The Turning Of The Tide: A New Era In Power


There is a war that has been raging for the past 40 years…


And like all wars it didn’t start with a major battle, it started with an insult.


The Little Guy on the block had the audacity to think that he could someday compete with the established head honcho, The Big Dog. Not at that moment… but someday.


The Big Dog did whatever he could do to keep the Little Guy down. He spread lies, he spread rumors…


He did whatever he could to make the Little Guy look as bad as possible.




Because he was threatened. The Big Dog knew that the Little Guy was on to something and wanted to keep his spot on the top of the mountain for as long as he could – and he succeeded for a very long time…


Until now.


I don’t know if you’ve been paying attention to the news lately, but something has fundamentally changed in the power and energy industry – though, with everything going on in the world, even if you WERE paying attention to the news – you may have missed this headline:


Solar And Wind Are Now The Cheapest Energy Around


After spending decades as the “red-headed step-children” of the energy industry – renewable energy technology has caught up to the big boys of oil, coal, and natural gas – and for early investors…


There could be a lot of profit.


Wind, solar, hydro – all have made strides to compete with the traditional forms of energy and it took them until 2017 to reach that potential…


And there’s numerical proof to back it all up.


The cost per kilowatt-hour for coal is 50% more expensive than solar and DOUBLE that amount for wind!


Even up to two years ago, experts were saying that there was no way that renewable energy sources would ever be able to compete with coal, natural gas or even nuclear – simply because there was no economical way to store these energies.


Sure, producing energy was a snap…


However, energy isn’t always needed at the time it’s produced. You don’t need to turn on the lights if the sun is shining, right?


But, the big brains have figured out a cheap way for renewable energy to be stored – and in doing so – they’ve made renewables actually CHEAPER than the standard forms.


This is what the world has been waiting for…


And this was the game changer that investors have been waiting for.


Before this quantum leap forward in technology – renewable energy companies were, for lack of a better word… a crapshoot.


A lot of stocks were built on the promises of the future…


That once things got settled – they’d be real moneymakers for investors. However, there wasn’t any guarantee that it was going to happen.


Nobody has a crystal ball…


Nobody could say with 100% certainty that the science would catch up and everything would be hunky dory.


Until now that it is – as all of Wall Street’s going to make a run at these renewable energy stocks unlike any time we’ve seen before…


So it’s going to be important to be among the first to be on board this train.


That’s why I turned my subscribers on to a few companies this past year…


I could tell by the stories that were making the rounds that it wouldn’t be too long until these renewables started being able to compete in the global energy market for REAL.


I definitely didn’t think it would be long, but I’ll admit that I didn’t think it would be this soon.


I’m glad I went ahead and made those recommendations early though – because if what I think is about to happen, happens – then we may be about to witness one of the biggest industry spikes to come along since the dot com days.


I have my eyes on a few more companies that could make GorillaTradessubscribers some big profits – but they’re just not ready yet.


The best part about my risk adverse system is the fact that none of my recommendations go out until every aspect of the stock hits the levels they need to in the GT trading matrix.


Unlike some other trading systems, we’re not just stabbing in the dark here – each stock pick has been thoroughly vetted in the GorillaTrades system to ensure loss is at a minimum and gains are at the maximum.


I’d love to show you how it works with our next pick….


However, if joining groups isn’t your “thing” – the least you could do is start your own research on the renewable energy market – it could be incredibly lucrative for those who are savvy enough to get in now.


Ability will never catch up with the demand for it.” – Confucius