Steve Jobs and The Gorilla


Have you ever heard something said that was so profound, so amazing – that you decided to base your entire life off it?


When I was a younger man – I heard one of these little nuggets of wisdom – and have sort of made it one of my life’s mottos…


Far be it from me to tell people what to do, but you could do worse than to live by this little adage.




Be content, but never satisfied.


A contradiction? No… not really. Anything that can keep pushing you to make new strides is ok in my book…
Which is why when I see this same mentality in a stock or company – it makes me stand up and take notice.


One such company that seems to continually be looking for new ways to advance their products or create new revenue streams, also happens to be one of the Gorilla’s all-time favorite stocks…


Apple (AAPL).


I know…


I’ve talked about Apple before – but this company (and stock) has proven time and again why they are one of the most solid moves you could make in the market.


Now, we all know how they’ve transformed personal electronics – their invention of the iPod changed everything…


The iPod let the world know it was possible to carry unbelievable amounts of data on our person – it also paved the way for arguably one of history’s most influential inventions outside of the car, the television and the internet.


The iPhone.


The iPhone changed everything. Sure, it may not have been the first smartphone – but it ushered in a new age of electronics, now it seems almost abnormal for somebody to not own one of these devices.


But we’re not here to talk about Apple’s past – we’re here to discuss their future and how they’re striving to make sure the company will be around for many, many years to come.


What is the most valuable part of Apple’s products?


Is it the materials used? The microprocessors? Or the lithium batteries?




The most valuable part of Apple products has almost nothing to do with the hardware and almost EVERYTHING to do with its software.


No matter how successful the next iPhone or Mac release is – they’re nothing without the apps and programs that drive them.


Something that Apple has recognized…


This is why they’ve put so much effort into app and service development over the past few years.


Its AppleCare warranties, AppleMusic, and other apps are bringing in lots of cash – with only AppleMusic really being the only service where they see cash going out as well.


Meaning that most money from apps and warranties cost them next to nothing.


Macquarie Capital analyst, Ben Schachter let’s us know just how much money this could mean to Apple’s bottom line. He says, “The oft underestimated and misunderstood Services segment has the potential to drive ~100 bps [=1%] of overall gross margin expansion per year for Apple. However, if one believes that iPhone units can grow with iPhone 8 and then be roughly stable going forward, we believe Services and Apps will become the growth engine for Apple.


This is why Apple continues to make their stock such an attractive buy – they’re continually looking for new ways to make money…


And as a shareholder – this is what’s important – as well as why we here atGorillaTrades are such big fans of this stock.


We’d love to have you as a subscriber so you can experience the profit potential of a GorillaTrades stock pick – but I understand if it’s not your thing.


Either way, take a look at what Apple’s doing. See how they’re making things happen to ensure their future…After all, Apple is scheduled to release its latest earnings results in just about an hour; after the market closes today!


Maybe consider adopting their (and my) attitude towards your own life.


Satisfaction lies in the effort, not in the attainment, full effort is full victory.” – Mahatma Gandhi