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Welcome to a whole new world of stock investing! Gorilla Trades provides the solution for the modern investor – saving subscribers valuable time by doing their stock research for them. Enjoy the convenience, simplicity, and RESULTS of having some of the industry’s finest stock analysts working for you. Gorilla Trades analysts have years of experience as market makers and industry insiders – and now their unbiased services are available to you! Our analysts use professional-strength research tools combined with their considerable experience to provide you with their highly researched answer to one question; which are the very best stocks to buy for the current market environment. Never worry about what stocks to buy again.

Stock analysis email with stock picks

Each stock pick, or GorillaPick, is presented in the Evening Gorilla Email and on the Subscriber’s Website with a complete company profile, set of trading tips, and specific trading guidelines that tell you when and where to buy each stock, set stop loss levels, and harvest gains. And best yet, each of these guidelines is calibrated from the technical profile of the stock. This means you’re not investing based off of feel, or emotion, but based off of guidelines calibrated specifically from the stocks technical DNA. If you’re a seasoned investor, you already know exactly what being provided with GorillaPicks means – not only do you save vast quantities of research time, but with these specific guidelines, you effectively remove all the emotion, and guesswork from investing.

GorillaPicks: simple yet powerful, by design

Here’s a quick look at a previous GorillaPick and its trading guidelines, a chart like this is submitted with each new GorillaPick:

How to buy stocks

These investing guidelines make setting up your investment dead simple, yet they are also important keys to the Gorilla Trades system for more reasons than just simplicity. While each GorillaPick is issued because it exhibits a superb technical profile, there is also a key validating mechanism that is built into the Gorilla Trades system before the stock pick is recommended for purchase.

This is the Confirmation Day, which occurs when a GorillaPick surges both in its price level, and its volume. Confirmation Day marks the stock’s entry into a new trading range – which is exactly the scenario that Gorilla Trades is designed to identify. If you consider yourself to be a less aggressive investor, confirmation is the event that will indicate the stock is fully ready for purchase; its targets and stop loss levels are already calibrated from the technical profile of the stock. If a stock never confirms, have no worries, there are always other new GorillaPicks regularly released.

GorillaPick Status via the Menu of Ideas

If Gorilla Trades sounds like a lot to keep up with, its really as easy as glancing at the Evening Gorilla Email for complete updates on the status of all GorillaPicks. The Menu of Ideas is a convenient graphical overview of each GorillaPick that is suitable for investment. Simply click on any stock for its graph, recommended trading guidelines, trading tips, and company profile. As a GorillaPick progresses from one stage to another, you’ll notice it updated at the top of the new Menu of Ideas column in bold. The beauty of Gorilla Trades is that there are a variety of constructive investing ideas at any given time that are meant to be adapted to your own investing style. Its like being able to invest in the stock picks that make most sense to you, with the reassurance that they’ve all been pre-screened for their potentially superb investment suitability.

Menu of stock ideas
Regular updates as the stock progresses

Gorilla Trades also regularly updates stop loss levels as each GorillaPick progresses in order to reduce the downside risk and to lock in your gains. The same is true of second targets, these will also be adjusted as the stock progresses. Gorilla Trades would never take gains for granted, we’ll continue to raise 2nd target levels as we think the stock has more room to run, regularly raising the stop loss level along the way as well.

Gorilla Commentary

Have you ever read an instruction manual on how to do something, but then been totally lost when it comes time to start? Well not with Gorilla Trades! The Gorilla Commentary is your personal connection between the Gorilla Trades system and the current stock market. The Gorilla Commentary (part of the Evening Gorilla Email) analyzes the market from the perspective of an experienced floor trader to get you inside the minds that are really making the market move – in language that we can all understand. Let your knowledge of how to buy stocks soar! The Gorilla Commentary analyzes emerging trends, applies the Gorilla Trades philosophy, and leaves you with concrete ideas on how to reinvent your investing portfolio. You’ll never look at the stock market the same! Where else can you get an unbiased stock market professional to give you his cutting edge analysis, with no bias to advertisers, networks, or politics? You’ll love the Gorilla’s no-holds-barred commentary, and benefit from the Gorilla’s seasoned knowledge of the investment markets. The goal of this engaging commentary is that you’ll start to practice proper thinking patterns in analyzing the market to be prepared to capitalize on the market’s moves. Get a free sample of the latest Evening Gorilla Email including any new GorillaPicks.

Subscribers only website

The Gorilla Trades subscribers-only website is like your air support while you’re down on the front lines investing. Quick, need the trading tips on a certain GorillaPick? Hit the subscriber’s site and be done. Need an excel spreadsheet of the active portfolio to check updated stop losses? Done. Need a quick review of a Gorilla email from 3 days ago? Done. The subscriber’s site is teeming with all the info you need to make informed investing decisions, now. The subscriber’s site has two main areas, the ‘Trading Post,’ which has all of your trading info, and the ‘Safari Guide,’ which has all of your education resources on the GorillaTrades System as well as resources on investing in general.

Trading Post

This Trading Post section of the subscriber’s site is where you find all of the trading info on the current Gorilla Trades portfolio and recently added GorillaPicks. Each GorillaPick has an available graph, specific recommended trading guidelines, company profile, and trading tips that is accessible to research. Additionally, there is a convenient Excel spreadsheet of the current Gorilla Trades portfolio and recently closed GorillaPicks. Another convenient feature is the Gorilla Email archive, which allows you to access all past Gorilla Emails should you wonder what the Gorilla had to comment on certain news events from the past, or if you happened to have missed a day. The bottom line is, if it has anything to do with investing, you’ll find it in the Trading Post.

Safari Guide

Gorilla Trades works for both new investors, as well as experienced investors because of our ability to take potentially powerful stock picks, and make them dead simple to invest in. The Safari Guide portion of the subscribers site contains all of the investing educational materials about the Gorilla Trades system and investing in general. If you need to brush up on any Gorilla Trades stock trading system concepts, like the Confirmation Day, you’ll find an article here that will get you up to speed. The Gorilla Trades investing multimedia tutorial is also found here, and of course remember that you can use its chapters to skip from one portion to another.

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