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Knowing how to maneuver your way around stock investments is one of the key tactics in succeeding. If you’re new to stocks and trade, then learning everything you need to know about it and forming your tactics may take a lot of research, and a few trial and error before you master it. With Gorilla Pro, you can invest like a pro and win from trading! Here’s how:

Consistently Identifies Explosive Stocks

With the number of stocks you can invest in, keeping track on each one of them to identify which ones are the explosive stocks can be a challenge. To find explosive moves in stocks, you need to understand the supply-demand imbalances that drive short-term momentum swings in stocks. This means that periods of high supply or demand is likely to be followed by periods of low supply or demand, which creates explosive stock moves. You need to pay attention to the stocks that have this pattern so you can participate and capture the next part of the fluctuation.

The latent cause for stock momentum can be sector-driven, fundamental-driven, or news-driven. Whatever the reason is,the main trend of stocks is to progress in explosive bursts of 3-10 days with a magnitude of 8% to 50%. Once you understand the trend of explosive bursts, you can then capitalize on it to capture short-term fluctuations. If you know what you’re doing, then you can gain around 8%-50% in profits. Keep in mind that timing is key. If you misuse the trade, then you can end up with nothing. With Gorilla Trades you don’t have to go through all of this because we will identify the explosive stocks for you!

Instructs You Where to Set Stop Loss Levels

It’s important to set a stop loss level for your position in security when playing in the market, especially if you don’t want to lose money. But deciding where to set your level can be challenging. A stop-loss order is placed to help reduce the amount of loss an investor may acquire on a security position. Which means that if you set your stop-loss order at 11% below the price at which you bought the security, then your loss will be limited to 11% only. To determine where to set your stop-loss levels, you should have an idea of what the acceptable risk threshold is for you.

Then, you can use these three methods to help you determine where to set your stop losses:

  •  Percentage Method:The percentage method is a simple way of setting your ideal stop-loss levels.  All you have to do is decide on the percentage of the stock price you’re willing to lose before you exit the trade.
  •  Support Method: The support method is a bit more complex carry out compared to the percentage method, but it allows you to modify your stop loss levels to the stock you’re trading.
  • Moving Average Method: The moving average method is somehow similar to support method, except that it’s simpler. All you have to do is establish your stop loss below the level of the moving average. Keep in mind to use a long-term moving average instead of a short-term moving average to prevent getting kicked out of your trade.

With Gorilla Trades, you will be instructed where to set strategic stop loss levels that will work for your advantage!

Instructs You When to Harvest Profits

Knowing when to harvest your profit in trade is so important to avoid going bankrupt. One strategy that you can apply is to determine a trending stock and keep your position until the basic trend is busted. Another is by getting profit at the end of each progress towards the direction of the basic trend. In trade, you don’t always need to hit a home run for you to win the investing game.

Sometimes, waiting for a 20%-25% gain before selling it into strength is one form of winning the trade. But why 20%-25%? Usually, growth stocks tend to progress from 20%-25% after bursting from a proper base, then decrease and arrange new bases or resume their advances. Following this controlled approach will help you secure the right kind of solid gains that results in great profits in your portfolio. If you don’t want to risk going bankrupt, then Gorilla Trades will help you make the right moves.

Why Choose Gorilla Trades?

Invest like a pro with Gorilla Trades. We have been serving our clients with excellence for over 19 years, we also have developed into a reliable market adviser for investors, fund managers, and stockbrokers. Invest with Gorilla Trades to win from trading. So, what are you waiting for? Call us for inquiries or visit our website for more details!