Whether you’re a newbie at trading stocks, trying to build up your portfolio, or a well-seasoned investor looking for powerful stock picks, Gorilla Trades has something significant to offer you. Gorilla Trades is unlike any other stock-picking system. It is an automated, risk-controlled system, which filters through over 6,000 stocks every night to find stocks that are showing potential explosive growth. We don’t just stop there. We walk with you side by side on this journey, giving you specific instructions for each trade. We help you make the wisest investing decisions by taking out guesswork and emotions from the investing equation. Here is what makes Gorilla Trades unique:

Guides You in Making Wise Investment Decisions

The Gorilla understands that emotion is one of the factors that can affect your decision making.

He has seen this in normal, rational individuals making greatly biased investment decisions based on their fear and greed, which resulted in great loss. That’s why he designed Gorilla Trade in a way that helps you make only the wisest investing decisions. Plus, Gorilla Trades does all the work for you! You never again have to worry about identifying the right stocks to buy and doing the time-consuming effort of studying stocks and its in-depth analysis.

Provides You with a Market-Tested Online Stock Picking System

Gorilla Trades can provide you with potentially explosive stock picks, through our market-tested online stock-picking system. Using 14 different technical parameters that are detected to be present in most stocks before they make explosive upward moves, our radar can go through over 6,000 stocks every night to filter out the right ones for you. Each trade is planned for short-term investing, from a few weeks to a few months. When the stocks begin to move, we change the trading instructions to help you gain the most from the movement.

Provides You Specific Instructions on How to Trade and Invest

We provide you with specific instructions on how to trade and which stocks to invest in. For every GorillaPick, you will be instructed with what your first target is, the second target, and a stop-loss level. The first target will take around a few sessions to a few weeks to obtain. Gorilla Trades’ strategy is focused around developing a well-diversified stock portfolio, which will drive returns, each year, in fluctuating market conditions. We also aim to keep you educated on current market conditions and trends, and how this could affect your portfolio management decisions from time to time. Gorilla Trades utilizes specific stock scanning, and best analysts with years of market experience, to supply you with stock picks that have the best possibility for success.

Simple and Easy to Learn for the Newbies

Regardless of your experience and background with stock trading and investments, Gorilla Trades has something significant to offer you. If you’re a newbie to handling your own portfolio, then you’ll enjoy the updated fool-proof guidelines that come with every stock pick that instructs you precisely where to establish your stop-loss level, when to buy or sell, and more. The Multimedia Investing Tutorial will teach you everything you need to know about Gorilla Trades System.

Risk-Controlled Approach to Trading

The Gorilla will never advise you to make a single trade, without a definite stop-loss level in place. And stop loss levels are calculated based on a technical scan of the stock pick. Gorilla Trades aims to minimize if not eliminate major losses. We also want you to be in an optimal position so that when stock picks are on the edge of exploding out of their trading range, you’re ready to capitalize.


What’s amazing about Gorilla Trades is that the subscription fee is only $499.95 for a year and $795 for two years! That’s definitely affordable in exchange for a service that will help you earn infinitely. With all the benefits and perks Gorilla Trade has to offer, it’s definitely a bang for your buck.

How to Subscribe to Gorilla Trades?

Gorilla Trades has been providing reliable market advice to thousands of investors, fund managers, and stockbrokers in over 55 countries for more than 20 years. Because our system works, we are now the number one stock picking system in the world. Make the right decision and subscribe with us today! It’s the best decision you’ll ever make. Start making the right decisions now. Click the here to subscribe or visit our website for more information. Also, you can take a free trial.Get into the mind of the gorilla today!