It Ain’t Over Until It’s Over


When you hear the name “Walmart” … what do you think?

If you’re anything like me – one word most likely comes to mind: affordable.

Walmart has built an empire on selling quality (and semi-quality) goods at prices to people at unbelievably low prices.

Sure, it may have a certain “cheap” stigma by some…

But there’s no denying it has become the undisputed king of big box retail.


You know what word that DOESN’T come to mind when talking about Walmart?

Well, I’m sure there’s a lot – but the one word I’m think of is: manufacturing.

Walmart doesn’t really “make” anything – sure it has its Walmart brands – but those are made by other companies, and it slaps a Walmart label on it.


That may change very soon – because Walmart may be getting into the manufacturing business – as it’s planning a big move that could shake up not only its industry, but the tech world as well.


Wait till you see what it has planned…

So… are you ready to find out the shenanigans one of the biggest retail chains are up to?

Walmart (WMT), the COLOSSAL supermarket chain – is now dipping its toes into the tech industry as it’s planning to cough up a cool $2 billion (yes, billion with a ‘B’) to buy smart TV producer, Vizio (VZIO).


Well, apparently because selling bananas and lawn chairs just isn’t cutting it anymore.

Like we’ve already discussed, Walmart’s not exactly the first name you think of when it comes to manufacturing or high-tech acquisitions…

But here it is, eyeing Vizio like it’s the last flat screen on Black Friday.

Vizio, on the other hand, isn’t just your average TV-maker…

It ahs been playing a fun game – turning its TVs into advertising goldmines.

Every time someone turns on a Vizio TV or browses through free streaming services… BAM! Ads pop up like uninvited guests.

Walmart, smelling money and data like a shark smells blood – wants in on this.

It’s not just buying a TV company… it’s buying a first-class ticket to the ad space and a treasure trove of viewer data.

And data may be the most valuable asset in the world these days.

An even better way to put it…

Data equals dollars.

Walmart may be a brand synonymous with “save money, live better” – but at some point – it’s going to have to keep hiking prices…

And higher prices mean lost business.

It needs a new game…

And by entering the advertising world, where companies like Amazon and Meta are already making it rain cash – it’s opening its model up to another lucrative revenue stream.

Walmart’s aiming to join the club with Vizio’s 8% TV operating system market share…

But hold your horses – it’s still trailing Amazon (AMZN) – who’s sitting pretty with 17%.

Amazon been knocked off its high horse by Nvidia (NVDA) – the new cool kid on the block.

You see, Nvidia, the chipmaker, just strutted into the fifth-biggest business spot in the world – nudging Amazon back one.

So, if you don’t think Amazon is keeping its collective eye on Walmart – you’d be wrong.

Walmart may be starting an unintentional tech war.

Do you think Walmart is buy opportunity?

Well, it may be – but there’s only one way to REALLY know: data.

The only way to know if any stock is a buy or sell opportunity is whether or not the numbers add up…

Not because of a hunch or a gut feeling – but actual data.

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Regardless of what you choose – keep your eye on this development…

It could have an impact on how other things go for the rest of the year.


“You can’t just keep doing what works one time, everything around you is changing. To succeed, stay out in front of change.”Sam Walton