Whether you get your information from the printed page or earbuds, you have a wealth of it when it comes to wealth. New investing podcasts are seemingly created every day. And the best investing books of all time have shaped and steered the market for the better for years.

We’ve collected 20 of our favorite sources for stock market knowledge, including 10 of the best stock market podcasts and 10 of the best investing books.

Best Stock Market Podcasts and Books

10 of the Best Stock Market Podcasts

Podcasts are now established, go-to sources for news, information, and advice. Every topic under the sun has at least one podcast that covers it. Investing, a subject with eternal interest, has a ton.

Here are 10 of the best stock market podcasts that combine enlightenment with entertainment.

We Study Billionaires

We Study Billionaires tops most investors’ lists of the best stock market podcasts. Preston Pysh and Stig Broderse do pretty much what the title says: They examine and interview the most successful investors in the world.

Every weekly show embraces a unique and specialized theme. Pysh and Broderse produce We Study Billionaires as part of the Investor’s Podcast Network.

Stacking Benjamins

Stacking Benjamins is almost as much about entertainment as it is investing. Host Joe Saul-Sehy is committed to improving “financial literacy.” This investing podcast blends a sense of fun with some very real-life investment advice.

Some of the most popular episodes of Stacking Benjamins include “Lessons from a Real Estate Rookie,” “Financial Terms You Need to Know,” and “Things We Wish We Knew About Money When We Were 20.”

Money for the Rest of Us

David Stein has a strong background as a professional investor, but now, he focuses on the more general investment community. His podcast Money for the Rest of Us addresses everyday investors who manage their own portfolios.

Stein calls his show a “sounding board” for people who are building wealth for retirement. Popular episodes include “How to Become Wealthy,” “Is There Too Much Savings?” and “10 Questions To Master Successful Investing.”

Investing Insights from Morningstar

Chicago-based Morningstar is arguably the most reputable financial research firm in the world. Their Investing Insights podcast is a great source for info on the hottest stocks, funds, and ETFs. It also touches on current events, trends, and issues affecting the investment market.

Investing Insights is one of three podcasts Morningstar produces. The other two, “The Long View” and “Simple, but Not Easy,” are also well worth your attention.

Animal Spirits

Animal Spirits is a weekly podcast from author Ben Carlson (see his book below) and Michael Batnick. It’s an entertaining discussion about multiple topics through the lens of personal finances.

Carlson and Batnick demystify the stock market for the common investor with straight talk and personal experience. Recent episodes include casual conversations about ETFs, behavioral investing, and recession.

The Meb Faber Show

Meb Faber runs a hugely successful investment management firm from Southern California. His podcast focuses on the entire scope of the equities market, driving down into some very niche subtopics.

Faber’s guests run the full spectrum of the financial business. The show covers topics like e-commerce shipping logistics, sustainable farmland, saving for college tuition, and more.

So Money with Farnoosh Torabi

Farnoosh Torabi is a popular and acclaimed financial reporter, with several books and TV appearances to her credit. So Money is an interview-centric podcast that funnels friendly conversation through financial perspectives.

Torabi’s guest list spans from money experts to entertainment figures. She’s featured everyone from entrepreneurs and financial journalists to Queen Latifah and Margaret Cho.

Invest Like the Best

This is one of two podcasts produced under the banner of Colossus, an “audio publishing platform” launched in 2020. Colossus’s goal is to be a one-stop source for financial education. Invest Like the Best, started in 2016, features interviews with a wide range of financial specialists. They cover all of the trends and issues related to specific business sectors and market behaviors.

Top Traders Unplugged

Niels Kaastrup-Larsen is a long-time hedge fund investor and an expert in European securities. He’s looking to “democratize the hedge fund industry,” a sector that’s the subject of a lot of current speculation and controversy.

On Top Traders Unplugged, Kaastrup-Larsen and his team act as mentors for retail investors. The topics are pretty niche, but they’re presented with clarity from interesting angles.

Mad Money with Jim Cramer

Yes, Jim Cramer is that guy from TV, the one with the special effects and rapid-fire sound bites. But he knows what he’s talking about and has a refreshing optimism about the stock market.

The Mad Money podcast captures him at his excitable best. It’s got entertaining high-level insights and buy-sell-hold advice for callers. Cramer may not have the gravitas of other hosts on this list, but there’s no doubt that his heart is in the right place.

