Is The Risk Worth The Reward?

Are you ready to make a million dollars? How about a billion? Or better yet…




If you were to read any of the Bitcoin ads on your favorite financial news site – this is what you’d be lead to believe is possible in the world of cryptocurrencies.


Now, is there a lot of money to be made in trading these things? Yes, there’s no denying that fact – people are making incredible amounts of money in crypto – and with a little bit of research and due diligence, you could to.


However, it’s not easy nor is it for everybody, and there’s a new crop of investments out there that are banking on the fact that THOSE people don’t want to do the work to learn how to trade cryptos…


And they’re killing it.


But that statement comes with a stern warning…


Be careful. Because not every company in this market is created equally.


In fact, some of these companies barely have the proverbial pot to relieve themselves in.


There’s no denying that cryptos are hot…


EXTREMELY hot, and just like with any hot new thing or fad, everybody with a little jingle is trying to get in on the action – they’d be crazy not to.


So we’re seeing a mad dash into cryptos that is reminiscent of the dotcom era.


And, I believe people SHOULD be weighing their options when it comes to investing – and I fully see cryptos becoming another avenue for people to make money in with not only regularity – but eventually, with some security.


We’re not there yet though…


Right now, it’s the Wild West – almost anything goes! And laxed environments often invite some of the less savory element types to set up shop.


These are the kind of people that would sell they’re own grandmother’s house from underneath her in order to make a quick buck – so you know that they’d have no problem sticking it to some regular Joe that they’ll never have to meet.


Which is why you have to be careful when looking for stock opportunities in the cryptocurrency market.


There have been more than a few stocks that have done little more than change their name or declare a new “crypto-focused” business plan and have watched as their stocks have gone through the roof.


But what is this movement based off?




Sure there are promises and plans – but some of these companies have nothing under the hood besides that.


No assets…


No goods…


Just empty promises to buy said goods or assets.


And these companies are actually grabbing headlines on some of the BIGGEST financial news sites out there!


It’s scary to think that some little old man could read the story about one of these companies and think it’s a good investment.


Some people don’t have the knowledge or the means to sift through the dirt that’s out there to find out if it’s worth mining or just walking away and finding something a little more solid.


Because the truth is – there are a LOT of ways to get into the crypto market without buying a single coin…


The, key, however, is making sure you’ve got yourself a real company as opposed to something that’s just an idea on paper.


There are PLENTY of stocks out there that are becoming big players in the industry – yet they’re names you’ve heard of – and even more, have assets, good or services to back them up!


If you’re looking to get into cryptos – you can start looking at some of the companies that have been creating technology for years and have found a way to take advantage of the current Bitcoin craze.


Companies like Nvidia Corporation (NVDA), Inc. (OSTK) and even Microsoft (MSFT) – are all putting a lot into the crypto space – and yet are solid plays even IF the crypto-bubble bursts.


If you were looking for a way to invest straight into cryptos from the safety of the major exchanges – you might want to take a look at Bitcoin Investment Trust (GBTC) – which is the first and longest running publically traded Bitcoin fund on the market.


The funny thing is, even with this information, there are still going to be people that roll the dice on some of these smaller unknowns that pop up over night.


They’d rather risk their safety for the big bump…


And while I admire that, our philosophy here at GorillaTrades, is to find more winners than losers – and if they can’t meet the GorillaTrades matrix – then they’re not worth our time.


I’d rather give my subscribers solid opportunities where the profits may be a tad smaller – but the risk is almost nil.


Regardless, cryptos are here to stay…


Now, it’s up to us to learn how to make them work for us. Do yourself a favor and start your own education on this surging trend.


It could be something that pays off HUGE in the future.


Illusion is needed to disguise the emptiness within.” – Arthur Erickson