Saddle Up, Cowboy – It’s Time To Ride

Holy. Cow.


Or should I say “bull?”


A year ago, if you had told me that the stock market was going to go on an unprecedented run of record high after record high – I’d have probably told you that you might want to lower your expectations.


While I did expect this bull market to last a LONG time…


I had no idea that it would go on this long. Like most of the other experts out there, I had expected a market correction at some point.


But man, were we wrong…


And to tell you the truth, I’m GLAD I was wrong! Have you seen how much money has been made through the market since November of last year?!


The number is astronomical – $6 trillion!


It hasbeen incredible…


But the big question now is: will it continue?


That’s what all of Wall Street is wondering…


Can this bull market continue?

Short answer? Yes. While many are expecting a price correction to happen – there are countless reasons why this bull market should continue all the way through 2018.


That’s another FULL year of profits – another full year of money in our pocket…


And it all comes down to three, I’m sorry – make that FOUR, very important things.


There are three main driving factors behind this bull market and it’s the same three factors that started the rally to begin with.


The first thing? Improved expectations…


Now, say what you want about our current president, but big business LOVES the fact that there’s a businessman in charge of the country right now…


Regardless of the decisions he makes or executive orders he signs.


Businesses attitudes have improved – and say what you will about something as unquantifiable as “state of mind” – the fact remains, that when you think positive thoughts, often times, they’re followed by positive outcomes.


And when businesses are happy – consumers are happy. Which means business and consumer confidence is soaring… at the same time! That’s something that rarely happens – and when it does – it usually doesn’t last as long as it has.


That same confidence leads us to the second factor behind this bull market – growth.


So many industries have expanded in 2017 – there are almost too many to list!


While construction and IT are both growing at breakneck speeds – the big performers are down right eye-popping…


Finance, business services, and healthcare are all on pace for either record or at least increased growth – and for investors like us – there are a LOT of ways to make incredible gains.


And that brings us to our third factor…




With industry growth comes profits – and there are a lot more cash-flush companies out there than their used to be.


People are buying – everything. Products, services, goods – people are buying and it’s putting cash in coffers that were once on their way to looking completely empty.


These are the three main factors behind our market’s bullish nature – but they’re all connected.


Without improved expectations, there would be no sales, which would mean there would be no earnings and hence, no growth.


As long as attitudes are positive – we should be in the black for the foreseeable future.


However, there is ONE more factor that could not only keep this bull run humming – but also kick it into high gear.


What is it?


Simple – tax reform.


If Congress is able to pass tax reform, 2018 could be even BETTER than 2017.


According to a Goldman Sachs forecast, with the correct tax reform plan, the S&P could “close next year at 2,850” – that’s more than 10% higher than its current level.


And coming from Goldman, that’s big news. Why? Because the firm has traditionally been more reserved with their forecasts. So the fact that they’re calling for a 10% jump has many people buzzing as to what could REALLY happen.


If 10% is the “low end estimate” – who knows what the high side could be!


That’s why I’m pumped for the New Year…


The holiday season is generally a slow time for the markets – nothing big really happens – so we tend to hit a lull of sorts.


Now, that doesn’t mean we’re not going to get a chance to make some good money. There are still plenty of profit opportunities out there and when they arise, I’ll be sure to tell my GorillaTrades subscribers the moment one of my prospects meets all of my system’s strict technical requirements.


So just because things tend to quiet down during this time of year – doesn’t mean we can hibernate till the New Year.




Once January 2nd hits, be ready…


Things could get very interesting, very quickly!


Negative attitude is nine times more powerful than positive attitude.” – Bikram Choudhury