It Ain’t Over Until It’s Over

For a lot today’s investors – what’s been happening lately in the markets is enough to drive you batty.

Volatility due to uncertainty – not in the market – as much as uncertainty about EVERYTHING…

There is so much up in the air right now: the pandemic, the markets, the Presidency of the United States – there are just too many factors at play for the average investor to predict which stocks are opportunities and which are pitfalls.

If you don’t know WHAT to do – then how do you make a decision?

You follow the lead of somebody with experience and knowledge…

You need to find the Oracle.

Who is this Oracle and where can we find him?

Well, unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past 70 years – then you know the name of the only Oracle you need…

The Oracle of Omaha himself, Warren Buffett.

If you need an introduction to who Warren Buffett is – or the holding company he runs with Charlie Munger in Berkshire Hathaway (BRK.B)…

Then maybe you shouldn’t be investing.

That may seem like a joke – and for the most part – it is…

But the fact remains that if you’re investing in stocks – and aren’t a part of a trading service like award-winning GorillaTrades, and you don’t know who Warren Buffet, Charlie Munger or Berkshire Hathaway are – then in truth, it may be better if you give your money to a money manager and let them try to grow your money.

One of the things that has always made Buffett and his company stick out…

Has been their contrarian buying and selling practices.

When the world is buying stocks and companies – Warren and the crew are selling – and vice versa when they’re selling them…

It’s a strategy that they’ve always used with great success.

However, while the markets were topsy turvy for a while – Buffet and company did something else – they kept the status quo while waiting for the markets to settle down a bit.

They took a breather…

Which many smart investors did – but now it seems that the Omaha team is getting back into the swing of things.

But which side are they going to fall on? Buyers or sellers?

Well, it seems that Buffett’s conglomerate is ready to put its massive $137 billion to work as it has just struck a deal for natural-gas assets in July and then, toward the end of the month…

Put a WHOPPING $2.1 billion into Bank of America (BAC).

BOA was already the top stock in Berkshire’s portfolio by number of shares and second largest by dollar value next to its holdings of Apple (AAPL).

Which is why this is the move you’ll want to pay attention to – because Warren has seemed VERY interested in B.O.A. for some time now.

As these latest purchases takes Berkshire’s total stake to 1.03 billion shares – for what represents an 11.9% ownership of one of the biggest names in banking.

Toward the end of last year, it was reported that Berkshire asked for permission from the Federal Reserve to elevate its stake in Bank of America overt 10% – a level that often causes the Feds to embark on a regulatory review.

Well, apparently it got the go ahead as Berkshire hit that threshold earlier in July.

Berkshire assured the Fed and the BOA board of directors that it wouldn’t take active control of the company, nor is it planning to merge with another bank, sell its assets, or make any real changes to its business strategy or top management.

This latest move may be a welcomed one – as it comes just weeks after a few of the bigger banks put aside billions in expectancy of small businesses needing more money to help cover losses due to the pandemic’s lockdown and its effect on the economy.

What does Buffet – one of the world’s most experience and successful investors in the HISTORY of the stock market – continue to put BILLIONS into one of the worst-performing stocks in his portfolio?

Obviously, it’s because he knows something that we don’t…

There must be something about BOA that the rest of us are missing – and it would be GREAT if he shared just what that hidden feature is.

What we do know for sure is that Warren has been consistently optimistic about the U.S. economy – even during and unprecedented lockdown – and the opportunity the markets present for investors looking to change their fortunes.

Is he crazy? Or crazy like a fox?

Only time will tell…

Until then, if you’ve been struggling trying to figure out how to invest your money correctly – but are either inexperienced or too befuddled with the current economic climate to try…

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However, if you’d rather do it all on your own – we get it…

Just do yourself a favor and follow the advice of those who have experience – you’ll be thankful that you did!


“Generally speaking, envy, resentment, revenge and self-pity are disastrous modes of thoughts. Self-pity gets fairly close to paranoia, and paranoia is one of the very hardest things to reverse. You do not want to drift into self-pity… Self-pity will not improve the situation.” – Charlie Munger