From the Mind of the Gorilla

$113.08 billion dollars…

If your company was worth a TENTH of that – you’d be a VERY successful company by any measure – depending on the size and scope of it.

Would you like to own a company worth $13.08 billion dollars?

Of course you would – however, we’re not talking about a small company worth JUST $13 billion…

We’re talking about a company that’s worth $1.68 trillion (that’s TRILLION.. with “T”) in Amazon (AMZN).

We’re talking about it because its earningswere just released and Amazon’s recorded revenue of $113.08 billion is being scoffed at by some Wall Street analysts over falling short of expectations – with some wondering if this means a downtrend for the ultra-profitable company.

And to those analysts, the Gorilla has just 3 words for you…

Three words and three words only…


“Are you CRAZY?”

Do these analysts TRULY think that Amazon is in a downward trend because it missed its revenue projections by a little under $2 billion dollars?

Because if they do…

I would seriously consider whether or not these “experts” have any clue as to what they’re talking about – because that $2 billion miss looks to be nothing more than a mistake.

A mistake in the earlier calculation…

Or an overestimation of the goods being sold. Either way – to see this miss of $2 billion as anything more than a momentary blip on Amazon’s radar would be foolish.

Did you see its earnings report?

It just did something that defies comprehension for most long-time investors…

The company just reported its THIRD 100 billion quarter – in a ROW!

Can you imagine, even a decade ago, talking about a company that recorded 3 consecutive $100 billion quarters? If we did – it was a hypothetical – and the leader of the company was some kind of wizard from a magical land that could ensure that its company continued to succeed through the power of magic.

But here we are – talking about a company whose head honcho just shot himself into space.

Our world has taken a turn for the surreal – which is why it boggles my mind that some analysts see the $2 billion miss as the proverbial “trouble in paradise”.

It’s not – and I can prove it by showing you the rest of the earnings report.

Again, we know the revenue missed – $115.06 billion was expected – but the miss that is sending some people into a tizzy brought the reality reported down to $113.08 billion.

That said, there were a few MORE numbers that are just as interesting as the revenue…

Earnings per share was expected to be $12.22 – well, Amazon shattered that number – bringing in a cool $15.12 per share.

Funny how these crazies are talking about this.

Another interesting number?

Amazon Web Services (AWS) revenue was expected to come int at $14.18 billion – the reality of the situation soared past that and hit $14.81 billion.

And these guys are worried about a $2 billion calculation for a company that has recorded its third $100 billion quarter in a row?

However, there’s an even bigger reason that these “experts” need to take a chill pill…

And that, unfortunately, seems to be another surge in COVID cases around the country.

It’s no secret that Amazon benefitted HUGE from the pandemic lockdowns – with people unable to leave their houses – shoppers flooded the world’s largest e-commerce site to ever exist and made Jeff Bezos and company all the more richer.  

However, there was something that these people failed to factor in…

And that’s the fact that the vaccine and dropping number of cases got a lot of people to leave their homes – and they underestimated the fact that people just wanted to go ANYWHERE, including just up to the local store – and some of Wall Street’s estimates don’t appear to have accounted for that clear fact.

This becomes even more evident when we look at Amazon’s third-quarter guidance. For the quarter ending in September, Amazon looked at the reopening around the country and said it expects revenue of $106 billion to $112 billion on operating profit of $5.5 billion to $6 billion.

Wall Street expects revenue of $118.7 billion on earnings of $8.11 billion. Under normal circumstances, this discrepancy could indicate that Amazon faces issues that Wall Street doesn’t know about.

Right now, analysts would be smart to keep COVID in mind when making their predictions…  

Because, if the COVID  situation continues as it has for the past month we may see a return to lockdowns and mask mandates.

If this happens – you can expect Amazon to rake in the cash once again.

But that $2 billion miss? Think nothing of it…

Amazon isn’t going anywhere but up.

It’s this wild speculation of “experts” who forced me to create GorillaTrades in the first place – I was sick of seeing another person’s panic affect my bottom line.

So, I created a system that takes “panic” out of the equation. We go by data and hard numbers – which is why GorillaTrades is one of the most trusted names in our industry.

We’d love to have you on board for our next round of picks – but I understand those who have their own systems to succeed.

Regardless, do yourself a favor and don’t believe the anti-hype for Amazon – its not hurting – and most likely never will be!

“Rumors are nearly as old as human history, but with the rise of the Internet, they have become ubiquitous. In fact we are now awash in them. False rumors are especially troublesome; they impose real damage on individuals and institutions, and they often resist correction. They can threaten careers, policies, public officials, and sometimes even democracy itself.” – Cass Sunstein