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Well, it has happened again…
The booming economy just sent the markets soaring through the roof, with new records being set – creating some interesting scenarios for investors moving forward.

It has been a wild ride…

And it has many people wondering when it’s going to end. Well, the truth is – it may not.


While we’ve experienced what most are calling the longest bull market in history – many experts are predicting that it may not stop for another decade!


But is that the case?

Are you willing to bet your future finances on that fact or are you looking to hedge your bet?

It pays to have an idea about which direction we’re headed.


So, two of the three major indices just reached fresh, all-time highs, which begs the question…


Where do we go from here?

Of course – there’s only two directions we’re going to go – up or down. And while there are many experts predicting both sides, the truth of the matter is…

Nobody REALLY knows anything – for now – we’re all just guessing. Of course, an educated guess is better than anything else – so what are the clues that the data is showing us?

Well, while the GDP number just smashed through the experts’ estimates – by more than a point in some cases – these same experts are still calling for a coming slow down.

Even so – that slow down is expected to come in around 2%…

Which still gives the U.S. a healthy GDP for 2019.


This is good news…


Because steady growth may not be “explosive growth,” but it’s still growth!


This is a way better outlook than we had coming into 2019 – when the government shutdown and fear over the trade war between China and the U.S. had everybody worried.


On top of that – the Fed decided it was a good time to raise interest rates – which put everybody into financial DEFCON 4.


So, in response to this – Americans tightened their purse strings – proving than we learned our lesson back in 2008…


But it was a little premature – as the Fed more or less reassured the financial world that it was going to hold rate increases back for the rest of the year.


Share prices rebounded and everybody started spending their money again – that was the reason for such a strong end to the quarter and it tells us something going forward…


That investors feel safe. That they’re no longer scared of another recession – and it’s a good sign that this bull market is going to continue.


This is GREAT for America’s consumer confidence…

And it could create many different profit opportunities as the year rolls on.


Of course, whether you love him or hate him – a lot of this is being attributed to President Trump’s economic policies.


Head of the National Economic Council, Larry Kudlow, says he and the administration believe that the economy will close out 2019 with more than 3% GDP…


Saying that the unemployment numbers and rising wages will carry us through the year.


In a recent interview, Kudlow said, “I think the prosperity cycle is intact and I think the Trump policies are working to rebuild America.”


But it all comes down to earnings, doesn’t it?


We are just beginning to wrap up earnings season– and while these same experts were warning investors not to expect much…


A majority of companies have already reported much higher earnings than were expected – which could be yet another clue that we’re going to have a GREAT Q2 and rest of the year.


Of course…

Things can still go to pot. One little geopolitical gaff or event could change the direction of the economy – literally – overnight.


So, you better be ready for that scenario too.


That’s the beauty of GorillaTrades – we don’t care what the economy is doing. If it’s flying – awesome! There will be tons of profit opportunities that have the potential to help make our subscribers a lot of money.


On the flipside, if the economy tanks – who cares? Our system works off data and numbers– so success isn’t determined by rumor or hearsay.


That’s what separates GorillaTrades from almost every other service on the web…


And we’d love to have you on board.


Of course, we understand if you’d rather captain your own ship – but if you ever need a tow – let us now!


In the meantime, you should feel good about things going forward….


Confidence looks good on you!


“You gain strength, courage, and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face. You are able to say to yourself, ‘I lived through this horror. I can take the next thing that comes along.” – Eleanor Roosevelt