It Ain’t Over Until It’s Over

How many financial professionals do you know?

If you have one multiple – if there is one thing that people like me look forward to every month – it would be the US jobs report.


Because there is so much we can learn about things going forward when it comes to investing and all things that depend on the rise and fall of the American economy.

Do you remember those commercials from the 80’s about E.F. Hutton?

“When E.F. Hutton talks… everybody listens”?

Well, that’s what the jobs report is like – it tells all kinds of things about our financial future…

And if you’re smart – you’ll listen.

So, what did the August jobs report tell us about the coming future?

Cross your fingers and keep reading…

So, what did the August jobs report tell us about the next few months?

Well, while I hate making you cross your fingers for nothing, I have to tell you the truth – and when it comes to the jobs report….

Let’s just say that Wall Street is in short supply of optimism right now

Economists expected the U.S. economy to add 720,000 new jobs in August… that was a lofty – yet attainable goal.

Well, what they got was a fraction of that.

According to the Labor Department, the US economy only added 235,000 jobs last month – a shortfall of almost 500,000 jobs – which is absolutely horrendous.

You could see this reflected in the market over the past week – as there really wasn’t a whole lot of great stuff going on…

It wasn’t exactly a “murder scene” with all the red going on – but it looked like somebody DEFINITLEY got punched in the nose and was leaking something fierce.

We had a feeling this one was going to be kind of crappy…

As things started looking dour with July’s jobs report – not that things were negative – in fact, things were pretty positive…

But the fact that July’s jobs reports BARELY hit the predicted goals gave us a hint that things were going to be pretty bad. Of course, nobody could have thought we’d miss the goal by almost 500,000.

While many people blame the government stimulus program for the hiring shortfall – people making more money sitting at home than going out to get jobs – the fact of the matter is, this is just ONE of the aspects to the terrible report.

Add that inflation is reaching unprecedented heights – and you’ve got another piece of the puzzle…

But when it comes down to brass tacks – the largest slice of this poo-flavored pie comes down to one simple and undeniable fact: COVID-19.

Without the pandemic coming and going in waves – it’s hard to get a bead on what we’re going to be able to do a WEEK from now – let alone a couple of months.

With each new variant that pops up – it’s one more kick to the economy’s ribs – as without the pandemic – there’d be more Americans working and there would be no need for stimulus.

In fact, without COVID, we may not have experienced a massive housing boom, inflation, production issues, supply chain issues, etc. etc.

COVID is the biggest cause of the chaos going on in our economy – and if we could fix that – we could probably fix our financial woes.

However, that’s the problem…

We may never be able to “fix” the COVID issue.

Regardless of where you stand on vaccinations – the bottom line is that there are experts who are predicting that COVID is here to stay – that much like the flu, COVID will become a seasonal problem that we’ll have to deal with going forward…

And if that’s the case – we need to find a way to work and live WITH the virus – rather than waste time spinning our wheels while we watch the value of our investments drop like a rock.

When all is said and done, the best investing advice I can give you right now for the future of your portfolio – is that while you will worry watching it go down – the odds are that it will go back up.

Because bottom line…

If we’re going to be able to make money – we need the FEAR of COVID to dissipate – because until it does, we’ll be dealing with things like the August jobs report.

Because the fact is – with each new variant that appears – things are going to get worse…

Which impacts our ability to profit in the markets.

Luckily, the GorillaTrades system is all-but-COVID-proof. Our recommendations are triggered from data – not fear. If something hits our trading matrix – odds are it would take an extinction level event to break our stride.

Which is why I hope you’ll consider subscribing today! Let us help you circumnavigate the COVID world. Or…

You can continue going it alone. Either way we understand…

Just do yourself a favor and don’t overextend on anything right now – keep your trades moderate and safe until we truly get a handle on things…

You’ll be glad you did!

“Bad news isn’t wine. It doesn’t improve with age.” – Colin Powell