Subscriber Benefits

Something For Everyone!

What kind of subscriber benefits do you get with Gorilla Trades? From our famous GorillaPicks to Special Situation stock picks, we have something for every type of investor. Take a look below for more insight into our subscriber benefits!

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Over the past 15 years, GorillaTrades has morphed into the #1 stock-picking service in the world, boasting subscribers in 55 different countries. Numerous features have been added, and the Gorilla’s formula has been fine-tuned to generate even greater profits.

Whether you are a more conservative investor, a very aggressive investor or anything in between, GorillaTrades now has you covered!

Conservative Picks

Light-Volume Pullbacks (LVPBs)

Current confirmed GorillaPicks that have pulled back to a suitable price level in which to enter into a trade or to reinvest; a clear light-volume pullback. These pullbacks often create excellent entry points or opportunities to add to initial positions.

Check out an example of a Light Volume Pullback here!

Modest Gains

30 LVPBs were listed in 2013. Of the 30, 27 bounced back for gains. The targeted gains on LVPBs are in the 3%-5% range.

These stocks have a high probability of rebounding.


Our award-winning, signature stock picks. After the market closes each day, GorillaTrades proprietary software program scans through the over 6000 stocks in all three major markets. It identifies only those stocks that match each and every one of the 14 technical parameters of the Gorilla’s proprietary formula. On some days, this list may not contain a single stock and on other days, It many contain as many as two stocks.

Success Rates:

GorillaPicks has four times as many confirmed transaction generated profits than losses in 2013. Ten different transactions resulted in profits of 50% or more, including Qihoo 360 Tech. (QIHU), which netted a whopping 214% profit! The average loss was just 8%.

GorillaPicks perform well under any market conditions!

The Gorilla’s Top 3

The three current GorillaPicks that appear to have the most upside potential, with respect to the current market environment. They appear ripe for entry intra-week.

GorillaPick Spotlights

A research report and deep fundamental analysis of selected GorillaPicks.

Supplemental Benefit!

On average, 5 GorillaPick Spotlight reports are released in each, highlighting a current GorillaPick with a little extra potential. Just how timely are these in-depth research reports? Of the 60 written in 2013, only two of the stocks failed to trade significantly higher within 1-3 weeks after a report was released!

See an example of a past GorillaPick Spotlight here!

Aggressive Picks

Special Situation Picks (SSPs)

Stocks that appear on the Special Situations radar screen are meant to be a “bonus” to the GorillaTrades service. The market cap of these stocks can sometimes be VERY low (in all cases, below the $1 billion minimum requirement of GorillaPicks), and these stocks can be very volatile. Only more aggressive subscribers should consider the stocks in this special category. These picks are meant to have longer-term holding periods (many months to over a year in most cases).

Long-Term Winners!!

There were just 16 of these special picks in 2013. How well did they perform? Of the 16, 14 were profitable; most very profitable, including Santarus (SNTS) with its 171% gain! In fact, the average profit was 40%, with a average holding time of a bit more than 5 months.

That’s more than a 147% average annualized return on these special winners!


Potentially powerful stocks that have appeared on the GorillaTrades radar screen, but are trading below the minimum $5 per share requirement of our flagship GorillaPicks. Due to their low share price, GorillaPicklets are less known and prone to more volatility, as well as greater potential reward.

Amazing Profits!

There were 27 of these little picks in 2013. Of these 27, 20 were winners. Among the winners, ZIOPHARM Oncology (ZIOP) returned nearly 100% in just 6 months. Gastar (GST) was up more than 150% in less than 6 months, while Canadian Solar (CSIQ) was recommended on 4/25/13, and closed the year at $29.82; for an incredible 539% profit!

Very Aggressive Picks

Option Idea of the Week

The best option idea each week, based on projected potential return (of current GorillaPick), with less than a $5000 investment and no margin requirement. This feature is meant for only the most aggressive subscribers.

Biggest Winners!

In 2013, 44 of the 52 Option Ideas of the Week resulted in profits with an average profit of 60% in just 3 weeks! That’s more than a 1000% average annualized return on these option winners!