall market conditions or simply a lack of actionable investment ideas. In any event, if there is not a GorillaPick presented on a particular night, be patient. After all, you would not want the Gorilla to present an idea just for the sake of doing so; would you?

As explained above, there will be plenty of new potential GorillaPicks introduced throughout your subscription for you to capitalize on. However, you will notice that the Current GorillaTrades Portfolio does contain a healthy amount of existing positions to choose from as well. Many new subscribers question just how to enter into these positions, as if they are no longer actionable recommendations because they already exist in the GorillaTrades portfolio. However, this is not the case. So whether there is an existing GorillaPick that has already hit its first target, or there is a GorillaPick that gaps up a couple of percentage points before confirming (for less aggressive investors); you can still take action with these picks.

So even though a GorillaPick may have already achieved its first target or gapped up before confirming, there are still opportunities to begin a new position or add to an existing position by waiting for a pullback or simply using the DCA UP (dollar cost averaging UP) approach. The Gorilla advises subscribers who are looking to begin a new position with an existing GorillaPick to either wait for a pullback or purchase a smaller position (maybe 25%-50% of your typical position size) and DCA UP as the stock continues to display strength and climb upward.

Please note: you can also use the interactive spreadsheet (Current GorillaTrades Portfolio) to adjust the stop loss, to achieve an ideal Return-to-Risk Ratio (RTR) and guide potential entry and exit points of interest.

In any case, please watch the System Tutorial to better understand the GorillaTrades system and how to use it your advantage, for example: risk rating, buying on trigger price (aggressive investors) or buying after a stock has confirmed (less aggressive investors), return-to-risk ratio, etc. Once you have done so, please look to the following sources to find the Gorillas recommendations:

New Potential GorillaPicks

This tab will direct you to the Trading Post area of the site, where you will find the Gorilla’s latest recommended GorillaPick. You can also view the Latest Gorilla Email for this information as well.

*You are going to want to pay special attention to the New Potential GorillaPicks, as this will give you the opportunity to capitalize on any New GorillaPicks that are recommended during your subscription.

Previous 5 Sessions’ GorillaPicks

This tab will direct you to the Trading Post area of the site, where you will find the GorillaPicks that were recommended over the five previous trading sessions.

Current GorillaTrades Portfolio

This tab will direct you the Trading post area of the site, where you can view the Current GorillaTrades Portfolio. In doing so, you can view existing GorillaPicks to identify any opportunities to enter into a new position or add to an existing position. Please note: you may also use the Portfolio Search Feature (also located in the Trading Post area of the site), to search for existing GorillaPicks that meet your individual criteria.

Menu Of Ideas

This tab will provide you with a full breakdown of the Gorilla’s menu of ideas.

Option Idea Of The Week

This tab will direct you to the Trading Post area of the site, where you will find the Gorilla’s latest recommended Option Idea of The Week.

Express Options Picks

This tab will direct you to the Trading Post area of the site, where you will find the Gorilla’s Express Options Picks Strategy. This is a very simple strategy that subscribers are able to execute at their own discretion.


The rules of the jungle:

  1. Invest no more than 5-10% of your capital in any one GorillaPick.
  2. Allow 3-4 months to build a portfolio of about 10-20 strong GorillaPicks.
  3. Always carry an exit strategy with each trade.
  4. Diversify your capital with first target profits.
  5. Each trade entry is designed to have a 2-3 times greater potential profit (12-24%) than potential loss (6-8%).
  6. Waiting for a stock to experience a Confirmation Day will drastically reduce trade risk and preserve capital.
  7. Pursuing second targets will create a strong portfolio of winning stocks with only 25% of your original capital.
  8. Never chase a new GorillaPick that gaps up more than 5% at the open.
  9. Remember that stocks do not rise forever. Pay the price that coincides with your exit strategy.
  10. Do not over commit capital too soon. Dollar cost averaging “up” creates the most stable cost basis.

*If a GorillaPick does not trigger within five market days of being recommended, it should no longer be considered for purchase and will be removed from the Gorilla’s Menu of Ideas. However, if a GorillaPick triggers, there is no required time frame in which it must confirm. The Gorilla tracks the performance of ALL GorillaPicks that have at least triggered.