It Ain’t Over Until It’s Over

It’s almost scary thinking about how fast that technology has advanced over the past 50 years.

The smartphone that you may or may not be reading this on is 1000 times more advanced than the technology on any of the Apollo spacecraft.

It seems like in the blink of an eye – we’ve gone from VCRs being the height of home technology – now we can stream movies over fiberoptic cables from all over the world and even wirelessly right down into that same smartphone you hold in your hand right now.

However, as impressive as this technology leap has been…

It pales in comparison to what’s happening in the medical field.

Procedures and therapies have advanced at an almost exponential rate – and while this has been great for the sick and injured – it’s been almost as good for investors.

The biotech industry has created a LOT of wealth over the past few decades – countless billionaires and even more millionaires…

But what’s on the horizon could be even better – and could create a new generation of wealth for those that take advantage of what can only be considered as “science fiction” medicine that’s right out of a comic book.

Will you be one of them?

Now, I was never a big “sci fi” guy…

I mean, sure, I like Star Wars and the stories of Ray Bradbury – but when it came to aliens, robots and space as a whole – it just wasn’t my thing.

That said, I would never deny the influence that shows like Star Trek had on people of my generation going forward – as there are things that existed on that show that now exist today.

As many times as we’ve heard the words, “Dammit, Jim, I’m a doctor… not a mechanic” – you’d have thought that we’d understand just how important and how nuanced medicine is…

But it honestly tends to be something we rarely think about until we need it.

Well, in 2021 – it’s time to look at medicine in a whole new light – as they are on the cusp of changing EVERYTHING.

Have you heard of Intellia Therapeutics (NTLA)?

Probably not, but they’re a genome editing company that focuses on the development of therapeutics for a multitude of different illnesses and diseases…

Well, recently its stock EXPLODED more than 50% after early trial data proved that the company’s genome-editing treatment worked INSIDE the human body – which is something that has never been done before outside one of those sci-fi stories.

Even though the process is called “genomics” it’s more akin to being called “precision medicine” and  Intellia is the FIRST company to prove that you can edit and correct the very building blocks of human beings in a meaningful way.

Some people call this a miracle…

Others call it the beginning of a horror movie – either way, it’s still an amazing advancement in medicine that the world should know about.

The company’s gene-editing treatment was tested on a group of patients suffering from an inherited liver disorder called transthyretin amyloidosis – a genetic disease that causes certain proteins to build up in the nerves and the heart – and it’s an illness that often leads to death.

Traditionally, the disease has been treated with the equivalent of chemotherapy – in which we all know tends to come with some terrible and debilitating side effects…

However, in Intellia’s gene-editing trial, the company’s treatment performed as well or better than a drug cocktail — with no side effects or problems.

John Leonard, CEO of Intellia said, “The average effect is already beyond what you see with other treatment modalities. We have one patient with over 96% reduction from baseline. That doesn’t happen with the other drugs.”

Meaning that the cocktail of Intellia’s genomic therapeutics are designed SPECIFICALLY for the patient on a genetic level – which makes the efficacy go through the roof – while keeping the side effects of something that non-designed chemotherapy at bay.

That is what I mean by calling it “precision medicine”…

It pinpoints the therapeutics so accurately – that it’s like a laser shot to the illness.

This is biotechnology at its best, and it’s going to revolutionize medicine and medical care going forward.

Welcome to the future…

Now, here’s what’s important to investors – this company could change EVERYTHING – and when it comes to industry changing companies like Intellia, know that these things only come around once or twice in a lifetime.

It’s worth a good hard look for any investor looking to put a winner in their portfolio.

I’ve been waiting to see if it hits the GorillaTrades matrix parameters before pulling the trigger myself…

But that’s MY style of trading: in and out as fast as possible with as large of a profit as possible.

I can’t really explain in an email how it works – but I can show you when you subscribe.

However, I get that recommendation services aren’t for everybody – even if it comes from one of the biggest and best on the entire internet – but I understand if you want to go it alone.

Regardless, do yourself a favor give Intellia a once over…

It could be the perfect fit for you and your financial plan!

“For me science fiction is a way of thinking, a way of logic that bypasses a lot of nonsense. It allows people to look directly at important subjects.” – Gene Roddenberry