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Sometimes, the activity that happens before the main trading session matters just as much — if not more — than the activity during an ordinary trading day. 

The stocks that gain the most in price during the pre-market session are said to be the “top pre-market gainers.” These companies can represent great investment opportunities for the right trader. Here are some of the top prospects.

Understanding Pre-Market Gainers

Pre-market gainers (sometimes called “premarket movers”) are stocks that have risen in price during the pre-market session. For this purpose, however, “pre-market” can refer to the activity that happens both before and after the trading day opens and closes. 

The regular trading day takes place between 9:30 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. When a company experiences a major shift outside of those hours, it can affect the price at which the asset trades. This kind of activity is common when there is major company or industry news that could affect the price of the stock.

Pros of Pre-Market Gainers

Why might investors pay attention to these sorts of overnight or pre-market moves? Here are some of the advantages of these stocks:

  • Provide an opportunity to react to overnight news and developments
  • Allow investors to gain an edge over the competition
  • Pre-market/after-hours trading can be more convenient for busy investors

Focusing on these pre-market movers can also give you a better understanding of the market as a whole.

Cons of Pre-Market Gainers

That said, there are some reasons to be cautious about pre-market movers. These include:

  • Overnight developments may not reflect lasting changes in value
  • There can be large gaps in the buy and sell prices
  • Volatility can work to your disadvantage and cause you to lose money

These drawbacks provide reason for caution for inexperienced investors, though others may use this data to plan trades based on pre-market or after-hours activity.

Today’s Top Pre-Market Gainers 

What are some of today’s top pre-market movers? The following companies have shown recent activity that could indicate that the stocks are solid investments.

Astra Space, Inc. (ASTR)

Astra Space (ASTR) is a company that designs, manufactures, and operates satellites and space products. The company first went public in 2021 after a merger with SPAC, which was valued at $2.6 billion.

Current analysis indicates the average price target is expected to be $2.748, though predictions range between $0.30 and $15.00. Recent shifts have seen ASTR stock rise to $1.37, which shows that the company may be on track to rise to the upper end of its anticipated price target.

Intelligent Bio Solutions, Inc. (INBS) 

Intelligent Bio Solutions Inc. (INBS) is a life sciences company that develops non-invasive testing and monitoring solutions for use by primary care physicians. Admittedly, many market analysts believe the stock’s activity to be bearish, but some pre-market activity indicates that progress is being made.

Not only has there been an uptick in premarket activity, but the company’s willingness to venture into new markets hints at strong performance in the near future. Already, the company has seen a 191% year-over-year revenue and support income boost thanks to organic growth.

JanOne, Inc. (JAN)

JanOne Inc. (JAN) is a healthcare company that develops treatments for diseases associated with severe pain. The company has seen some price volatility in the last year, with a range of $0.22 to $2.23.

Despite this volatility, JAN has experienced some pre-market performance that has attracted the attention of investors — rising to $0.49 during after-hours trading. That said, it’s not clear what JAN’s future might be, and this may be simply a crest in the wave of volatile activity that’s been part of JAN’s recent history.

Carbon Revolution (CREV)

Carbon Revolution (CREV) is an automotive company that produces carbon fiber wheels. 

By some estimates, the company’s backlog will drive the company forward from a value of $28.5 million in 2022 to $90.1 million by 2024. This is partly due to CREV’s involvement in electric vehicle programs, which are set to expand nationwide in the coming years.

Despite stock price volatility, the company has seen pre-market activity that places it among today’s top pre-market gainers. With strong future prospects, this could be a company to watch in the coming months.

Caredx Inc. (CDNA)

A 24.49% rise in its pre-market activity only solidifies Caredx (CDNA) as a stock to watch. Granted, the healthcare company’s stock has experienced volatility over the past year, but it has also seen strong recent gains in its year-over-year financials.

Additionally, Caredx has been around since 1998. With more than two decades of experience in the biotech and healthcare industries, the company has demonstrated strong stability, which may make it a buy-and-hold stock for investors interested in the life sciences and healthcare sectors.

Carrols Restaurant Group (TAST)

Carrols Restaurant Group (TAST) is a retail-wholesale company that has outperformed many of its industry peers even as prices have risen due to inflation. After-hours and pre-market trading have seen a price jump to $7.74 and $7.63, respectively, not far from the 52-week high of $7.98.

That said, the company has also seen a 52-week low of $1.31 — resulting in a beta score of 2.31. This volatility may suit day traders or other short-term investors, though it’s unclear whether TAST can serve as a strong buy-and-hold stock.

Bloom Energy Corp (BE)

Bloom Energy Corp (BE) has been an innovator in sustainable energy solutions. The company designs, produces, and installs solid-oxide fuel cells for power generation in both the U.S. and around the world. 

While these innovations have been valuable in the wake of the green revolution, the company has seen strong volatility, with a beta of 2.81. Recent pre-market developments have placed Bloom among the top pre-market gainers, though the after-hours price ($10.90) is not far above the 52-week low of $9.51.

Lipella Pharmaceuticals (LIPO)

Lipella Pharmaceuticals (LIPO) focuses on lipid-based therapies for certain types of bladder conditions. The company was founded in 2005, and since then, it has experienced strong volatility on the U.S. stock exchange.

At present, the company has seen pre-market developments that place its price ($1.23) above its 52-week low ($0.85), though this price remains far behind its 52-week high of $7.72. The current price may make LIPO an undervalued stock, though investors should use caution given the company’s volatile history.

How to Find Pre-Market Movers

The best way to find pre-market gainers on your own is by using a stock screener. These tools can help you narrow stocks based on various criteria, including price changes based on market activity.

You can also use stock futures to monitor the market as a whole. Since the stock futures market is open virtually 24 hours per day, these become reliable indicators of broader market sentiment. The price of stock futures can indicate which direction the market is moving, which can also influence the price of individual stocks or market sectors.

The Right Investments Start With the Right Advice

It’s not always easy to predict the movement of the stock market or individual companies within it. But the right investment platform can make all the difference in your ability to navigate the market and make the right investing decisions. 

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