Where the Power Lies: Who Owns the Stock Market?

In one sense, the stock market is owned by the individuals who buy shares of publicly traded companies. But these trades most commonly occur on public exchanges such as the New York Stock Exchange or Nasdaq. Who owns the stock market? The answer actually varies between each of the major stock exchanges.  This guide will…


From Loans to Investments: Should I Buy Stock on Margin?

The math is simple: the more money you invest in the stock market, the more you can potentially earn. Investors can improve their chances of a successful investment by buying stock on margin. When you buy stock on margin, you essentially receive a loan from your broker. The goal is to use that money to…


Find Your Next Investment: The Fastest Growing Stocks in 2023

What are the best stocks to invest in 2023? Usually, growth stocks are a better choice when interest rates are low. But with the Federal Reserve raising interest rates so regularly, some investors have pivoted from these companies to focus on value stocks. As a result, growth stocks have become surprisingly affordable, with a lot…


No Trivial Matter: The Most Important Stock Market Statistics of 2023

The stock market is a vibrant, ever-changing ecosystem. That’s what makes it so exciting to be an investor. Staying on top of these stock market trends won’t just make you a better trivia contestant; it will also help you make wiser decisions about your investments. Here are some of the most important stock market statistics…


How to Sell Stock in a Private Company

When you think of investing, you most likely think of the publicly-listed companies in the major U.S. stock exchanges. But what if you hold stock in a private company? It’s more common than you might think. Many companies offer stock shares to their employees or investors before going public. This guide will teach you how…


What Should I Consider When Choosing a Stockbroker?

A stockbroker serves as an intermediary between you and the stock exchange. But a good stockbroker does more than simply execute your stock orders. Choosing a stockbroker is an important decision since these professionals can also serve as financial advisors, guiding you as you make investment decisions. This guide will tell you how to choose…


Microsoft: On The Road To $5 Trillion? | From the Mind of the Gorilla

  $5 TRILLION? Yes… Microsoft – the company that Bill built – could be on the road to becoming worth DOUBLE what it is now. That kind of value is unfathomable… But more and more companies are creeping up into being multi-TRILLION-dollar companies. Apple (AAPL) was the first… Followed by Amazon (AMZN)… After that –…


Understanding ETFs: What Are Exchange Traded Funds?

Investors often invest in baskets of securities called “funds.” While mutual funds have historically been the most popular type, exchange-traded funds, or “ETFs,” are enjoying increasing popularity. What are exchange-traded funds? What are their advantages? This guide will introduce you to how ETFs work and what they can do for your portfolio. ETF: Meaning and…


Buying Stocks in Nike: Should You Just Do It?

Chances are you’ll find the familiar Nike “swoosh” logo in your shoe closet or workout drawer. But should you include Nike in your stock portfolio? Despite record-setting inflation, the company has demonstrated strong resilience and innovation. This guide will give you some reasons to consider buying stocks in Nike, then show you a strategy for…


Is It Time To Give Renewables A SHOT? | From the Mind of the Gorilla

  Renewable energy is such a polarizing topic… But I guess that’s what happens in a politically charged atmosphere. However, like most gorillas – I don’t care about politics… I care about helping members of GorillaTrades make as much money as humanly (or sapienly) possible. That said… Oil has made people rich for more than…