It Ain’t Over Until It’s Over



“Winter is coming.”

And in case you haven’t noticed – right now we find ourselves in the cold weather of market volatility.

And while some feel that this current financial atmosphere could be leading us towards an ugly bear market…

Others feel this may just be another one of the doldrums that hit the market every now and again.

But… which is right?

Well, as always, if you look hard enough – you can find evidence for either scenario…

There are a lot of things in play right now that could easily be markers for a shift towards a bear market.

More stocks losing value than gaining, an economy that’s been experiencing continued growth and the increased desire for “popular” stocks such as Google (GOOGL), Apple (APPL), or Amazon (AMZN) – are all playing into fears that we’re moving closer and closer towards the end of this incredible bull market.

Has the “Trump Bump” finally hit the wall?

Well, to put it plainly…

Probably not.

What we’re more than likely looking at right now, is a bit of a market correction – if not an ugly one.

And I’m not the only person who feels this way…

One of the biggest investment houses around has echoed the same, as they believe that while stocks haven’t found their floor yet – they will – but probably not until 2019.

So… what’s going on?

Well, if you’re looking to blame anything for the recent market volatility, you need to look no further than the U.S./China trade war, as well as some of the Federal Reserve policies taking hold.

An analyst recently expained on CNBC that, “The first and fundamental question: Is this a correction or is this the start of the bear market? While you can certainly see a path that could get us to a bear market, I think it’s more of a messy correction.

We could go a little deeper.”

While this isn’t exactly “good” news…

It’s way better than being in a bear market.

Though, truth be told, there are just as many ways to make money in a bear as there are ways to make money when the markets are surging in a steady bull.

But the fact that the trade war “cease fire” agreement between the U.S. and China is about to end – may change things a bit – which makes the immediate future even more uncertain.

But the trade war has been a BIG factor in this winter pull back – and it isn’t just going to affect America – the rest of the world is going to feel this slow down of growth too.

The Federal Reserve, however, is a much different matter…

Because even if Trump and Xi decide to end the trade war – impending Fed rate hikes are just another uncertainty for investors.

And it seems that Wall Street may be underestimating the number of hikes that will occur next year – not to mention the potential for another hike before the new year.

Combine these uncertainties – and you have the basis of a volatile market – but not a bear.

If we can deal with the rate hikes, and China and the U.S. can come to terms on a permanent trade war cease fire – there’s no reason to believe we don’t have AT LEAST another year left in this bull market.

But as you know…

The best way to combat losses that can occur is to stick with the girl that you brought to the dance – meaning keep your portfolio diversified and you should skate by just fine!

So, no need to worry, friends… we’ve got more time to continue profiting, it just may not be as easy as it once was.

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The fact that the GorillaTrades system really just deals with hard data and not future projections or anticipation – means that there is simply no worry involved when it comes to our recommendations.

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So, regardless of whether you join or not, we wanted to let you know that with everything you hear about what’s going on in the market…

Your money should be safe for a while longer.

So, enjoy the bull while he’s charging…

The bear will eat soon enough!

“As a bull market turns into a bear market, the new pros turn into optimists, hoping and praying the bear market will become a bull and save them. But as the market remains bearish, the optimists become pessimists, quit the profession, and return to their day jobs. This is when the real professional investors re-enter the market.” – Robert Kiyosaki