benefits of stock investment

Making money by using stocks is challenging! The stockmarket is a money-eating platform and it could eat you up as well if you don’t do it right. That’s why for someone new to the stock market industry, it’s wiser to use a stock picking service to guide you with the ins and outs of the industry, rather than relying on the internet for some tips. However, you should know that not all stock-picking services are created equal. Make sure you choose a company with experience and proven, market-tested results when it comes to stock picking, like Gorilla Trades. Here are some of the benefits of using the stock picking service with Gorilla Trades:

Saves You Hours of Research Time

We do the homework for you! Instead of burying yourself on the internet researching the stock market, trends, and monitoring charts, all you have to do is work with the information we provide and focus on achieving your goals. There are a few things you need to be familiar with so you can go around the stock market smoothly.

  • Financial Metrics:These make sure that you’re familiar with the definitions used in financial metrics, like market cap, PE, EPS, ROE, and more.
  • Methods of Stock Selection:Although Gorilla Trades does the stock-picking for you, it’s still important to understand the methods and analysis behind it.
  • Trading Terms: Helps you learn rules, compliances, and basics, like limit orders, market orders, stop-limit orders, stop market orders, trailing stop orders, and more are also helpful.
  • Understand the Basics Quicker:Understanding the market’s relationship with the economy, like inflation, GDP, currency exchange rates, and more can help you understand the investment market cycles.

Get Specific Instructions

Gorilla Trades doesn’t just stop at picking stocks for you. We also provide specific instructions for each trade. For every stock pick we recommend, we also specify the definite entry and exit points like targets and stop losses, together with a graph showing a stock’s latest activity. Plus, we tell you exactly when to sell and when to buy. Here are some tips on when to buy:

  • When a Stock is Sold at Bargain: The period after a crash or correction has been historically proven to be a great opportunity for investors to buy in at sale prices.
  • When it is Undervalued: Estimating a company’s future will help you identify its level of undervaluation or overvaluation.
  • When a Stock Reaches Your Buy Price: Knowing a stock’s worth will help you identify if it’s on sale, and if it has the potential to rise to its estimated value. Setting a range where you’ll be willing to purchase stock will help you determine when to buy a stock.
  • When Gorilla Trades Tells You To: If you’ve done your research about when to sell and buy, then you can coincide what you’ve learned with what Gorilla Trades has to offer. Gorilla Trades has been in service for more than 20 years giving reliable market advice to thousands of investors.

Aside from daily stock picks, we also offer weekly option picks where we elaborate the specific parameters required to carry out the trade as recommended, including the optimal price at which to sell and purchase, the number of contracts, and more.

Never Miss a Good Investment

With Gorilla Trades’ ability to filter more than 6,000 stocks every night to find the stocks that have the highest potential of making an upward explosive move, you will never miss a good investment. Here are Gorilla Trades tips on stock market investment:

  • If you’re planning to invest new capital, make sure that you only invest 5%-10% of your capital in any one GorillaPick.
  • Wait for the confirmation day before investing new capital.
  • Also, we do not recommend using margin when buying or selling stocks.
  • Wait till 10:15 AM before you initiate orders when deciding to invest new capital. This will allow the market to clear up any overnight trades. This will also reduce selling or buying large opening gap prices.
  • Always keep in mind to have a plan for entry and exit, when investing new capital.
  • Lastly, keep your emotions at bay, especially when investing.

Reduce the Risks

Gorilla Trades takes away the fear in investing through the market-tested, risk-controlled system we have developed. Plus, we continuously keep an eye and modify the stop loss levels to help you avoid big losses. If there are losses, it will be minimal (less than 7% on an average).

Where to Find a Stock Picking Service?

Use Gorilla Trades’ stock picking service to your advantage! With all these benefits, you’re sure to kickstart a successful journey of making investments. For inquiries, you can visit our website or do a free trial to see the benefits for yourself!