It Ain’t Over Until It’s Over

As we close out another terrible year, there seems to be ONE thought on the minds of investors around the world…

“How will Wall Street fare in 2022?”

It’s a fair question – but one that isn’t easy to answer – as there is a lot of conflicting information floating around.

While there are some analysts and economists who feel that 2022 is going to be a banner year for stocks – the fact of the matter is – there are a lot of “ifs, ands or buts” that go along with their statements.

There is danger lurking around almost every corner right now – and if investors aren’t careful – they could find themselves sinking fast.

So, there are three things that we need to pay attention that could make or break 2022 as a money-making year.

Do you think you know what they are?

Remember how many people said that 2020 was the worst year on record?

It makes sense, when you keep in mind that we got slapped across the face with a global pandemic – were isolated from friends and family – were forced to stay indoors – all during a Presidential election that was wrought with controversy.

You can really only come to one conclusion…

Yeah, 2020 was bad.

However, if your 2020 was bad – you should count yourself lucky – as for a lot of people 2021 was WORSE!

However, at the end of December, that “new year” hope starts creeping back around…

You know, the hope that the new year will bring new opportunities and better times with better memories – something that some people had in 2020 – but watched is slip away with each bad development of 2021.

That does not mean we should give up hope for 2022…

But people should definitely be more realistic when it comes to what they want and expect to happen in the coming year.

2022 could be the greatest year on record…

Or it could be the worst – a LOT of that isn’t in our hands. The geopolitical landscape, the weird financial environment, newer COVID variants – lead to an air of uncertainty – but not hopelessness.

The fact is…

Many analysts and economists are predicting 2022 to be stellar year for our economy – and I hope they’re right!

As nobody wants a repeat of the 2008 crash or the snail-paced recovery that followed…

But these same analysts and economists that are looking forward to 2022 – would be the FRIST people to tell you that it’ll also be a precariously balanced year for the economy…

Where it could go bad with the tiniest of situations.

So, there are a few threats to your future financial success – and if you don’t acknowledge them – you’re doing yourself a huge disservice.

Which is why we need to keep our eye on a few things…

The biggest of which is inflation.

To be more specific, higher and prolonged inflation…

Because as the Fed has hinted at easing the tension with hiking interest rates and tapering the buying of bonds – the fact is, if it doesn’t act at the right time, we could find ourselves in an era of prolonged inflation.

With the issues we’re facing with logistics and supply chain shortages – geopolitical pressure with Russia and Ukraine could trigger an even worse situation – pushing the global economy toward stagflation which would be terrible for the entire world.

However, that’s not the only thing we need to keep our eye on…

Tied to that inflation is the danger of the Federal Reserve acting TOO fast with too many changes – that could lead to economic catastrophe for MILLIONS of Americans.

If Jerome Powell winds up raising interest rates just 3 times next year – while signaling more hikes to come – it’ll most likely lead to a new recession.

If you’re not watching how the Fed meetings are going – you better start – as much of 2022 will based on what happens in said meetings.

And finally, the specter floating above all our heads is still that pesky virus – COVID-19.

Right now, it seems politicians all over the globe are freaking out over the newest strain to hit the population – Omicron…

Even though, most reports claim this variant is much milder than the original or the Delta strain – with less issues or problems.

However, that doesn’t mean that fear and panic of more lockdowns, hospitalizations, and death won’t take its toll on the economy.

All of these things are, as I said earlier, precariously balanced – and we should be keeping a close eye on how these things shape up – or we might find ourselves holding the bag.

Luckily for GorillaTrades subscribers, it won’t matter what kind of economic atmosphere we’re operating in – we’ll still have plenty of opportunities to make money.

Our trading service doesn’t care about rumors or fear – it simply tracks the data – data that often leads to winning and beating the markets like a drum.

You might want to try us now or in the new year – as I believe we can help you reach your financial goals when it comes to investing.

Whatever you decide – keep your eye out for danger this coming year…

Your financial future could depend on it.

“It’s human nature to start taking things for granted again when danger isn’t banging loudly on the door.” – David Hackworth