Best Stock Market Podcasts and Books

10 of the Best Stock Market Books

Modern readers who want the best investment books have tons of volumes to choose from. Works of recent years have driven investing philosophy and spurred market changes.

But even some age-old, classic works are every bit as relevant today. This list has some of both. Here are 10 of the best stock market books from the past and present.

The Intelligent Investor

Benjamin Graham was one of the 20th century’s most influential investment advisors. He wrote The Intelligent Investor back in 1949, but it’s still referred to as “the stock market bible.” Warren Buffett called it “by far the best book on investing ever written.”

This book outlines Graham’s strategies for value investing. Market events that have occurred since its original publication have only verified its philosophy. The latest version was revised and updated by financial writer Jason Zweig. It’s a great place to start.

The Essays of Warren Buffett

Speaking of the Oracle of Omaha, no single person has as much influence over the financial world as Warren Buffett. Now in its fifth edition, this collection of his essays is a unique look at the principles and wisdom of the most famous investor in the world. In it, Buffett reveals his thoughts and strategies on several investment topics throughout the years.

A Random Walk Down Wall Street

First published in 1973, A Random Walk Down Wall Street was written by Princeton economist Burton G. Malkiel. It’s been revised 11 times since. Malkiel developed the “random walk hypothesis,” asserting that stock prices are essentially unpredictable. He developed a strategy for long-term success, which this book outlines in thoughtful detail. The 12th edition includes his thoughts on trends like cryptocurrency and tax-loss harvesting.

The Little Book of Common Sense Investing

The Little Book of Common Sense Investing is the work of financial guru John C. Bogle (1929-2019). He’s the founder of the Vanguard Group, the first mutual index fund in the world. His book is a practical guide to index investing, the buy-and-hold strategy for mutual funds. Bogle focuses on the importance of fundamentals and technical analysis. He cautions against stock market fads and overspeculation.

A Wealth of Common Sense

Blogger and podcaster Ben Carlson believes that simplicity is the best investment approach. The more convoluted one’s strategy is, the more investment mistakes a person is likely to make. A Wealth of Common Sense provides an outline for stock market success using standard investment mechanisms. Carlson emphasizes overall perspective and perception over reams of sometimes-useless information.

You Can Be a Stock Market Genius

Never mind the kitschy title. Hedge fund manager and investor Joel Greenblatt has a strong record for beating the Dow. You Can Be a Stock Market Genius focuses on investment opportunities that, Greenblatt says, many experts overlook. His road map to success includes keeping an eye on spin-offs, mergers, bankruptcies, reorganizations, and other uncommon events and indicators.

Clever Girl Finance:  Learn How Investing Works, Grow Your Money

Bola Sokunbi’s book is directed toward women who are making investment decisions for the first time. Clever Girl Finance is a more general guide to personal finance, and it supplies a solid foundation.

Sokunbi makes the complicated field of investing accessible to people with limited or modest resources. For a basic introduction to the concepts and strategies of the investment market, it’s hard to beat.

Reminiscences of a Stock Operator

Even though it was published in 1923, Edwin Lefevre’s novelization of a securities trader’s rise remains pertinent. Reminiscences of a Stock Operator is the story of Jesse Livermore, a day trader who turns into a successful Wall Street speculator. It’s been an information source for market traders ever since its first appearance a century ago. Former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan considers it “a font of investing wisdom.”

One Up on Wall Street

Mutual fund manager Peter Lynch insists that ordinary investors have a few advantages over institutional investors. His 1989 book One Up on Wall Street shows how average Joes can exploit those assets.

Lynch reveals the ways to invest in small-cap companies that large mutual funds often ignore. With attention to detail, Lynch believes that some of them can turn into life-changing “tenbaggers,” securities that return 10 times the initial investment.

The Behavioral Investor

Daniel Crosby takes a very different approach with The Behavioral Investor. Crosby is a finance professional with a background in psychology. He talks about the personal factors that drive trader decisions, including ego, emotion, risk aversion, and more. Most importantly, Crosby shows how to become a more mature, successful investor by refining behaviors that work and controlling ones that don’t.

Best Stock Market Podcasts and Books

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