Slick Moves

Did you hear the news?


Russia has done the unthinkable – and the ramifications may be so over-reaching that it may just change the outlook of the world economy.


In fact…


What they just did might start a war unlike any we’ve ever seen.


Now, before you get all bunched up about the possibility of an armed conflict with Russia– let me ease your fears – this has nothing to do with global warfare.


It has everything to do with money.


There’s a story that nobody seems to be talking about that is HUGE in my eyes…


And that’s the fact that Russia has passed Saudi Arabia as the lead crude provider to China.


The fact that this has seemed to pass under the radar of the rest of the world is beyond me – but it could have a tremendous effect on the rest of the world.


For years now, China and Russia have been trying to uncouple the world economy to the U.S. dollar – years – and if Russia continues to be China’s best friend in business, they could very well be on their way to doing exactly that.


That doesn’t mean they’ve won anything yet – but if things keep moving in their current direction – they could.


Now as a businessman, stock analyst, and an American – this makes me a little nervous. Can you imagine what a ruble or yen based world economy would look like? I don’t have a clear picture – but I can tell you that any other country holding sway over the rest of the world could be very scary.


But again, we’re not there yet.


It was just a few years ago that the US overtook the rest of the world as the number one producer of oil; not supplier, but producer.


This was all thanks to the rise of fracking technology.


Fracking opened the world up to the possibility of “hidden oil.”


But it came at a price…


The land was utterly destroyed by the process. Destroyed. In fact, some towns like Flint, Michigan may feel the after-effects of the fracking boom for year to come.


Flammable drinking water is not something many of us would want to deal with…


Which is one of the reasons we’ve seen such a big push toward renewable energies.


Wind, solar, hydro – all of these are the way of the future – whether we like it or not.


I, for one, love the idea of renewables – both for their lack of pollution and for the profit opportunities they present.


There are so many up and coming renewable energy companies making waves – it’s almost hard to keep up. There are so many new stocks going public in this sector that one could base their entire portfolio on just renewables…


But I wouldn’t recommend doing that.


No – I’m a big believer in diversifying – but that’s a story for another day…


I’ve actually got a few of these companies on my radar right now – companies that I think could help put a lot of money in our pockets as the world moves in this direction.


The best part?


The U.S. is primed for renewables. Our geographical layout is almost tailor-made for this kind of energy – and could help the U.S. stay in control of the world economy.


Imagine if our oil was needed just for our cars and not to help fuel our power plants?


It could keep us in the driver’s seat for years to come.


I’d love to have you with GorillaTrades when I recommend one of these veritable cash registers to subscribers – but I understand if you’d rather just stay on your own.


I was a lone wolf (or gorilla) for years – and it helped make me into the success I am today.


Either way – it wouldn’t be a bad idea to check out some companies in this sector  – it may help you profit now and in the future!


The power for creating a better future is contained in the present moment: You create a good future by creating a good present.” – Eckhart Tolle