It Ain’t Over Until It’s Over

Have you been paying attention to the electric vehicle market?

With gas prices higher than they’ve been ever…

More and more people are eyeing electric cars as a more viable mode of transportation than ever before.

While it may be years until the EV market overtakes its gas-fueled counterpart – the fact of the matter is – the industry is stronger than some predicted it would be this early.

Again, you can thank the current oil and gas situation for that…

But, since there is more attention on the EV market – there’s more opportunity – and for investors looking to take advantage of that new interest, there’s a few unknown plays that you should know.


Let’s take a look at them.

When were you born?

Doesn’t matter, really, because I’m not going to reveal when I was born either…

But, I will go as far to say that I do remember the 70’s and if you have any recollection of or affection for that decade – then you’ll know that it was the era of 8-track tapes.

Some of my greatest childhood memories were based upon the music held on those square tapes.

However, as the 70’s gave way to the 80’s – 8-tracks gave way to cassette tapes – and for years – that’s how many of us cruised hangouts of our youth…

Driving slow, windows down, our favorite tape blaring in the sound system…

Man, those were great  times.

But then, the 90’s came, and with it compact discs (or what we called CDs) and the sound quality blew tapes out the water. The biggest problems with CDs were scratches and lugging around books of them – only to listen to one song over and over again…

That was frustrating.

Thank GOD for the iPod and digital music. 

Digital music has been one of my favorite parts of living in the 20th century, hands down. I can make playlists of my favorite songs and pull up any individual track I can think of just by searching for it all on my phone…

It’s so much more convenient. 

That’s what happens… times change – and sometimes necessity isn’t the mother of innovation – often times it’s competition. That innovation often renders old inventions obsolete. It’s just the natural order of things. 

That said…this hasn’t always been true with the car industry. 

While competition has ALWAYS bred innovation, it was most often innovations in design, mechanics, or comfort. Rarely do we see a radical diversion of the path. 

Electric vehicles were the first true innovation in automobiles since the invention of power steering.

While they were touted as “the future of the automotive industry,” nobody really thought that would ever be the case – especially here in the US were car enthusiasts are all about power, speed, and the deep rumble of a combustion engine humming and purring with every push of the gas pedal.

For a while, EVs were a fad, a status symbol for eco-friendly people with thousands of dollars to burn on a nice car that needed to be charged every few hours.

But then we reached 2021 and rising gas prices started to change a lot of minds. 

Most EV companies that didn’t have Elon Musk running them had gone largely unnoticed in the preceding years – but people really started to pay attention to them when gas prices started climbing above $3.25. 

Now, the EV market is hot. People are looking for all kinds of opportunities–and they’re finding them!

Even famed investor, Cathie Wood, exited some of her position in established Tesla (TSLA) and grabbed some Chinese EV company Nio (NIO) – foregoing the “big dawg” for the “new kid on the block”

What makes that move even more amazing is the fact that the company LOST $340 million last quarter – and she STILL chose Nio over Tesla.

But there’s more to the industry than just Tesla and Nio – besides recently public and much ballyhooed Rivian (RIVN) and Lucid (LCID) – there are a BUNCH of new EV companies popping up that people are getting excited about. 

One of the companies that has seen a surge in interest is Greenpower Motor Company (GP), which saw a 15% price jump simply for being mentioned in a Yahoo Finance article. 

That’s a little crazy…

However, if EVs aren’t your style but you still want to look for something in the sector, you could always go with a battery company like Enovix (ENVX), which is a US battery maker for the EV market. Now, While it’s not experiencing a surge like GP, Enovix is looking to ADVANCE battery technology with innovations that could change its industry. 

From the cars to the batteries that power them, the entire sector is HOT! Maybe the market is shifting into more asset-based stocks, maybe society has come to accept that EVs are the future of automotives. Either way, it’s a good idea to start looking for some plays in the sector. You don’t want to be the last one to the table.

We all want to be there to profit – but at the right time and the RIGHT price…

Which is why GorillaTrades is so unique – as our trading matrix is designed to give investors the best opportunity to profit – without breaking the bank.

It’s how we’ve become one of the most trusted names in our industry…

We’d love to have you on board for our next round of trades – but understand if you’d rather go it alone…

Either way, do yourself a favor and keep an eye on the EV industry…

Times are a changing – and if we want to profit – we need to change with them.

Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.” – Henry Ford