The best investment decisions are made with the right data. Investment newsletters offer investors up-to-the-minute information about the state of the market and provide tips on what companies to invest in.

What is the #1 ranked investment newsletter, you ask? This guide will introduce you to the all-around best pick and review some of the runners-up so you can find a source of information that fits your goals.

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The #1 Investment Newsletter of 2023

What is the #1 ranked investment newsletter? At the risk of being immodest, there’s a reason countless investors have turned to Gorilla Trades.

Gorilla Trades members receive a nightly newsletter that analyzes what happened during the trading day. The newsletter presents a snapshot of the day’s events, organized into easy-to-grasp concepts to improve your understanding of the market.

But this newsletter is only one feature in a robust collection of stock research resources and tools that also includes:

  • Daily stock picks
  • Afternoon stock market updates
  • Weekly stock option picks
  • Small-cap stock picks
  • Real-time market alerts delivered straight to your phone

Other stock newsletters can cost you thousands of dollars each year. But Gorilla Trades members get access to all of these features for only $499.95 per year, or two years for a discounted rate of $795.

With so many free options available, you may wonder why you would pay for an investing platform.

The short answer is that Gorilla Trades offers expert-level updates and resources that can help you as you begin your investment journey and grow with you as your skills improve, making it one of the best investment newsletters available.

Runners Up

While Gorilla Trades offers the best overall experience, other financial newsletters can help you with niche interests or offer another perspective on the market. Here are some additional investment newsletters you might consider.

Stock Advisor by The Motley Fool (Best for Individual Stock Picks)

If all you’re looking for is stock picks, it’s hard to go wrong with The Stock Advisor, a newsletter produced by The Motley Fool.

As a subscriber, you’ll receive stock picks straight from the founders of The Motley Fool, Tom and David Gardner. You’ll also receive updates and advice from other investing professionals.

The only real downside is the price tag. At $99 per year, this newsletter is a bit costly, considering it lacks the robust features of competing sites. Still, The Motley Fool boasts a 359% return on their investments since its founding in 1993, which easily positions The Stock Advisor among the best investment newsletters today.

Alpha Picks (Best for Stock Alerts)

On the surface, Seeking Alpha’s Alpha Picks doesn’t seem to offer much more than competitors like The Motley Fool’s Stock Advisor (see above). But in addition to two monthly stock picks, the newsletter offers detailed explanations as to why the stock was chosen, with data such as:

  • Author ratings
  • Quant scores
  • Analyst ratings
  • Factor grades

Additionally, the platform offers regular updates on “buy” recommendations. Users will also receive alerts that they may need to sell a previously recommended stock.

Subscribers get access to these features for $199 per year, though the company also offers a 50% introductory discount, allowing users to subscribe for $99 for their first year.

WallStreetZen (Best for Identifying Opportunities and Mitigating Risk)

WallStreetZen does two things very well: identifying investment opportunities and helping traders mitigate risk.

The platform targets trading opportunities by analyzing close to 4,000 Wall Street analysts, pooling their activities so users can see what these professionals are recommending at any given moment.

The platform also has a stock screening feature that allows users to sort through stocks using 22 different pre-built screener setups. Each week, users will receive a “strong buys” newsletter with top recommendations.

Users can also mitigate risk using the platform’s “Zen Score,” which offers a snapshot of the strengths and weaknesses of a particular stock.

You can sign up for a free account, though the best features are available only with a $150/year subscription. This is surprisingly affordable, given the features offered, though the program lacks the flexibility and scalability of other platforms like Gorilla Trades, which may put off beginning investors.


Mindful Trader (Best for Short-Term Trades)

While other financial newsletters focus on stock picks in a more general way, Mindful Trader is aimed at short-term investors.

Each daily newsletter summarizes three to five new swing trades, with recommended holding times of just a few days. This allows day traders to get insight into new recommendations and helps to balance the risks and rewards of short-term positions.

The service costs a reasonable $47 per month, though keep in mind that this newsletter is focused on short-term picks and, by design, lacks the features of other platforms on this list.

The Average Joe (Best Free Stock Newsletter)

As the name suggests, The Average Joe focuses on giving casual investors quick, practical advice on stock market investing.

This free newsletter is released four times each week and boasts of being “the IKEA instructions of investing.” The newsletter takes only five minutes to read but comes loaded with entertaining and informative advice on stock selection.

These simple features (and the free price tag) make this one of the best investment newsletters for beginners, though it’s likely that some investors will quickly outgrow the simple format and be hungry for the features offered by a paid platform.

Benzinga Options (Best for Options Trading)

Options trading requires its own strategic focus, which is why options trader Nic Chahine created Benzinga Options.

The newsletter comes out twice a month and contains recommendations for high-quality, high-probability options trades. Holding periods can range from one week to three months.

The platform is simple and easy to follow, even if you’re new to options trading. The current price is $297 per year, which is competitive, though some investors may naturally prefer a platform that offers a wider range of features.

Zacks (Best for Ranking Stocks)

Zacks takes a slightly different approach to stock picks through the “Zacks Rank” system. Each stock receives a rank of 1 to 5, so investors can gauge and compare the performance of each company.

You can view stock rankings through Zacks’ free daily newsletter. You’ll also receive Zacks’ Bull Stock of the Day. Watching the rankings rise and fall can similarly give you a fuller understanding of the dynamics of the stock market.

The newsletter alone is helpful and available for free. However, if you want more insight beyond the simple rankings highlighted in the newsletter, you’ll need to spend $250 per month to use Zacks’ platform.

So while the newsletter is free, investors may find themselves faced with the steep cost of upgrading to the full platform.

Five Minute Finance (Best for Crypto Investors)

While other investing newsletters focus on the stock market, The Five Minute Financing newsletter provides insight into the world of cryptocurrency.

This newsletter is also free and offers a simple snapshot of the state of the crypto market. While it may be a helpful tool for those still looking at the crypto market with confusion or skepticism, traditional investors may not find it helpful unless they choose to dabble in Bitcoin or NFTs.


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