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  • * Having been a financial broker for many years made me realize that there was no magical way to achieve market beating returns without a plan. Many of my clients tried many different methods over the years to try to receive superior returns.  It always seemed they worked for a short while but usually ended up less than satisfying.  I also spent countless hours each week researching different publications and many different brokerage firms analysis.  While my work uncovered many good stock picks. It always seemed to be hit or miss over the long run.   About 5 years ago one of my clients asked me to look at Gorilla Trades and give him my opinion.  It seemed he had found an excellent method that appeared to work for him.  After following the daily newsletter for about six months, I became convinced that here was a simple system that would work for both the novice and sophisticated investor looking for good stock market advice and meaning full returns. Now after subscribing to Gorilla Trades for quite a while, in my opinion this is the plan most investors should use to achieve excellent returns. This system follows a risk adjusted way to help most investors achieve good returns while limiting those big losers that can blow up their portfolio.  Lots of people in the investment business think their investment method is the best. But I have to be honest for most investors Gorilla Trades is high on the list for providing an easy method that really works.  They do all the hard work for you.... all you have to do is spend 15 to 20 minutes a night to read the daily letter and then monitor your portfolio as they make changes.  What could be easier.... trouble is a lot of my clients can do it without me now.......
    Stuart Oppenheimer
    Deer Park, IL
  • * It is a pleasure to share my mistakes with your subscribers as well as my successes. As a longtime subscriber I have been along for a very informative ride. The setbacks of the 2007-2008 years when I was only a casual follower cost me a significant portion of my portfolio. Fortunately I had enough capital and sense to learn from these mistakes and began following GT closely. The net results have been extremely worthwhile both in following stock info as well as option suggestions. Since those dark days I have been able to not only recover my losses, but have been able to continue to grow my portfolio at a rate of over 18% a year. At 71 years old it is important to manage and invest intelligently.  The GT info has allowed me to do this. For that we are thankful and very appreciative.
    Walter Nichols
    Jasper, AL
  • * I had a small account with just about $700 in it.  I had seen and heard of Gorilla Trades before but the subscription price was awfully daunting given the size of my account.  Out of interest and curiosity I signed up for the free trial.  Using some of the recommendations of the Gorilla, I took on three very profitable positions.  After the trial period ended, I took the profits and purchased a full year subscription.  Within a month, I have nearly doubled the size of my account as well as purchased a full year of Gorilla Trades. I'm so thankful I signed up for that free trial. Thanks,
    Drew Robinson
    Denver, CO
  • * I heard about Gorilla Trades from a friend.  I am too young to retire but am old enough to have been downsized and not been able to find a job due to being the old guy who is over qualified.  Unemployment was the necessity of invention however. I turned to my IRA and began to invest in stocks.  I was not very successful at first.  I always seemed to be chasing the market and owning losers; that is until I tried Gorilla Trades!  Gorilla Trades helped me begin to spot and pick stocks that would become winners.  Finally I was making money! Now let me be clear, not every pick worked for me but 9 out of 10 have been winners for me. I still review all of the Gorilla picks and decide which one are right for me and when I want to get in, but my confidence level in the Gorilla is very high.  Thank you Gorilla Trades for helping me provide for my family...without you I might still be chasing the market and selling losers for a loss. Sincerely....one happy Gorilla trader.
    Bill Nielsen
    Noblesville, IN
  • * I like to trade options, There is so much information out there, and so many individuals and groups that try to put themselves between me and the money. (creating imaginary toll booths) I follow the Gorillas Option idea of the week. Once I have the data I make the final decision on the trade, and any additional strategies using the Gorillas parameters. I look forward to Monday evenings, I also eat more bananas.
    Mark Wright
    Savannah, GA
  • * When I found the Gorilla, I was your basic "hope the market will go my way" trader. I took winners too soon, and waited for losers to turn-around - which they rarely did. Then things started to change. In summary, the best things I have learned from the Gorilla 1. When you hit the 1st target, sell some not all. 2. Try every recommendation, most will bear (bananas) fruit. 3. Take a loss if the Gorilla takes one. I usually combine my trading with Point and Figure charts and RSI numbers, but the best part of each trade is following the Gorilla - - Thanks for the years of Good Picks and Good Advice.
    Gerie Stanko
    Minden, NV